Reuse The Grocery Bags Multiple Times And Save The Environment September 14, 2021 08:00

What bags do you use while buying something from a grocery store? Modern consumers always claim that they have replaced plastic bags with reusable ones. Store owners also buy reusable environmental bags wholesale to serve consumers. The term- reusable is now common to the world of bags and other products. But, the question is- How many times can a grocery bag be reused? Consumers always like to get the optimal value from their investments. Reusable bags are sturdier and fulfill these criteria by being reusable and cost effective. Still, it is essential to know the number of times you can use them before discarding them into the bin.

Bulk Reusable Grocery Bags

Scientists have tried to assess the life cycle of bags based on different factors, like

  • Manufacturing technique
  • Raw materials

Reusability of cotton bags-

While talking about reusable bags, cotton is the most common fabric that can come to your mind. However, organic cotton is different from conventional cotton. There is no use of fertilizers for organic cotton. You can reuse conventional cotton bags more than 7,100 times. On the contrary, organic cotton grocery bags are reusable 20,000 times. Thus, based on the type of cotton used for the bags, you will find a difference in reusability.

However, bag manufacturers use several other materials to design their bags. While buying the wholesale grocery bags, you have to know about the materials and their eco-friendliness. For instance, the re-usability of canvas bags, hessian bags and jute bags would also be different.

Reusability of other grocery bags-

Some researchers claim that reusable polypropylene bags are reusable for 37 times, while the paper bags can be used 3 times. Other researchers claim that consumers can reuse low-density polyethylene bags 4 times. In case of non-woven PP bags, you may reuse them 11 times. Therefore, the choice of materials is crucial for deciding as how long the bags would last. When you are investing in bulk, you must be aware of the quality and the durability of your bag. Especially for promotional needs, you would prefer a bag that remains in the market and among the people for too long. This would ensure that your bags are being used by the people and gaining attention towards your business logo. This is the very purpose of selecting a bag for branding purpose.

Reusable polypropylene and LDPE bags have a comparatively lower environmental impact than ordinary plastic carriers. But, they can save the environment when consumers have reused them. However, it is quite natural for several shoppers to forget bringing their reusable grocery bags. Ultimately, they are bound to use plastic bags. It can cause the environmental burden every time they buy something from a store.

To solve this problem, store owners can buy bulk reusable grocery bags for their customers. They can customise these bags by printing their brand names and other business details.

Moreover, consumers must also focus on other factors to protect the environment-

  • Regardless of the type of bag, you have to reuse it several times
  • Never let yourbags become a trash – You must recycle and repurpose them.
  • Buy bags made from high-quality recyclable materials. 

Buy high-quality custom reusable grocery bags for your marketing campaign. You may print these bags to display your brand name. However, to ensure more eco-friendliness, you can customise your bags with embroidery threads. The embroidery designs also make the bags look beautiful. Thus, purchase the best fabric bags and reuse them several times. When your bags have become old, you can use them for different purposes. Moreover, by replacing the old straps, you may add a new touch to your bags. 

What to do your old bags?

No matter how good the quality of your bag is, it will undergo the natural wear and tear over a period of time. Once you feel your bag is no more suitable to use, you can discard them. However, there are ways of doing so. Since the bags are made of recyclable materials, you can think of sending them to bag recycle factories. It can be done by you or when you throw your bag in the bin, they are also picked up by the rag-pickers to be send in recycling facilities.

Custom Reusable Grocery Bags

On the other hand, you can also try using them in some craft work that needs eco-fabrics as the base material. There are many craft ideas using the bags like wall hangings, embroidery wall mats, door mats and rugs, etc. Get more creative ideas on the internet and use your cotton or ecobag in many other types. 

Find bulk reusable grocery bags in a plenty of designs and select a proper size to place bulk order at whole rates. Also, get complementary screen-printing services of bags for your promotional needs and begin your next branding event. Order now!