Everything About Jute Bags: It’s Origin And History October 31, 2022 08:30

 Jute is one of the commonly chosen fabrics for using eco-friendly bags. Since our childhood, we have seen jute being used in one or the other ways. Apart from all other things, durability of this fabric is one big reason for using jute for designing bags. Today, jute bags have made an astounding comeback and are available in a range of styles and sizes. While you can simply use them in their natural color, you can also customise them to your styles, preferences, and needs.

Table of contents

  • History and evolution of jute bags
  • Why should you buy jute bags
  • Different types of jute bags
  • Best Uses of Jute Bags
  • Where to buy jute bags

History and evolution of jute bags


Jute being a biodegradable and recyclable material is preferred over others. Its environment friendly nature makes it popular among people. Jute industry is around 150 years old. With the increasing competition in market jute has managed to make a place for itself in the market. Earlier the people were not aware about the adverse effects of using plastics so jute had a hard time sustaining its place in the market. But now the popularity of jute has increased leaps and bounds. People have become eco friendly and much more aware. Such is the scenario that custom jute bags have become the talk of the market. They are ruling the market and most loved product. Business owners Buy printed hessian bags to explore a new way to promote business.

Jute has been in the market since ages. During Mughal era various handlooms and spinning wheels were set. The trend of use of jute continued to British era also. In fact one of the early manufactured products of jute was a jute bag. With the passage of time, finer fabric of jute called hessian came into play. In ancient times jute sack bags were used to carry loads and other heavy material. Since Jute has a massive production, this industry kept expanding with the time. This has also seen the transition in jute bags. The industries started exploring more options in bags that could be manufactured from jute.

Jute has a huge production in India. The jute fibre has been used in manufacturing of bags. With environmental changes the need to get more eco friendly options arose. And jute material was the best in this regards. Thus the transition from jute sack bags to jute hand bags took place. These jute hand bags have become very popular among young generation. These bags in fact form a fashion statement. There is hardly any college going girl who won’t own a jute bags. Such is the craze of jute bags that not jute tote bags have also come into play. The eco-friendly quality of jute makes it famous among the masses. With a ban on plastic carry bags, the market of jute bags have comparatively increased.

The growth of jute bag market

The urge to protect the environment is there in present times. From young to older generation everyone wants an eco friendly way. Jute bags are the best friend of nature. The fibre that was earlier turned into sack bags are carved into beautiful and stylish hand bags. This has also increased the comparative market of jute bags. Realizing this even the business owners has started the promotional campaign through jute bags. Variety of jute bags is available in the market. Carved by experienced artisans people fall in love with these jute bags.The further increases in market is due to the rising demand of jute tote bags and other kind of bags.  People use these bags as shopping bags, gym bags, college bags, grocery bag, printed jute bags and beach bags.

Why should you buy jute bags? 

First of all, jute bags are one of the best alternatives of plastic bags and there are hundreds of reasons to bid good bye to plastic bags with jute bags.

Earlier, Jute bags being costlier were not used by most of the people. Instead people found a substitute in the form of plastic bags which are made from PP fabric. The price of these bags was comparatively low. Till here the story is fine. But the biggest disadvantage of using these plastic bags that surpasses all the advantages is that these bags are a major threat to Earth. These bags are not easily degradable so they remain for long period of time. Being non degradable they are a peril for the environment balance. You can see these plastic bags floating in the seas and oceans. So they become a threat for aquatic animals as they can intake plastic along with water. Seeing these threats to nature and animal life people rose voices against the usage of these bags. The result was obviously in favour of nature and the plastic bags are banned in almost all the countries of the world.

Jute is the best alternative for plastic bags:

With the rising awareness among masses, people realized the ill effects of using plastic bags. So jute served the best alternative of these bags. Moreover, they are easily degradable so they are completely safe for the environment. They do not cause any sort of pollution. This means they are eco-friendly bags. Other added advantage is that Jute Bags Melbourne can be used again and again whereas plastic bags can only be used once. They can be easily washed to regain the shine and used again. Moreover, one bag once bought can put to multiple usage. These are the trendy bags whose grace and shine remains same for many years. For small tote bags to heavy-duty commercial bags, use them anywhere anytime. In no way these bags are burden to the nature.

Significance of jute bags for businesses:

 In the competitive world of today, to retain its position in the market every business needs to pull up the socks and try the best promotional strategy. Realizing the eco-friendly nature of jute bags Australia various brands have include jute bags a promotional tool in their marketing strategy. They get the name of business and logo imprint on the bag and present it as corporate gift, freebie or takeaway item. Jute bags become the best promotional tool because

  • They are nature best friend and everyone likes to own them
  • They are long lasting which means the advertisement on the bag will also last for longer duration
  • The cost of production of bags in bulk is comparatively low
  • They come in various designs and types so you can imprint your logo in any way
  • They are easily customizable and allow big print size to make the brand name more visible.
  • Mostly available in natural colors, the printing gets easier and more recognizable on them.
  • To serve more people’s interest, now some printing designs are also available
  • Creative jute bags are also available with thread work, patch work, and other designs

It is still not very late. Turn towards jute bags and conserve nature. Your one act of today will save the future of your generations to come. Include jute bags in your daily routine and discard all sorts of plastic. Its better late than never.

Other reasons why businesses and individuals should use Jute Bags:

It is people’s choices which make or break a community and a society. On the other hand, it is the big businesses which drive people towards anything. If both understands the need of jute bags and the ways they can be deployed in various roles, the nature’s biggest issue will be solved. They can make the earth a better place to live for sure. Here are a few ways individuals and businesses can use these bags to their advantage and to the nature’s advantage at large.


  • Sell or offer your products always in jute bags.
  • To reduce the cost, buy jute bags, Melbourne in bulk and wholesale rate
  • Choose the appropriate size as per your product type
  • Encourage people to bring eco-friendly bags, if you are not giving the products in any bag from your side
  • Do not entertain anyone coming with a plastic bag
  • On festivities, gift customized jute bags to people. It will make them use it always
  • With customization, you will get brand visibility while contributing to the larger benefit of nature


  • Always carry reusable jute bags to carry your goods, groceries, or vegetables
  • In case you forget, you should always keep a jute bag ready in your vehicle
  • No matter what, do not accept any product in a plastic bag while shopping
  • Encourage the sellers and other buyers to use jute bags by setting an example of yourself
  • To meet your style statement, explore online jute bags and find a suitable design

One sensible step towards nature can bring a difference. Play your role as every step counts.

Unlimited Use


Jute Bags find their uses almost everywhere when there is a need to carry something. So, if you wish to take them to the shopping center, to a family fun trip, to your workplace or even in the distant journey, just grab your bag and get going. Because of the usability feature, your customers would appreciate your thoughtfulness for choosing such an item as a giveaway.

Endless variety

Apart from its contribution to the environment, the countless options available make it the best choice for every occasion and any budget. You can choose from small, medium and large sizes and variety ranging from jute sling bags, jute shopping bags, plain jute bags, jute tote bags, jute backpack, jute briefcase, personalized bags and what not. Think about the occasion and choose one accordingly. For example, if you are encouraging empowerment, you can give away jute shopping bags as you know how much women love shopping. Again, if you are organizing a sports event, you can give away jute bottle holders or jute backpack. Just like that, a jute briefcase could be a unique choice for a corporate meeting. See, how jute fabrics are able to make their place everywhere.

Affordable gifting

The most wonderful thing about the jute bags is that you only need to decide your marketing budget and there will be surely something within your budget. For further cost saving, you can place a bulk order for these bags with a reputed manufacturer or supplier. Quality aspect must be taken well into the consideration so always go for renowned suppliers only.

Different types of jute bags

You can categorize jute bags in different ways-

Durable wooden bag handles


Jute bags Australia with high resilience look beautiful when it comes with wooden handles. You may find round and square-shaped wooden handles that endure the weight of your personal stuff. Moreover, as wood is an eco-friendly material, it goes best with reusable hessian or jute bags. Sturdy wooden designs have no risk of breakage. So, they become a very good option for carrying heavy objects. With clean and broad wooden handles, they remain soft on the hands also do not hurt if you carry the bags for longer time.

Bags with cotton webbing


Colorful cotton webbing straps are very common with the reusable and eco-friendly bags. The cotton webbing design also adds a style to the bag. Moreover, these cotton-webbing handles are very common with plain tote bags. You may customise those bags with your brand name and use them as promotional tote bags. These custom designed bags can be the most useful gifts for your customers. 

Jute bags with leather handles


Leather can make a simple bag look elegant. However, highly embellished leather bags may not be affordable for us. The smartest option for you is to look for jute bags with high quality leather handles. A simple touch of leather makes your jute bag look attractive. Thus, you may buy jute hessian bags with stylish leather straps. Such bags with descent look are chosen by businesses as promotional gifts also for the esteemed customers.

Bags with a cotton rope


Simple cotton ropes reveal a beautiful pattern and make your bags more fashionable. You can find cotton ropes in most of the handcrafted, eco-friendly bags. The properly stitched cotton ropes never get detached from your bag due to the load. Moreover, the colorful ropes, attached to the bags, can catch the attention of fashion-conscious women. They look trendy and the long size of the ropes allow you to fold them or tie them to make a style of your own.

Bags with drawstrings


Instead of regular handles, some bags are available with drawstrings. You need to pull the string to secure your stuff and carry the bag like a backpack. Manufacturers mostly use nylon to design their drawstrings. Drawstring bags are available in both small and big versions to fit the needs of different customers. The strings made of silk are mostly found in drawstring pouches chosen for gifting people. They make the bag look expensive and one of the best choices to be used for packing the return gifts. However, the drawstrings are also made of jute strings and cotton strings.

Bags with slings


This has been in trend for quite some time. The canvas bags, jute bags, denim bags, and printed cotton bags are readily found with sling handles made of the same material or any other contrast material. They allow the bag to be hanged sidewise easily and offers convenience of use. Sling bags are preferred by people of all ages and gender. 

Bags with beaded handles

Beaded handles mostly impart the mostly stylish look with a traditional touch. Mostly attached to small-sized bags, these bags are common among ladies and girls. You can buy them online in bulk for gifting during parties, New Year celebrations, Christmas and other festivals. They can also be presented to girls during farewells. 

Jute clutches and pouches


Small handbags or clutches made of jute and decorated with beads, laces, thread work, glass work, with a magnetic button closure are a preferred gifting items. The is traditional looking bag with awesome designs are liked by women of all ages. The multi-color thread work makes them suitable for any outfit. However, the single-color thread work goes well as a contrasting accessory among the women who like to flaunt their style with a difference. Small pouches with thin jute fabric are rough and tough and highly durable to store coins, keys, and other items which are heavy. The jute fabric withstands any load and keep your stuffs safe.


Different Uses and Applications of Jute bags: 



As we have seen jute shopping bags wholesale are highly popular among masses. Now, we will have a look at various uses of jute bags

  • Shopping bag

Jute bags Sydney are used by people as shopping bags. Being light weight, they can be easily carried while going for a shopping. They are of optimum size so that they can carry large amount of things. Further they are strong bags, so they will not break easily.

  • College bags

Jute bags are available in various patterns and colours. So these bags are used by students as college bags. They can easily carry their books/notebooks and other essential items. They look so pretty when carried that they easily form a style statement. This is the reason they are a hit product among the youth. Further when young generation of today uses this eco-friendly bag, it gives a message to other people and encourages them to switch to these bags.

  • For storage in warehouse

This is the most common use of jute or hessian bags. Since ages, people have been using jute bags for storing rice, sugar, and other grains. This was their initial use even when the plastic was much in use and people were not aware of threat that plastic could pose. The other reason for storing sugar and rice in jute bags is that they are waterproof and keep rice/sugar protected from moisture and water.

  • Grocery and vegetable bag

Jute bags are also used as grocery and vegetable bag. When purchasing onion/potato or monthly grocery together people use jute bags to carry, transport and store them. Individuals as well as business owners use jute sacs or drawstring bags to supply bulk products from the market or the godowns.

  • Jute bags as promotional bags

Realizing the popularity of jute bags, various businesses buy reusable shopping bags in bulk and use them as promotional bag and promote their business. It markets their business and brings goodwill to their company. For promotional purpose, the bags are bought from any reputed supplier of eco-bags in Australia and customized with the business logo and then delivered. Usually natural color bags are preferred for this use. However, as per the need, even colored jute bags can be bought in small, medium or large size to be used as a giveaway to the customers during any special sale days. 

Where can you buy jute bags?

Online store is the best place to place an order for jute bags. You will find a variety of bags that match your needs. You will also get discounts on your bulk purchase of these jute bags. It is not costly to print these jute bags for customization.

At Bags247, we have an amazing collection of jute bags in different styles and sizes best-suited for business, commercial, personal and promotional needs. You can pick any style and get them custom-printed with your business logo. The bags can be embroidered or screen-printed based on your choice and can be bought in bulk to get a wholesale rate. We ensure safe and quick delivery at your door-step. Our bags are delivered across Australia including Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast and more.


Jute bags will not lose their value in the future years, as the trend of using eco bags is on the rise. You can check for the most elegant jute bag styles in the market. Use jute bags for personal and business purposes. The resilient fabric bags will last for years.