Make An Impression With The Best Stylish Ways Of Carrying Your Bag June 17, 2022 08:00

Women of any age like to carry their bags when they step out of the house for some shopping and other purposes. The bag size may be big or small. However, women are always concerned about the bag style. Truly, a bag is one of the essentials for travellers and daily commuters. Nevertheless, it should create a fashion statement for users. So, manufacturers have tried to be creative with designs of different types, ranging from small cotton bags to leather handbags.

However, the way you carry the bag can make a difference in your style.

Tote bags-

Printed cotton tote bags look beautiful and can match the preference of several consumers. The best fact is that several men and women like to carry these bags. Totes have a slouchy design with 2 handles and no closing zippers. Some totes have slightly bigger handles, and you can hang them on your shoulders.

Tote Bags Cotton

Most commonly, consumers grip the handles with their hands. However, you can carry the tote in a way you feel comfortable.

While buying wholesale reusable shopping bags, you can invest in colourful totes. These bags are highly useful for your customers.  


Almost every fashion-conscious woman likes to use clutches made of leather and some other fabrics. Highly gorgeous clutches are the best accessory that you can use while attending an evening party. You can also find celebrities carrying decorated and attractive clutches.

These bags are available in a range of colours and sizes. While some models include straps, others have highly adorned metal handles. The best clutches ensure a good grip, and you can use any of your hands to hold the bag. But, there is no need to grasp the bag too tightly. Hold the top and bottom parts of the bag while carrying it to any place.

Shoulder bags-

In most cases, shoulder bags are confused with tote bags cotton. However, their functions and appearances are different. While the shoulder bag includes a single strap, the tote is stitched with 2 handles. The strap of the shoulder bag is not much longer. Modern totes look like your regular shopping bags without any zipper and dividers.

On the contrary, the shoulder bag is available with multiple sections- a big compartment with multiple zippered pockets. You can use the shoulder bag as the office bag. Use the strap for carrying the shoulder bag on your side.

The main big compartment reaches up to your hip. It will make the compartment easily accessible. You can take out the small things from your bag at any time.

Cross-body bags

Several men and women like to carry cross-body bags for their every purpose. The classy and highly elegant cross-body bags are made from different fabrics. The cross-body bag also enables you to stay hands-free while moving to any place. You can walk freely without holding the strap using your hands.

But, the bag should be positioned properly to ensure your comfort. The strap of this type of bag is much long, and you can also carry it on one shoulder. Available in round and rectangular shapes, this bag lets you create a style statement/


The most versatile and gender-neutral backpacks are useful for different purposes. But, you may feel your backpack heavier when you put your laptop into it. To ensure proper distribution of weight, you can use both shoulder straps and wear the backpack comfortably. The best quality backpacks have padded straps for an ergonomic design. Moreover, the strap length is adjustable to your needs. The backpack must not cross your waist level. Some backpacks are available with a drawstring.

There are some tips for carrying the backpack-

  • You have to readjust the backpack based on the thickness of your outfits. It will ensure you will not feel too tight and loose while wearing the backpack.
  • Some users sling both straps over one shoulder. It is also a good way to carry a backpack.
  • Modern backpacks are integrated with additional straps, and you can make the best use of them. For instance, the chest strap prevents the bag from swaying. It also helps with the proper distribution of the load.

So, you can carry the bags based on their styles and designs.

However, if you are very particular about the looks of your bag and want to look exclusive then you would definitely like to avoid cheap looking bags.

In this context, you must know that poor maintenance of bags can make them look cheap. There are plenty of bags in the market that come at a lower cost, still look decent and can redefine your looks.

If your cotton bags are looking cheap, there could be many reasons.

Read more about these reasons and what to do for them in this article.

Bags Looking Cheap? Find The Reasons!

Style tips for the lovers of white bags

White is one such color that can go with any type of outfit and is loved by all. Its use does not require you to be specific about the occasion or style. White is white and suitable for all. If you also love white color and want to make your style statement with a white bag, then are some styling tips you would love to know.

  • As white is one of the neutral shades, you can pair white bags with any outfit. In fact, white is best for any type of bag, including the purse, handbags, and reusable shopping bags cheap Australia.
  • It is great to wear a white dress and carry a contrasting bag. But, you may also prefer a monochromatic look by coupling a white bag with a white dress. Moreover, monochromatic outfits look attractive with white bags.
  • During the snowy winter season, a white bag and a cool-toned coat will create a lovely look.
  • Some women like to wear blue or red dresses while carrying white bags.
  • To have a more cohesive look, you can match white handbags with other fashion accessories.

Again, using white color requires a certain maintenance as you would always be in a free of getting the bag dirty or look old very soon. However, a little care and maintenance tips can help you out take better care of your white bags and use them as your patent bag whenever needed.

Cleaning of the bag should be done on a regular basis, however, spots of some liquid or specific stains need to be removed immediately. If you are cleaning them after some time, it will require you to put extra effort and you must be aware of the cleaning tips for such white bags. To know more on this READ ON.

Printed or Embroidered bag; which one looks better?

Well, there is no specific answer to it as the preferences depend on individuals.

These days, custom-designed bags have become a trendy choice for several modern customers. Many buyers customize them as per their personal tastes, while many others do it for branding purposes. Customization is also the best way of advertising a business or a brand.

However, which is the best way of customizing the bags? If you are using them for your personal use, then screen-printing vs embroidery is the choice for you which you can easily select as per your personal preference. Even if you go with any of these most commonly chosen options like screen-printing and embroidery, you may beautify your bags with embellishments like beads and ribbons. If you wish to deliver a message, then also you can choose between screen-printing and embroidery.

Printed Cotton Tote Bags

Embroidery involves the use of a thread and needle. You can design small logos on your bags with this technique. But, you can print your logo on the fabric with the screen printing method.

If you really wish to compare between these two ways of customization, you must read the details about how they are done along with other pros and cons.

The durability aspect

As you like to make your design durable and long-lasting, embroidery is the right choice. Designers will stitch the embroidery threads into your bag fabrics. That is why your embroidered logo will have no risk of damage.

On the contrary, there is an issue with the screen-printing method. The design printed with this technology can fade and crack in due course. But, embroidery designs will not fade, although the stitches must be of high quality.

You can make a bag appear more stylish with embroidery works. The screen-printed logo looks flat and does not easily draw the attention.

Suitability of fabric for screen printing or embroidery

Tightly woven fabrics provide the best surface for embroidery works. Bags made of cotton, polyester blends, linen, and rayon can be embroidered. Hemp bags are also customisable with embroidery techniques.

Burlap involves loosely woven fabrics from hemp and jute. That is why fabrics can fray easily, and you cannot embroider them easily. But, bags made of burlap and other materials are perfect for embroidery.

Thus, while buying shopping tote bags Australia, you can check the type of fabrics. You can then decide on the customization method based on the bag fabrics.

The screen-printing technique also works best for bags made of cotton blends and pure cotton. These materials are permeable and soft and may need time to cure the print.

Moreover, silk provides a good surface for the screen-printing solution. It can absorb ink effectively and consistently. But, the thinner fabric absorbs a minimal amount of ink. Professionals know the right way of managing the screen-printing process.

Cost Matters

Not only the cost of the fabric or the bag is important, but the overall cost of customization adds up to the cost of the bag. If you wish to compare the cost and know other aspects of these two ways of customization, then read on the below blog.

Embroidered versus Screen-printed Bags

Conclusion: Now you are sure about the ways of carrying the bags. The choice of bags that goes well with any given outfit and how white is the ruling color when it comes to choosing a bag.

We also discussed how the way of customization adds up to the style of the bag and which mode of customization is suitable for which fabric. With all these vital information, we hope that your journey of selecting a bag, using it on different occasions, its customization, and maintenance gets easier.

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