Bags Looking Cheap? Find The Reasons April 19, 2022 08:00

Do you like to have a good collection of bags in your wardrobe? Leather bags look best with your party outfits. However, organic tote bags wholesale can be the right choice for your everyday use. They are wallet-friendly bags used for a range of purposes. These fabric bags are available in gorgeous styles. With minimalistic designs, they can attract consumers of any age. They like to carry eco-friendly bags while going to grocery stores and attending gym class.

Still, some users claim that their tote bags and handbags are not looking good. Their bags seem to appear cheaper. But, there are potential reasons behind it. 

Organic Tote Bags Wholesale

The bag is dirty, and the parts are falling apart- 

Newly bought white tote bags bulk look highly attractive. However, it is not easy to maintain the original white tone. Due to your regular use, the bag can lose its beauty. The mark of the pen ink, stains of beverage, and other blemishes can affect the aesthetic value of the tote. Deep coloured bags may also fade away easily because of the contact with dirt. That is why you have to maintain and clean your fabric bags regularly. Moreover, it is always important to keep up the hygiene of your totes.

Some users like to stick to dark and black shades of bags. These tote bags do not show dust clearly. Still, you must not avoid cleaning these bags.

Your daily use also causes the handles and other parts to get detached. So, you have to stitch the torn parts to make the bag look new. 

Contrast stitches in your bags-

It is another reason why your bag looks cheap. Some brands try to add design details to the bag by doing stitches with threads of contrasting colours. However, it creates a distracting and unattractive look. High-quality bags always show their subtleties. The visible stitches have to be unobtrusive, small, and straight.

Moreover, cheaper stitching does not align with other design elements of your bag. It has to match the theme and colour of your bag. 

Problem with the hardware of your bag-

Hardware is an important factor that makes a difference in the beauty of your bags. Lightweight and thin hardware pieces do not last long. So, make sure that your handbags do not have flimsy hardware. Moreover, the type of finish applied over the hardware must be of premium quality.

It is better to choose a bag with minimal hardware and embellishments. You can invest in personalised tote bags bulk and match them with any outfit. These are custom-designed bags with brand names, patterns, and other designs on the surface. Quality prints and embroidered designs on the bag retain their original look for years. 

Not properly designed-

In some cases, improper finishing affects the look and beauty of the bag. For instance, some common problems are off-centred patterns, crooked seams, and folded strap ends. You think that these are minor issues with a bag. However, they can reduce the aesthetic value of your bag. They are factory flaws, and you have no control over them. The best brands always send the bags to the quality control department before releasing the product on the market. 

The zippered system is hanging out-

Organic tote bags wholesale have an open-top design. But, nowadays, some companies provide zippered totes to consumers. It ensures security to your stuff. However, when the zipper ends are not properly sewn into your bag, you may find problems. The bag will also look cheaper. You must check the zipper quality while buying the tote and handbag.

That is why some buyers prefer a flap closure and a locking system for their bags.

Promotional Tote Bags Wholesale

Logo is not rightly placed-

You may have thought of personalising your tote bags for a marketing campaign. So, you like to print your logo on the promotional tote bags wholesale. However, an all-over logo print is not good for your bags. Your target recipients do not prefer this approach. Try to make the logo small and subtle.

The colour of your bags also affects the visibility of your logo. Choose a light-coloured bag for a logo of darker tones. These few tricks will make your bags look attractive.

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