Embroidered Versus Screen-Printed Bags- Make The Better Choice March 15, 2022 08:00

Custom-designed bags have become a trendy choice for several modern customers. While some buyers customise them for personal tastes, others do it for corporate purposes. Retailers place an order for promotional shopping bags with logo of their brands. They know that it is the best way of advertising their business.

However, which is the best way of customizing their bags? The most commonly chosen options are screen-printing and embroidery. You may beautify your bags with embellishments like beads and ribbons. But, when you need to deliver a message, you can choose between screen-printing and embroidery.

Embroidery involves the use of a thread and needle. You can design small logos on your bags with this technique. But, you can print your logo on the silkscreen with the screen printing method.

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Which is the better option for you?

Learn about the cost- Make a comparison-

Some entrepreneurs are concerned about costs of customisation methods. In case of a tight budget, you can look for a cheaper option. Still, the cost will vary with factors like the quality of your fabric, intricacy of the design, and the size of the custom design.

For the embroidered design, you can find flat rates. However, the number of colours added to the design can make a difference in the cost. Some designers can create the embroidery design with up to 15 colours without any additional cost.

To get a cheaper option for displaying large logos, screen-printing is the right choice. It is better to buy recyclable shopping bags wholesale. A bulk order of bags and customisation service will save cost. The best bag store will provide you with personalisation services.

Screen-printing versus embroidery- Which one is more durable?

As you like to make your design durable and long-lasting, embroidery is the right choice. Designers will stitch the embroidery threads into your bag fabrics. That is why your embroidered logo will have no risk of damage.

On the contrary, there is an issue with the screen-printing method. The design printed with this technology can fade and crack in due course. But, embroidery designs will not fade, although the stitches must be of high quality.

You can make a bag appear more stylish with embroidery works. The screen-printed logo looks flat and does not easily draw the attention.

Applications of screen-printing and embroidery-

Tightly woven fabrics provide the best surface for embroidery works. Bags made of cotton, polyester blends, linen, and rayon can be embroidered. Hemp bags are also customisable with embroidery techniques.

Burlap involves loosely woven fabrics from hemp and jute. That is why fabrics can fray easily, and you cannot embroider them easily. But, bags made of burlap and other materials are perfect for embroidery.

Thus, while buying shopping tote bags Australia, you can check the type of fabrics. You can then decide on the customization method based on the bag fabrics.

The screen-printing technique also works best for bags made of cotton blends and pure cotton. These materials are permeable and soft and may need time to cure the print.

Moreover, silk provides a good surface for the screen printing solution. It can absorb ink effectively and consistently. But, the thinner fabric absorbs a minimal amount of ink. Professionals know the right way of managing the screen-printing process.

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Bags made of stretchy fabrics are the ideal choice for applying screen-printing technology. Designers will soak the fabric into water-based ink, and thus, you get better results from it.

Type of design to be displayed on the bag-

It is another factor to affect your decision.

Designs with smaller text are readable with the screen-printed method. Moreover, designs that include gradient effects, outlines, and shadows can be reproduced with this technique. However, you can streamline it with embroidery. You can also achieve special effects with embroidery. You will get a detailed design by using the embroidery techniques.

Ink colors and threads-

Both screen-printing and embroidery use particular colors for every part. Artwork with a beautiful color scheme can be translated into ink and thread.

You can now easily choose between embroidered and screen-printed shopping bags. Both these personalisation techniques have become popular. Professional bag designers can select the right option for your fabric bags.

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