Ways To Promote Your Brand With Non-Woven Bags May 31, 2022 08:00

Buying promotional gifts is a good decision. However, you need to make different decisions before investing in these promotional items. Most commonly, small and medium-sized businesses prefer low-cost gifts that would give value to their customers. That is why they buy bags in bulk and customise them. So, you may also purchase custom non-woven bags for your shoppers and promote your brand. 

What can you print on your fabric bags?

It is better to deliver your brand message through these bags. Based on the chosen gift, you can find some advertising space. For instance, pens do not give you a space to print several details of your business. On the contrary, bags are comparatively spacious, and you can display your brand’s tagline by printing them. Your brand name and contact details are highly important for customising your bags. You may also try to be creative by showing a wordy message related to your products and services.

Non Woven Bags Wholesale

The best fact is that you will get both sides of the bag to print your message. But, do not make a clutter during personalisation.

The most significant element is the logo of your brand. You might have seen logos on the billboards and business cards. So, why don’t you display your logo on the eco-friendly bags. Reusable bags with logo wholesale will promote your brand for several years.

What should not be printed on the bag?

You need to be careful while choosing the elements that you like to print on your bag. The logos of other businesses and social media platforms should not be printed. You need ownership rights for printing them. Thus, do not overlook the copyright issues while printing something on your promotional bags.

Some creative ways to distribute your promotional non-woven bags-

At trade shows and corporate events-

More than 70 % of attendees who have received promotional gifts remember the name of the company. Thus, while hosting the corporate events, you can place an order for non-woven bags printing services.

Promotional bags filled with pens and other small gifts can make your tradeshow successful. You can increase the engagement rate and build awareness. As your potential customers and employees love freebies, these gifts will win their hearts. You can easily reach your message to them.

You may decide on the bag style and size for your marketing campaign. However, bags of any type can be effective as promotional gifts.

From totes to drawstring bags, everything is suitable as promotional gifts. You can customise your bags in a way that represents the theme of your event. For instance, a business related to sports, fitness, and travel industries can invest in reflective drawstring bags. Its customers can carry the bags while jogging, walking, and travelling to any place.

Gifts for employees to appreciate their loyalty-

A business cannot achieve success without the contribution of its employees. Thus, to retain your employees for several years, you can buy promotional gifts for them. Your custom-printed bags will give you an opportunity to say thanks to your employees.

Especially employees who have shown commitment and good performance deserve this gift from you. By rewarding your staff, you can encourage your new employees to work better in the future. On any occasion, you can offer these gifts to your workforce. Some businesses like to offer promotional giveaways when they have achieved milestones.

Custom Non Woven Bags

When your employees carry those bags to different places, they can spread your brand name.

Donate your promotional bags

Some organisations like to attend school events and work with local charities. They can donate the printed bags to promote their brands. Recipients will remember the brands that have offered these gifts.

Reward your high-paying customers-

You can buy eco-friendly bags for customers who will make big deals. It will persuade other customers to purchase more things from your store. Ultimately, it will increase your revenues from sales.

You can buy non-woven bags wholesale and think of some creative ways to personalise them. You can give out these bags to your customers on any special occasions. Make sure that you have bought sturdy bags made of quality fabrics. These long-lasting bags will give the best value to users.

Using non-woven bags is a very good idea to promote your brand as they are eco-friendly bags that may also display your concern for the environment. If you are also planning your branding activity using an eco-bag, you are at the right place. Explore the widest collection of fabric bags in Australia in different fabrics like hessian, jute, cotton, canvas, and denim. Select in printed or plain color and get them personalized with your business logo to give more visibility to your brand. Use these bags as a free giveaway for your employees, customers, or staffs. Order in bulk to get them at wholesale rates along with free doorstep delivery.