Tips For Printing Your Promotional Non-Woven Bags April 29, 2022 08:00

Buying a bulk pack of customizable promotional gifts has now become the most effective way to promote brands. But, you can find lots of gift items, which can be personalized. However, the most affordable choice for small businesses and start-ups is the non-woven bag. Non-woven shopping bags are available at a reasonable rate, and your potential customers will use them for years. As bags have a high functional value, you can invest in them for corporate giveaways. 

The way you personalize the bags can make a difference. The best online stores provide you with customization options, and professional designers can print your bags accurately. Still, a brief guide will make the customization process easier.

Non Woven Bag Wholesale

 Decide on your non-woven bags-

Non-woven bags are available in a range of colours and sizes. Pick the right type of bag for your consumers. Choosing the appropriate bag colour is also important. The handle colours of some bags are different from creating a unique look. As you like to buy bags for corporate giveaways, you can focus on your brand’s colours. It is better to invest in solid coloured bags to display your brand logo clearly. But, there are also printed non-woven bags with a more stylish look. 

Modern consumers like to use bags as fashion accessories. Thus, you must focus on bags’ aesthetics to get a positive response from them.

Think of other aspects of personalizing the bag-

How many colours should you include in your bag prints and artwork? Should you print both sides of your bags? You have to make your decision based on the bag’s size and shape. A small bag with several intricate details will look messy.

Furthermore, the preferred colours and the number of bags to be printed can affect the price rates. Efficient bag designers will find the right printing method for your non-woven bag wholesale.

Guide to choosing the ink colour-

Some brands like to stick to a single ink colour. You will need to pay an additional charge for every colour used in the design. That is why it is better to stick to minimalism. Bags are available in every rainbow colour. So, you can choose bags with splash of colours without paying more for inks.

There is no need to choose ink colours to make your bags look attractive. You may have an intricately designed brand logo. Thus, you must focus on it while customising your non-woven tote bags for a promotional campaign.

Learn about the printing processes popular for personalizing bags-

Silkscreen printing is the most commonly used method for non-woven bags. Designers use a stencil-like screen to print each colour. This permeable screen in the design lets the paint seep through and reach the fabric. This process results in the printed design of the bag.

 Heat-printing method is also effective in creating a pattern and artwork on the bag. It involves the application of higher temperature and pressure in printing the design. There are also specialist inks penetrating deeply into the non-woven fibres. You can find a strong bond between the fabric and the ink.

Non Woven Tote Bags

Submit the design for personalising bags-

You need to upload the preferred design to place your order for tote bag printing Melbourne. However, you must know about the amount of printable surface available on the bag’s surface. Make sure that the chosen design fits properly into this surface. You can select a vector artwork for your bag. Mention the colours to be used for the artwork. You may display your logo on one side of the bag and print the brand details on the other side.

Although the design and customization options are important, you must focus on the bag materials. Non-woven bags are eco-friendly, as they are recyclable and biodegradable. They do not have PVC coatings on them. But, you may choose other bag fabrics that do not harm the environment. Most of them are customisable, and you can invest in them for your marketing campaign.

Make sure that you have placed the logo at the right place to ensure its visibility to the potential customers. As the recipients will use your bags regularly, you can easily spread your brand name.

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