Know Everything About Environment-Friendly Cotton Bags February 21, 2023 08:00

Cotton is an eco-friendly fabric used for manufacturing everyday essentials, including bags. Reusable cotton bags have now replaced non-biodegradable plastic carriers. Cotton bags are available in different styles and colours that match your fashion statement. Save the green environment by investing in cotton bags. You can also customize cotton bags and use them for promotional purpose.

Table of content

  • How Are cotton Bags Manufactured?
  • Features Of Cotton Bags
  • How To Choose Cotton Bags
  • Types Of Cotton Bags 

How Are Cotton Bags Manufactured? 

There are different ways to design cotton tote bags.

Manufacturing Process 1

The cotton tote bags are fashioned from all-natural cotton and this makes the product one hundred percent biodegradable, reusable, and recyclable. Manufacturers of cotton tote bags bulk develop the product by cutting different sizes of cotton cloth pieces and then stretching these on a stretching machine. The manufacturers can source various grades of cotton cloth in tune with the requirement of the tote bags. The stretched pieces are tailored into different sizes and designs using industrial sewing machines. Company labels, logos, and designs can be sewn (or just printed) on the final product to add value to such merchandise. Buyers and customers of cotton tote bags bulk can also order custom-developed designs or messages to be imprinted on the cotton tote bags.

Manufacturing Process 2

In certain cases, the designers and manufacturers of plain cotton bags can arrange rough (or processed) thick cotton fabric in aligned layers; subsequently, an industrial grade cutting machine is applied to these layers of cloth in tune with the size of the product ordered by a bulk customer. The body parts of the plain cotton bags include front and back panels, gussets, and handles or carrying loops affixed to the top of the bags. The stitching process follows, wherein relevant surfaces undergo stitching to create the complete product. Graphics, logos, text, colors, tints, etc. when affixed elevate the quality of the product in line with customer requirements. The quality control mechanism is next; this process guarantees high levels of quality in the finished product and weeds out defective bags that emerge from the manufacturing process.

Features Of Cotton Bags

features of cotton bags

Cotton bags are known for their unique and universal features. No matter how many bags enter the market, cotton bags always rule the market due to their ever-green features. 


As cotton is a natural fibre, it is renewable and eco-friendly. While plastics take years to decompose, cotton is easily biodegradable. It does not release harmful elements into the environment. So, cotton totes are eco bags that are not damaging to the environment. 


Cotton bags are highly durable, as cotton is a thick fabric. Thus, you can use these bags to hold more items. There is a minimal risk of wear and tear.


Reuse a cotton bag several times. Due to its reusability, many companies have chosen cotton bags to display their logos and brand names.


Although cotton may attract dirt, you can wash the bags multiple times without the risk of damage.


The lightweight cotton bags can be carried anywhere. You can even fold these bags and put them into your pocket.

How To Choose Cotton Bags

You need to consider when planning to buy cotton bags for yourself which is white in color.

Organic Cotton

organic cotton

When purchasing white cotton tote bags, investing in premium quality cotton is always a good idea. Bags that are made using pure organic cotton do not add to the pollution and waste during the growing and manufacturing processes. Cotton bags made using premium organic cotton have a striking white finish to the color of it.  Cotton bags made with organic cotton serve for the years to come and are a renewable resource as well. Usually the fabric of a white bag looks thin, which is common. Actually, even the good quality bags due to its color may look thin. So, you can go for extra designing of the bag or a little thicker bag.

Should be bleachable

Good quality cotton bags are easy to maintain and can be washed regularly without worrying about their durability. The benefit of owing a white cotton bag is that you can dip it in bleach, and it can be brand new again with the wash. This is not that easy with other colored bags which fade away and look old after a few wash. Always take care not to wash your white bags with other colors items as they can lose their color which can dye the bag unevenly.


Though cotton is among the strongly built fabrics, not all cotton bags are sturdy enough to hold up your everyday essentials. When looking for a cotton drawstring backpack, make sure they are made using heavy-duty cotton fabric with sturdy stitching around the hem and along the exterior edges. To maintain the charm of the white bag, make sure, it has proper lining and compartments that avoid spills and might fade away that classic white color of it.

Don’t put wet things inside

If you are purchasing small cotton bags wholesale  in white color, you need to be a lot careful in carrying the items inside. They are not good for storing or carrying wet products from grocery or vegetable stores. It can stain the bag from outside which would be difficult to clean. So make sure you are buying a cotton white bag with internal lining which will prevent the staining and would be easier to clean as well.

Types Of Cotton Bags

Cotton bags are found in various styles

Tote bags

tote bags

Printed cotton tote bags look beautiful and can match the preference of several consumers. The best fact is that several men and women like to carry these bags. Totes have a slouchy design with 2 handles and no closing zippers. Some totes have slightly bigger handles, and you can hang them on your shoulders.

Most commonly, consumers grip the handles with their hands. However, you can carry the tote in a way you feel comfortable.

While buying wholesale reusable shopping bags, you can invest in colourful totes. These bags are highly useful for your customers.  

Shoulder bags

shoulder bags

In most cases, shoulder bags are confused with tote bags cotton. However, their functions and appearances are different. While the shoulder bag includes a single strap, the tote is stitched with 2 handles. The strap of the shoulder bag is not much longer. Modern totes look like your regular shopping bags without any zipper and dividers.

On the contrary, the shoulder bag is available with multiple sections- a big compartment with multiple zippered pockets. You can use the shoulder bag as the office bag. Use the strap for carrying the shoulder bag on your side.

The main big compartment reaches up to your hip. It will make the compartment easily accessible. You can take out the small things from your bag at any time.

Cross-body bags 

cross body bags

Several men and women like to carry cross-body bags for their every purpose. The classy and highly elegant cross-body bags are made from different fabrics. The cross-body bag also enables you to stay hands-free while moving to any place. You can walk freely without holding the strap using your hands.

But, the bag should be positioned properly to ensure your comfort. The strap of this type of bag is much long, and you can also carry it on one shoulder. Available in round and rectangular shapes, this bag lets you create a style statement/



The most versatile and gender-neutral backpacks are useful for different purposes. But, you may feel your backpack heavier when you put your laptop into it. To ensure proper distribution of weight, you can use both shoulder straps and wear the backpack comfortably. The best quality backpacks have padded straps for an ergonomic design. Moreover, the strap length is adjustable to your needs. The backpack must not cross your waist level. Some backpacks are available with a drawstring.

There are some tips for carrying the backpack

  • You have to readjust the backpack based on the thickness of your outfits. It will ensure you will not feel too tight and loose while wearing the backpack.
  • Some users sling both straps over one shoulder. It is also a good way to carry a backpack.
  • Modern backpacks are integrated with additional straps, and you can make the best use of them. For instance, the chest strap prevents the bag from swaying. It also helps with the proper distribution of the load.

So, you can carry the bags based on their styles and designs.

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