Things To Consider While Using A White Cotton Bag May 28, 2021 08:00

With rising environmental awareness, people are rapidly switching from single-use plastics to reusable bags. When we talk about sustainable everyday bags, one thing that crosses our mind first is cotton bags. They are easy to wash and serve more than a single-use product. They are foldable and convenient to carry along. Among all the popular designs and colors of cotton bags, what is ever green are the white bags. People have special craze to use these white and unique bags. Though, not for commercial storage usage, the white cotton bags are especially used by women and girls as a unique accessory.

In this article, we will be sharing all the pointers you need to consider when planning to buy cotton bags for yourself which is white in color.

White Cotton Tote Bags

Organic Cotton

When purchasing white cotton tote bags, investing in premium quality cotton is always a good idea. Bags that are made using pure organic cotton do not add to the pollution and waste during the growing and manufacturing processes. Cotton bags made using premium organic cotton have a striking white finish to the color of it.  Cotton bags made with organic cotton serve for the years to come and are a renewable resource as well. Usually the fabric of a white bag looks thin, which is common. Actually, even the good quality bags due to its color may look thin. So, you can go for extra designing of the bag or a little thicker bag.

Should be bleachable

Good quality cotton bags are easy to maintain and can be washed regularly without worrying about their durability. The benefit of owing a white cotton bag is that you can dip it in bleach, and it can be brand new again with the wash. This is not that easy with other colored bags which fade away and look old after a few wash. Always take care not to wash your white bags with other colors items as they can lose their color which can dye the bag unevenly.

Don’t put wet things inside

If you are purchasing small cotton bags wholesale  in white color, you need to be a lot careful in carrying the items inside. They are not good for storing or carrying wet products from grocery or vegetable stores. It can stain the bag from outside which would be difficult to clean. So make sure you are buying a cotton white bag with internal lining which will prevent the staining and would be easier to clean as well.

Customization and logo printing

If you are a business and looking for logo shopping bags wholesale for giveaways or corporate promotions, make sure you choose a white large sized cotton bag. Over sized white cotton bags can be used in multiple ways like everyday casual bags, grocery bags, beach bags, etc. A white cotton bag will offer a blank canvas for brand logo printing and can be experimented with multiple color themes as well. Make sure you use color contrasts that reflect well on the white background to uplift its aesthetics. If you are an individual, you can also personalize it using stamps, patches, or painting. A good quality logo printing will take your brand to places with the white color of the bag flaunting your name every where.


Small Cotton Bags Wholesale


Though cotton is among the strongly built fabrics, not all cotton bags are sturdy enough to hold up your everyday essentials. When looking for a cotton drawstring backpack, make sure they are made using heavy-duty cotton fabric with sturdy stitching around the hem and along the exterior edges. To maintain the charm of the white bag, make sure, it has proper lining and compartments that avoid spills and might fade away that classic white color of it.

The options are limitless when it comes to buying shopping bags. However, when choosing an item it is essential to pay attention to the points mentioned above so that you experience value for money for your investment and it serves as a sustainable fashion accessory that is environmentally friendly as well. 

Where to buy white cotton bags wholesale?

Bulk bags are mostly bought by businesses, advertisers, and marketers for promotional needs. They are used as free giveaway to customers, clients, and others. You can easily buy them from a supplier of ecobags in Australia who are mostly available online. Check the customers’ reviews and then explore the product types, their features, and cost to make the best decision. Mostly the suppliers of ecobags provide customization or personalization of the bags as well. With white color as your choice, you have plenty of options for personalization including logo printing, text or quote printing, image printing and more.

Find wide variety of cotton wholesale bags in different sizes and buy in bulk at the best rates.