Know About Non-Woven Bags Before Making A Purchase February 11, 2023 08:00

Non-woven bags made of non-woven fabrics are an eco-friendly option for consumers. As they do not leave harmful wastes, there is no risk of polluting the environment. These durable non-woven bags are reusable and customisable. Based on your needs, you can display your brand name on the bags for promotional purposes. Let us now talk more about these environmentally friendly bags.

Table of content-

  • What are non-woven bags?
  • Why Choose Non-Woven Bags Over Plastic Bags? 
  • A few cons of non-woven bags
  • Mistakes While Buying A Non-Woven Bag
  • Different Uses of Non-Woven bags
  • How to use non-woven bags as a promotional product?

 What are non-woven bags?

What are non woven bags

The non-woven material is brought together by bonding a long fibrous fabric like material with the help of chemicals, mechanical, heat or solvent treatment. According to the type of usage, they may be made thin for a single use or made durable to sustain for a longer period of time. The non-woven bags are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. The burning of the non-woven materials does not cause toxic fumes. The bags are quite lightweight and easy to carry, and they come in different sizes and colors.

Why Choose Non-Woven Bags Over Plastic Bags?

Why choose non woven bags over plastic bags
  1. Durability

Non-woven bags bulk are built solid and designed in a way so that they can lift everyday hefty things effectively. These are made to oppose daily wear and tear and can keep going for quite a long time whenever developed well. Based on the products you have to carry, you can choose a suitable type and size of the bag with the right thickness of the fabric to make sure they are durable. 

  1. Affordable

Non-woven bags are sturdy as well as very reasonable. They are ideal for advancement for organizations and discount hessian sacks are the best option among the merchants. Shopping bags also come in various textures like plastic coating or internal lining, cotton material, and so on. However non-woven bags made using jute materials are quite popular as a shopping bag because they are very flexible and convenient. 

  1. Versatility

Non-wovenfabric can be sliced to any shape, design, and shading which makes them very adaptable and can be utilized as shopping sacks, gift bags, handbags, beach bags, and so on. They look sleek and can be carried anywhere. They include a sturdy grip with a wide handle that makes it simple to lift substantial things. There are different non-woven bag suppliers in the market who give great discounts on bulk orders and can be reached for specially crafted plans.Just define your purpose and the supplier will propose you the best bag options along with customization options. 

  1. Eco-Friendly

Non-woven shopping bags are made utilizing biodegradable materials and are recyclable also. Other than this, they do not cause hazardous effects to the planet or marine life like that in the case of plastic bags. As a user, it becomes your moral responsibility to add to the government’s initiative of clean and green environment and use such bags which are eco-friendly instead of falling for convenient plastic bags with multiple damaging effects. 

  1. Temperature Resistant

Plastic bags when exposed to sunlight leads to heating up and radiate unsafe synthetic substances. These chemical emissions can negatively affect foods items when kept inside and can be incredibly risky for utilization. On the other hand, non-woven shopping bags don't have any such issues and are safe to carry everyday fundamental things. 

  1. Reusable

Grocery shopping bags created using non-woven materials can be utilized over and over for quite a long time. They can be sterilized at home by wiping with a cloth and some sanitizing liquid and will serve you for quite a long time to come. They are not only handy and reusable, but also a great option for saving your money. Not only this, discarded bags can be put to other DIY activities or can be sent for recycling. 

Switching to environment-friendly fabrics like hessian bags is a great choice as it avoids wastage and is a safer choice for the planet as well. Various businesses are making a shift to non-woven shopping bags, that can easily be custom-printed and are available at an economical price as well.

A few cons of non-woven bags

The fabric of non-woven material seems a little porous. Under high loads, they may split into sections thereby posing a headache for users. In addition, with the passage of time, the corners of such products could undergo fragmentation, thus reducing the integrity of the bag.

Also, the porous fabric of the bag might lead to leakage of liquid or semi-liquid products kept inside. If something spills, they might precipitate to the outer lining of the bag making them look dirty. However, when this material is given waterproof internal lining, the final product that comes out look very attractive and beautiful. They are easily decorated with beautiful colors and enhances the overall look while giving addition feature to the bag.

Users must scrutinize bags for signs of wear and tear; this is mandatory because every product bears a finite shelf life. Further, these bags must be stored out of reach of children to prevent instances of accidental suffocation. 

Mistakes While Buying A Non-Woven Bag

 When buying an eco-friendly non-woven bag, certain points should be kept in mind.

While you take care of the things to look for in a bag, there are some factors that should be avoided while buying them. We are listing common mistakes that people commit while buying non-woven bags, so you do not make the same mistakes.

Not Checking the Durability of Material

Not checking durability of material

Shopping and grocery bags come in a different variety with different fabric choices. While choosing a shopping bag for yourself, it is important to have a look at the type of fabric. Thin fabrics do not offer durability, though they are cheap. A sturdy bag goes a long way rather than a cheap bag with poor quality. Various brands are promoting themselves with branded non-woven bags that have their logo printed on them. Also, the stitching quality of the bag shouldn’t be ignored, as it plays a vital role in providing adequate support and grip.

Choosing bag with Weak Handles

choosing bags with weak handles

With a variety of bags available in the market, some bags have a strong grip of jute or other such strong material. Look for a handle that does not damage your palm skin when lifting heavy stuff. Though this seems to be a minute point, however, it plays an important role especially when out for grocery shopping.

No extra Compartments

A bag that has various storage compartments and pockets can prove to be quite useful while shopping. Items can be stored separately in the same bag and add the security of the ingredients as well. Non-Woven Bags direct feature extra compartments for enhanced usability and are extremely pocket-friendly as well.

Check for the color quality

check for color quality

Non-woven bags come in different color choices. Some bold colors like blue, green, red, and black are a few common colours used in dying of the non-woven bags. However, some low quality bags, compromise with the quality of the color to reduce the production cost. These colors fade away quickly or leave stains on the products stored inside. Such bags must not be used for carrying vegetables as the moisture will affect the fabric making it lose the colour. So, while buying non-woven bags online, you must check the product reviews.

Lining of the bag

If you are buying a bag to carry vegetables and other soft products, it must have an internal waterproof lining. Do not buy a bag with thin fabric that hangs with heavy objects and get soggy after storing watery or moist things. Usually we don’t check for these features and order the product online and face a lot of problem while using them. 

Different Uses of Non-Woven bags

Different uses of non woven bags

Non-woven bags are now being used by a variety of businesses such as grocers, department stores, gift shops, off license businesses, promotional companies, and many more. The versatile product finds uses as vacuum cleaner bags, washcloths, kitchen and fan filters, tea and coffee bags, coffee filters, napkins and tablecloths, etc. In addition, Printed Non-Woven Bags are used in furniture construction as insulators to arms and backs, cushion ticking, linings, stitch reinforcements, edge trim materials, and upholstery. Further, the essential material of such bags enables bedding construction for quilt backing, mattress pad components, mattress covers; also as furnishings in the form of window curtains, wall and floor coverings, carpet backings, lampshades, etc. 

More Uses of Non-Woven bags

The automotive and transport industry uses Printed Non-Woven Bags as interior trim in boot liners, parcel shelves, headliners, seat covers, floor covering, backings and mats, and foam replacements. In the domain of modern insulation, non-woven bags are used to create exhaust & engine heat shields, molded bonnet liners, and silencer pads. Additional use of these products emerges in oil and air filters, fiber reinforced plastics (body panels), and aircraft braking mechanisms.

Promotional Usage with Printed Bags

There are many reasons which make these bags just the right choice to be used as a promotional product. The promotional use of non-woven bags stems from the low cost of the material, its light weight, and smooth flexibility. Hence, business operators can order bulk quantities of such product and assign a printer to emboss logos on the bag. The finished product can be handed out to users and visitors at trade shows, business meetings, pop-up stores, new store openings, during discount sales, etc. These bags can also be sized variously for the retail and merchandise industry, complete with dual-reinforced handles secured with box-stitching techniques. Business sponsors can order these promotional products in different designs, colors, tints, dual-tones, etc. Further, these products can be ordered in sets of three from manufacturers as part of a commercial deal.

More on Promotional Usage

The average non-woven bag has gained a lot of currency owing to its resistance to everyday wear and tear, and skin-friendly nature. These attributes make it a stellar promotional product. In response, manufacturers of these products are working to create various colors and sizes for these bags in a bid to expand their appeal as promotional products. The fine stitching on these products and color-fast nature makes them ideal for promoting a business product or service. Further, industry leading prices offered by manufacturers widen the appeal of the product in the eyes of bulk buyers. In addition, these products do not require any special storage conditions, a fact that enhances their durability in storage.

How to use non-woven bags as a promotional product?

How to use non-woven bags as a promotional product?

By choosing printed non-woven bags, you end up having just the right product that can speak aloud on your behalf. But just having the right product is not enough to garner all the attention. How and when do you use the bags is also quite important. So, below are a few occasions when you can use the bags for your business promotion.

  • Welcome your new customers or guest with a customized bag they might carry every time they visit your shop.
  • Present as a giveaway to your loyal customers and retain them forever as your own brand ambassador.
  • Use as a branding tool during the time of festive sale or holiday offers.
  • Give as a free gift for a minimum amount of purchase made at your store.
  • Fill with some goodies and present to your employees who are the first line of initial marketing


Non-woven bags are versatile and available in a range of designs. You can buy a bulk pack of non-woven bags online to make an affordable deal. Use these reusable bags as the corporate gift for your employees and customers. The best online stores also customise the bags to your needs.

Where to buy the non-woven bags?

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