Non-Woven Bags: Manufacturing And Promotional Usage September 17, 2019 08:00

Non-woven bags spell a new style mantra for the average consumer in modern times. These bags can be used for carrying groceries, vegetables, clothes, school items, gym clothing, beach clothes, etc.  The average non-woven bag is crafted from flat porous sheets that are made directly from separate fibers, molten plastic or plastic film. The manufacturing process of these bags does not involve weaving, knitting, or the conversion of fibers to yarn.

Made from Miracle Materials

Non-woven bags are crafted from non-woven polypropylene, a new miracle fabric. The basic material is a recyclable plastic fabric that is often used to make promotional bags. Further, non-woven polypropylene is a practical fabric because it is inherently strong and extremely lightweight, so convenient to carry and inexpensive to ship in bulk quantities. The fabric is also comfortable, soft and this adds to the appeal of non-woven bags.Typically, most manufacturers of custom non-woven bags wholesale use a certain percentage of recycled fabrics and oil-based materials and non-woven fabrics in the mass manufacture of such bags.

Custom Non Woven Bags Wholesale

Soaring Popularity of non-woven bags

The market is huge for custom non-woven bags wholesale because these offer a fantastic experience for customers and consumers. When it comes to managing everyday tasks, non-woven carry bags can be very handy. These products do not affect the natural environment, are reusable, and manufactured in a wide range of tints and colors. Hence, many manufacturers of these bags offer bulk quantities of the product to commercial buyers. In terms of sheer usage, users and consumers can fold these bags quickly and rest assured their gear remains immune to splashes because non-woven are also water resistant. Further, the popularity of bulk non-woven bags stems from the fact many varieties are made from 100% viscose or 100% cotton spun lace non-woven fabric; this eradicates the possibility of including plastic materials in non-woven bags. Therefore, environment-friendly users offer a resounding vote of confidence to the use of bulk non-woven bags.

Different Uses of Non-Woven bags

Non-woven bags are now being used by a variety of businesses such as grocers, department stores, gift shops, off license businesses, promotional companies, and many more. The versatile product finds uses as vacuum cleaner bags, washcloths, kitchen and fan filters, tea and coffee bags, coffee filters, napkins and tablecloths, etc. In addition, Printed Non-Woven Bags are used in furniture construction as insulators to arms and backs, cushion ticking, linings, stitch reinforcements, edge trim materials, and upholstery. Further, the essential material of such bags enables bedding construction for quilt backing, mattress pad components, mattress covers; also as furnishings in the form of window curtains, wall and floor coverings, carpet backings, lampshades, etc. 

More Uses of Non-Woven bags

The automotive and transport industry uses Printed Non-Woven Bags as interior trim in boot liners, parcel shelves, headliners, seat covers, floor covering, backings and mats, and foam replacements. In the domain of modern insulation, non-woven bags are used to create exhaust & engine heat shields, molded bonnet liners, and silencer pads. Additional use of these products emerges in oil and air filters, fiber reinforced plastics (body panels), and aircraft braking mechanisms.

Promotional Usage with Printed Bags

There are many reasons which make these bags just the right choice to be used as a promotional product. The promotional use of non-woven bags stems from the low cost of the material, its light weight, and smooth flexibility. Hence, business operators can order bulk quantities of such product and assign a printer to emboss logos on the bag. The finished product can be handed out to users and visitors at trade shows, business meetings, pop-up stores, new store openings, during discount sales, etc. These bags can also be sized variously for the retail and merchandise industry, complete with dual-reinforced handles secured with box-stitching techniques. Business sponsors can order these promotional products in different designs, colors, tints, dual-tones, etc. Further, these products can be ordered in sets of three from manufacturers as part of a commercial deal.

Printed Non Woven Bags

More on Promotional Usage

The average non-woven bag has gained a lot of currency owing to its resistance to everyday wear and tear, and skin-friendly nature. These attributes make it a stellar promotional product. In response, manufacturers of these products are working to create various colors and sizes for these bags in a bid to expand their appeal as promotional products. The fine stitching on these products and color-fast nature makes them ideal for promoting a business product or service. Further, industry leading prices offered by manufacturers widen the appeal of the product in the eyes of bulk buyers. In addition, these products do not require any special storage conditions, a fact that enhances their durability in storage.

How to use non-woven bags as a promotional product?

By choosing printed non-woven bags, you end up having just the right product that can speak aloud on your behalf. But just having the right product is not enough to garner all the attention. How and when do you use the bags is also quite important. So, below are a few occasions when you can use the bags for your business promotion.

  • Welcome your new customers or guest with a customized bag they might carry every time they visit your shop.
  • Present as a giveaway to your loyal customers and retain them forever as your own brand ambassador.
  • Use as a branding tool during the time of festive sale or holiday offers.
  • Give as a free gift for a minimum amount of purchase made at your store.
  • Fill with some goodies and present to your employees who are the first line of initial marketing

How to optimize the non-woven bags for promotion?

You need to be particular about the choice of the color of the bag. Take in consideration the color of your logo or brand name. A contrast color bag is advisable as it will reflect your name beautifully. Next, comes the message you would like to give. If you are choosing a quote, make it relevant to your product or service. It will catch attention. Once you are sure of the logo design or about its printing on the bag, try to have a preview of the final product. Only when you are satisfied, place order for bulk non-woven bags to save money on wholesale rates. Many suppliers do not count for the customization cost as it is considering along with the custom non-woven bags wholesale. Make your decision wisely and save money!