Don't Make These Mistakes While Buying A Non-Woven Bag May 18, 2021 08:00

As environmental awareness is rising, the popularity of reusable bags is climbing up. People are becoming aware of the harmful effects of plastic and switching over to eco-friendly bags wholesale. These bags can be used again and again and are easily washable. Looking at the high demand in the industry, manufacturers are also offering a wide variety these bags which are suitable for many different purposes. From personal use by an individual to commercial use in industries, warehouse, cold storage and use for branding purpose, these bags have recently come in high demand. This had led to the production of eco-bags in variety of fabrics like hessian, juco, cotton, jute, and canvas. There are various styles also involved in the production process. Non-woven bags are one of the most affordable options and highly useful in our day-to-day life. When buying an eco-friendly non-woven bag, certain points should be kept in mind.

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While you take care of the things to look for in a bag, there are some factors that should be avoided while buying them. We are listing common mistakes that people commit while buying non-woven bags, so you do not make the same mistakes.

Not Checking the Durability of Material

Shopping and grocery bags come in a different variety with different fabric choices. While choosing a shopping bag for yourself, it is important to have a look at the type of fabric. Thin fabrics do not offer durability, though they are cheap. A sturdy bag goes a long way rather than a cheap bag with poor quality. Various brands are promoting themselves with branded non-woven bags that have their logo printed on them. Also, the stitching quality of the bag shouldn’t be ignored, as it plays a vital role in providing adequate support and grip.

Choosing bag with Weak Handles

With a variety of bags available in the market, some bags have a strong grip of jute or other such strong material. Look for a handle that does not damage your palm skin when lifting heavy stuff. Though this seems to be a minute point, however, it plays an important role especially when out for grocery shopping.

No extra Compartments

A bag that has various storage compartments and pockets can prove to be quite useful while shopping. Items can be stored separately in the same bag and add the security of the ingredients as well. Non-Woven Bags direct feature extra compartments for enhanced usability and are extremely pocket-friendly as well.

Check for the color quality

Non-woven bags come in different color choices. Some bold colors like blue, green, red, and black are a few common colours used in dying of the non-woven bags. However, some low quality bags, compromise with the quality of the color to reduce the production cost. These colors fade away quickly or leave stains on the products stored inside. Such bags must not be used for carrying vegetables as the moisture will affect the fabric making it lose the colour. So, while buying non-woven bags online, you must check the product reviews.

Non Woven Bags Direct

Lining of the bag

If you are buying a bag to carry vegetables and other soft products, it must have an internal waterproof lining. Do not buy a bag with thin fabric that hangs with heavy objects and get soggy after storing watery or moist things. Usually we don’t check for these features and order the product online and face a lot of problem while using them. 

Other Features

Apart from the above-mentioned points, various other factors need to be considered while making a purchase. The color of the bag should be long-lasting. People commonly do not pay attention to the color quality of the bag, and it fades quickly and leaves an ugly-looking bag. Also, the size of the bag is another important point to consider. Bag with adequate space that can fulfil your daily requirements should be chosen. There are various cheap non-woven tote bags wholesale in the market that come in various sizes. The other thing that can be checked is the base of the bag. For extra ruggedness, various bag manufacturers add thick fabric at the base of the bag.

Choosing the correct eco-friendly bag is important, as it serves for several years. But being in hurry or being unaware of these crucial points, we make mistakes while the market is full of products that we actually want. If you pay attention to these points, you will end up selecting the right shopping companion for yourself.

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