Vegetables To Store And Not To Store In A Grocery Bag November 17, 2020 08:00

Nowadays, environmentally conscious customers have started ditching plastic wraps while buying vegetables and fruits from the grocery store. Cotton, jute, hemp, and canvas bags have turned out to be the best alternatives to harmful plastic carriers. Even for getting the groceries or vegetables measured, non-woven pouches or paper bags are being used widely. This is to make sure that no stage of shopping, any plastic bag is used. This is very crucial to boycott plastics from our life. To ensure convenience to shoppers, lots of companies offer custom grocery bags. These are convenient for the users as well as good for the environment. With logos and brand names printed in the fabrics, these grocery bags have become valuable marketing tools.

However, for users, they must understand what all they can carry in their bags and keep it safe. All the bags are not suitable for carrying everything. A little understanding about what to carry and what not to carry can help them keep the bag clean and durable. Let’s get to know what vegetables can we carry in these eco-friendly bags?

Custom Grocery Bags

Tomatoes and potatoes-

These two vegetables belong to the same family, and you can carry them with your burlap bags. Other breathable and moisture-proof non-woven fabric bags are also the right choice to keep these vegetables safe and fresh. Some of us also use jute sacks to store potatoes for several days. You know that dampness accelerates spoilage of potatoes and tomatoes. That is why moisture-resistant fabric bags are the perfect options for these vegetables. While buying a bag to keep potatoes at home, take care to choose a bag with wide mouth.

Basil and garlic-

Garlics stored in refrigerator can turn out to be rubbery, and ultimately, they will not be edible for you. Thus, you can leave them in your reusable grocery bags to avoid any negative effect.

Similarly, basil also cannot endure the cold temperature, and it becomes dry within a short time. You may use a durable cloth bag to keep up the lovely aroma of basil leaves.

When you place an order for bulk grocery bags for your customers, you can include these cloth bags in your list.

Onions and shallots-

Unpeeled onions and shallots need air to survive. Thus, to keep them fresh, you can choose mesh bags and paper bags. There is no need to store your onions inside refrigerator, because the cold temperature may soft them easily. However, make sure that you have punched paper bags to store your vegetables for several days. You need to keep your bags away from direct sunlight and humidity.

Are plastic bags sometimes better than fabric bags?

Plastic bags are the right choice to store raw, fresh, and peeled carrots. These bags help them to squeeze out oxygen, and these vegetables will last for more than a week. It is also applicable for celeries, as the natural vapour (ethylene) ripen these veggies. However, you must buy reusable and food grade plastic pouches that can be used again and again. They are suitable to be used inside the refrigerators and since they can be used again they are discarded less, hence causing less harm to the nature.

Vegetables that you must not store in grocery bags-

Varieties of lettuce, including romaine, red leaf, baby leaf, and other vegetables, like cabbage, spinach, and kale are highly susceptible to bacteria. Bacterial agents in these veggies may also cause food borne illnesses. However, they are suitable to be carried in the eco-bags from market. The wide opening of cloth grocery bag allows the leaves to stay fresh and not get crushed inside. But when you come home, you must remove these perishable leaves from the bag to get them fresh air.

Bulk Grocery Bags

One of the cons of reusable bags is that harmful bacteria thrive in those bags when users have not cleaned them properly. Thus, the storage of these vegetables in these bags increases the risk of bacterial infection. Most of the users have the habit of not using their reusable bags. For this reason, they must not store these leafy veggies in these bags. 

Fabric bags with compartments

These days, fabric bags with compartments are coming in the market to allow storage of different vegetables separately. Heavy vegetables can be kept separately and the light one in another compartment to ensure that they all are safe and none is getting crushed.

Businesses involved in food items, groceries, fruits, and vegetables are eagerly looking for different types of customizable shopping bags that can be offered to their customers for brand promotion.

Fabric bags are the best choice for this purpose. You can buy eco-friendly tote bags Perth and other reusable shopping bags for your customers.

Get mock-up view of your customized grocery bag and order in bulk to get the best rates.