How To Make Your Groceries And Veggies Last Long October 6, 2020 08:00

Australians experience hot summer days from December to February and during this season, we find our foods getting spoiled within a short time. That is why lots of Australians have one major concern- How do we make our groceries long-lasting? Apart from this reason, others, who are badly occupied in their life and work, choose to buy bulk groceries at a time. Most of us use large grocery bags to buy foods and vegetables for a few weeks to avoid visiting the store again and again. But these groceries remain fresh only for some days requiring you to visit the store once more. However, there are a number of hacks you can use to keep your groceries fresh and safe for a longer period of time. 

Let us give you tips on making these packaged foods, groceries and vegetables long-lasting. 

Grocery Bags

Use glass jars instead of plastic ones- 

These glass containers are free from BPA found in plastic jars. Moreover, as they do not have a stain, your groceries will last long. They are the perfect choice for storing salads for 10 days. The glass material provides poor breeding ground for microbes and food-spoiling germs which you might find in tin cans, disposable plastic bags, or other types of jars. Other food grade containers can also be used, if you are choosing to refrigerate. For storing things at room, temperature, glass containers are a better choice. 

Keep you carry bags clean

When you are going to bring new items in your cheap reusable grocery bags, you have to check out the content inside them. New things brought in a dirty bag can cause the movement of germs from the bag to the new groceries. The overripe vegetables and other damaged groceries can emit ethylene gas, which negatively affects fresh items.No matter where you store, if contamination is done at the time of bringing the groceries, they would surely be spoiled easily. So, always get rid of the old rotten things. Not only this, you need to wash the bag properly and sun dry it before the next use.

Choose the freezer for storage-

Freezing is the right option to keep up the freshness of fruits and veggies for 8 to 12 months. You may preserve some unused bananas and other fruits inside this freezer by properly cutting and packing them. There should not be any moisture on the surface of the pieces while storing.

Puncture your storage bags-

It is one of the best tricks to make groceries long lasting. When you have bought wholesale tote bags for grocery storage, you may poke some holes in them. Else, those bags will trap moisture and your groceries will turn out to be rotten. The same technique can be applied to other food-grade bags or pouches you use. The process is the wipe the grocery packets well and then preserving them inside the packets.

Make a bundle of your herbs-

Herbs are similar to flowers. Do not use a refrigerator for your herbs. Pour water into a vase and place your herbs to keep them alive for several days. However, you must trim their stems before doing it. After a few days, you can even change the water to continue the freshness of the product.

Paper bags work best for mushrooms-

Moisture issues are common with plastic bags and to prevent mildew growth in your mushroom, you need to use paper bags. Take care not to put any heavy item above the bag to ensure that mushrooms are safe and intact inside.

Onions last long in pantyhose-

When you have no pantyhose, you may choose mesh bags to store onions. Keep these onions separated and let them breathe to have longer shelf life. Try not to cover them so that fresh air circulates. Also keep on removing any wet or spoiling onion.

Bulk Reusable Grocery Bags

Store potatoes in some dark place-

The presence of sunlight turns your potatoes green within a short time. You have to choose a place away from windows.

Wrap your meat and put them into the freezer-

Wrapping and freezing are the best storage methods for your meats. When you have bought pre-packaged meats, you have to take them out and wrap them in foil.

Keep your refrigerator organized-

Some of us leave rotten items on one side of our refrigerator. However, this condition may cause the growth of moulds. A cluttered condition inside the fridge causes a negative effect on your vegetables, as it affects the cool air circulation.

Nowadays, lots of brands choose bulk reusable grocery bags as promotional gifts for customers. Your customers may also use your promotional grocery bags to store vegetables, fruits, snacks, and other foods. Our tips will be useful for making groceries long lasting. 

Buy good quality wholesale tote bags for your shopping and ensure safe carriage of groceries to your home. Follow the above tips and make them last longer.