Understand Your Consumer Preferences Before Investing In Shopping Bags July 26, 2022 08:00

A promotional marketing campaign can be successful only when you have chosen items appealing to your customers. In case of an offline marketing approach, you can invest in jute shopping bags Australia, because reusable bags have become highly popular in recent years. You can spread the notion of going green by distributing these eco-friendly bags to your customers. It also helps in reducing the number of disposable plastic bags. 

Jute Shopping Bags Australia

Though bags are the mostly chosen promotional products, you can confidently use it only when you know everything about it. A shopping bag is always the shopper’s best friend. They truly experiment with a variety of bags and love to accumulate a collection of bags from different places in different designs. However, nowadays, consumers like to have both aesthetics and functional value from their shopping bags. Usually, one fits all is preferred by many of the people, if not all because there are people seriously passionate about bags and love to have different bag for each of their unique requirement. People looking for quality reusable bag that can be used multi-purpose must explore the trending eco-bags which are available in high quality fabrics for different shopping and personal needs. It is affordable to buy reusable shopping bags wholesale Australia. 

To know more, read about the origin and evolution of shopping bags 

Now, after knowing a lot about the bags, you should know about your customer’s or users’ preferences. Even if you are offering a bag as a free giveaway, understanding your customers’ preferences will help you present a bag that is used and reused giving the most needed visibility to your brand. So, here are a few tips that will help you.  

Choose reusable bags to replace plastics-

Today, several consumers are highly concerned about the packaging materials used by retailers and manufacturers. A recent survey has shown how they feel about their shopping bags. When choosing custom promotional bags, you have to be highly careful about the bag design and materials.  

Today, modern consumers prefer sustainable packaging of their products. That is why retailers have started discarding non-recyclable plastic packaging. Some of them have gone for laminated jute bags. 

These laminated bags look almost like raw jute on the outer side. However, there is an additional layer of polypropylene on the interior side to stiffen the bag. This special design ensures the protection of natural fibres. Thus, lamination creates a solid, structured, and long-lasting bag. 

Bag fabric is a priority to every consumer-

Biodegradable bags made of canvas and cotton are highly popular among consumers. They are durable and quality bags useful for a range of purposes. The special traits have made these bags a perfect choice for a promotional campaign. However, paper bags have also gained recognition as eco-friendly packaging options. It is because papers are easily recyclable and do not harm the environment. Furthermore, the best recycled paper bags are customisable to represent your brand. Thus, you can choose between the paper bag and the customised jute bag for your shoppers. 

Be careful while buying and using reusable shopping bags-

Some researchers have found that reusable bags have the potential to transmit diseases. It especially happens when the dirty bags cause cross-contamination due to contact with other objects. That is why consumers have to clean their reusable bags to maintain hygiene. Every time they use the bags, they should clean them thoroughly to prevent food contamination.

Another thing to be noted is that some imported reusable shopping bags have leads, which are highly damaging to your organs and nervous system. It affects the body’s natural ability to control vitamin D and generate RBC properly. Thus, it can result in seizures and death in some cases. Leads are also dangerous to kids and affect their learning abilities. 

Which are the best reusable bags for your shoppers? 

The most popular types of reusable shopping bags are- 

Nylon bags with a waterproof design- 

Nylon carriers can be easily folded into a small pouch and fit inside your purse. So, you can carry them with you every time you go to grocery shops. Moreover, nylon bags are available in a range of fun prints and colours, which make them look attractive.

Customised Jute Bag

These strong bags can hold almost 50lbs of groceries, and thus, you do not need to use multiple bags during your everyday shopping. Still, it is better to buy bulk shopping bags to use them for different purposes. Most importantly, those who need to buy shopping bags for promotional purposes can choose a bulk package for an affordable deal. 

Shopping bags with reinforced bottoms- 

These structured bags include a long handle and a reinforced flat bottom. You can suspend the bag from your shoulder. 

Several consumers have claimed that these heavy-duty bags are easy to clean. They are also stackable in the kitchen drawer and car. But, these awesome bags have open tops and can hold a lot of stuff.  

Reusable mesh bags-

Available in different sizes, these eco-friendly bags are used for storing vegetables and fruits. They are also useful for shopping purposes. When your refrigerator has no space to store herbs, you can put them into these bags. As mesh bags promote breathability, green veggies do not get spoiled easily. 

You can now choose the right type of shopping bag, which is customisable. 

Print the bag to show your brand details. Decide on the right size and style of your promotional bags. 

Buy reusable shopping bags online 

Bags247 offers you a wide selection of customizable shopping bags in different shapes, sizes, and designs. You can pick anyone of them based on your budget and get personalized with your business logo. Our team can also suggest you other ways of custom-printing that gives the best visibility to your brand logo. Have a look at the preview and then order the bags in bulk for your next branding campaign and get the best ROI. We deliver across Australia to locations like Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast and others. 

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