Learn About The Origin And Evolution Of Shopping Bags February 22, 2022 08:00

A shopping bag is always the shopper’s best friend. They truly experiment with a variety of bags and love to accumulate a collection of bags from different places in different designs. However, nowadays, consumers like to have both aesthetics and functional value from their shopping bags. Usually, one fits all is preferred by many of the people, if not all because there are people seriously passionate about bags and love to have different bag for each of their unique requirement. People looking for quality reusable bag that can be used multi-purpose must explore the trending eco-bags which are available in high quality fabrics for different shopping and personal needs. It is affordable to buy reusable shopping bags wholesale Australia.

You use your shopping bags almost every day. But, do you know the history of these bags? Interestingly, there were no shopping bags until the late 1800s. At that time, shoppers carried the purchased items in baskets. Some merchants also used to deliver their goods to their destinations. Based on the type of the product, the carrier was chosen, so the bags did not find any utility in that age. 

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Evolution of paper bags and plastic bags-

During the19th century, a Pennsylvanian schoolteacher named Francis Wolle invented the special machine to design envelope-like, lightweight paper bags. The purpose of the bag was not to carry heavy things. However, modern printed cloth bags are sturdier than paper bags and find wide spread use across a variety of needs.

In 1871, Margaret Knight innovated a machine capable of producing roomy flat-bottom grocery bags. But, these bags had not gained much popularity. After a few years, Charles Stillwell released brown paper bags. One of the unique characteristics is that the sides of these bags have pleats.

In 1912, Walter H. Deubner was the first to design the paper tote bag in Minnesota. He had found that customers used to purchase things, which are convenient to carry. That is why he refined the paper bag design by adding handles. In due course, he sold millions of paper-made shopping bags. During the 1960s, a reputed Swedish organisation introduced T-shirt style plastic carriers. Plastic started replacing the paper bags due to the cost-effectiveness. Retailers like to use these bags to put consumers’ goods into them.

Rejection of plastic bags and emergence of reusable bags-

During the early 2000’s, several consumers started rejecting disposable plastic shopping bags. This rejection and pressure from the government to discover new eco-friendly bags brought the advent of more versatile cloth bags for daily shopping needs. Though the cotton and jute bags were there in early days also, they were not seen as a everyday bag in everyone’s hand for daily use. Now the reusable cloth shopping bags wholesale have become the ultimate choice. Most importantly, they have become one of the fashion accessories and product of brand promotion. They are widely being used as versatile branding product also with customization as per the business needs.

Consumers have learned the fact that plastics harm the environment. That is why they like to invest in eco-friendly bags made of fabrics. The best retailers also encourage customers to use these bags for shopping purposes. Furthermore, they buy bulk tote bags Australia for promotional needs. They can customise these bags by printing their brand names.

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Reusable totes are made of different eco-friendly fabrics like cloth, canvas, and jute. They are also easily compostable and do not harm the surrounding environment. But, there are still some paper bags available in the market because they are made from sustainable resources. However, one disadvantage is that paper bags are not sturdy and cannot hold heavy items. Thus, you can replace them with reusable fabric bags.

Evolution of the bags’ designs-

The conventional bag-making machines could fold and paste a reel of paper. Then, they cut the tube into different lengths. Designers pasted the end of every bag manually. However, more advanced machines eliminated hand works and could add a pair of handles to the shopping bags.

The modern bags have more attractive designs, and some of them have zippers. They have a more secure design to hold your personal items. From cotton to jute, canvas or denim, all these trending fabrics are being used to design bags for different user groups catering to their specific requirements. You can even look for the best grocery bags from a store and reuse them.

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