Totes Versus Shoulder Bags Versus Purses- Which One Is Best For You? June 28, 2022 08:00

Have you come across different styles of bags in the market? Often, the terms ‘totes’ and ‘shoulder bags’ are used interchangeably. But, are they different from each other? Nowadays, several brands invest in promotional tote bags with logo wholesale Australia. Shoulder bags also have gained popularity and they are also being used as a promotional item these days. Some women also use purses for their everyday purposes. However, how do totes differ from shoulder bags and purses? Those who don’t know these differences even end up buying a product that they actually don’t need, because they are not aware of the features and the differences. Today’s let’s talk about these three bag types in detail and understand them better to make informed decisions.

Custom Printed Tote Bags Wholesale

Tote Bags

Totes are handbags that you can use for carrying a couple of items. You can find them in different colours and prints. You may also place an order for custom printed tote bags wholesale. To buy totes for your promotional campaign, you can pick a colour that matches your brand’s colour scheme.

Let’s start with the history of tote bags.

Totes entered the market during the 17th century. However, the term indicates the activity to carry something. Until 1944, tote bags had not been popular in the USA. At that time, an apparel designing company introduced the unique Boat Bag. The major reason for using this bag was to carry blocks of ice. In due course, the bag design has undergone some modifications.  The fabric used for the Boat Bag was canvas. Nowadays, wholesale custom tote bags are also available as canvas models. Other common fabrics used for manufacturing of tote bags are denim, jute, cotton, hessian, and the like which are mostly eco-friendly.

Features that are found in every tote-

A few specific features make totes stand apart from other bags and easily distinguishable from other types of tote bags.


Totes are available with 2 strong straps stitched tightly to the bags. Highly durable tote bags are capable of holding heavy items. Modern consumers like to carry totes in different ways. The straps can be suspended from the shoulders. Some users also carry the totes in their arms. 

Size of your totes

Totes are mostly large, and you can use them for storing several items. For instance, beach travellers like to carry beach totes with them to hold their books, phones, sunscreen lotions, and towels. Moreover, gym-goers can invest in these totes to store their gym clothes, bottles, and some other items. Thus, totes are designed to hold almost anything you need to carry with you. They also accommodate your small purse easily. 

Interiors of your tote bag

There is a single big compartment in a tote bag. This roomy bag is highly functional. Nowadays, modern totes are available with innovative features like penholders, interior zip walls, and dual organiser pockets. 

Shoulder bags-

Shoulder bags are smaller than totes and they are equipped with different functional features. The most demarcating feature is that they can be usually hanged across the shoulder because of the longer strap size.

Features of shoulder bags-

Number of straps-

There is one strap stitched to the shoulder bag. As totes have a bigger model, they have an additional strap to ensure a wide opening. Some high-quality shoulder bags have an adjustable strap. You can stay hands-free while carrying the shoulder bags. 

Size and interior design-

The small shoulder bags hold your essentials like lipstick, wallet, phone, and sunglasses. The interiors of these bags have more than one pocket. Zippered compartments inside the bag let you keep your things organised and secure.

So, you have now understood how totes are different from shoulder bags. You can bulk buy tote bags and stylish shoulder bags.  

Totes versus purses-

Totes are the best choice for those looking for reusable shopping bags. You can use them for carrying bigger items. On the contrary, a purse is intended to hold smaller things. 

While totes have open tops, the purse has a secure closure (latch, zipper, and button).

It is already said that totes have one compartment. But, a purpose has multiple interior compartments and pockets. You can store your mobile, keys, and pens inside the purse.

Totes have a shoulder strap, whereas a purse is available with straps of different styles (like cross-body straps and shoulder straps). Some purse designs do not include straps. Women prefer purses as their fashion accessories. 

Surely, a purse is found in several attractive designs that match your party outfit. It is a compact bag, which is easy to grip. Although a purse is small, you can find it in varying sizes.

Bulk Buy Tote Bags

But, tote manufacturers also try to add a touch of style to their bags. For instance, white tote bags bulk can draw your attention with their elegant design. If you are very much style specific, you can get these blank or white bags customized with your choice of prints. Many manufacturers provide you with screen-printing services.

However, there is a lot of know about the beautification and maintenance of white bags that you would like to know. Read more on this in the below blog.

Create your style statement with white bags. 

Which bag style should you choose?

You must choose your bags based on your purpose. Women who are daily commuters and need to move around the city can buy a purse. They can also carry the purse to attend an informal party. Shoulder bags are also the right choice during your daily trip. On the contrary, totes are useful for regular purposes. Fabric tote bags are easy to wash, and you can use them for different needs. The best fact about totes is that they are gender-neutral bags used by both men and women. So, you can focus on these factors before investing in bags.

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