Tote Bags- History And Manufacturing Details September 10, 2021 08:00

Totes have gained high popularity in recent years due to its user-friendliness and versatility. Among all the various types of bags available in the market, these bags can be put to almost any type of carrying needs by people of different segments or users. From kids to shoppers, students, family person, travellers, or business promoters, they consider tote bags for their varying needs. And why not? They are available in so many types, designs, sizes, and budgets. Not only this, you can even personalise these bags and make them look unique. A few DIY ideas are enough for that. However, the market also offers you option to get your bags personalized the way you want.

Nowadays, several companies buy custom tote bags in bulk and use them as promotional items. Modern totes let you create a fashionable statement and you may pair them easily with your casual outfits. While such bags have become so popular in such a short period of time, you would definitely like to know about their history.

Custom Tote Bags In Bulk


Totes entered the market during the 17th century. However, the term indicates the activity to carry something. Until 1944, tote bags had not been popular in the USA. At that time, an apparel designing company introduced the unique Boat Bag. The major reason for using this bag was to carry blocks of ice. In due course, the bag design has undergone some modifications.  The fabric used for the Boat Bag was canvas. Nowadays, wholesale custom tote bags are also available as canvas models. Other common fabrics used for manufacturing of tote bags are denim, jute, cotton, hessian, and the like which are mostly eco-friendly.

After a few years of introducing totes, they have become highly useful for daily activities. Consumers used to choose them as one of the fashionable accessories. High-end totes were made of cloth. But, today, they have grabbed a good position in the market.

Eco-friendly tote bags are available in different prints and colors. The way you customise these bags reveals your sense of fashion. 

How do manufacturers design tote bags?

1st step-

Bag designers cut out the sheet from a piece of fabric. They fold the fabric while maintaining the dimension. The size of the sheet to be cut depends on the size of the bag you would like to have. Small, medium, large and extra-large totes are some of the common sizes available in the market.

2nd step-

Using the leftover fabrics, designers cut 2 long straps (16”). These straps are useful for creating handles of the bags. You may choose other materials as the substitute of the fabric to give a little difference to the straps. It can also be different in color than the bag’s colors to look more attractive. Maintain the proper length of the straps and they should be exactly of the same size.

3rd step-

Hold the folded fabric and access the open edges. You have to fold them down on two sides. Then, pin these sides to ensure durability. After stitching the folded parts, you need to remove the pins.

4th step-

While securing the bottom and top sections of your bag, you may sew its sides. You should also sew the corners of your tote bag. A good quality stitching would ensure that your bag is durable and can carry heavy things as well.

5th step-

Measure the straps from the edge. From two ends of your bag, you have to measure the straps. The best manufacturers always pay special attention the bag’s straps. Without proper stitching, the bag may not be able to carry the load. Every strap of the needs seamless stitching.

These are some major steps for designing the tote bags. You can place an order for customisation for plain tote bags bulk. There are different ways of decorating these totes. Reliable bag designers use quality ink to personalise these bags. Use your imaginative abilities to tailor the look and design of the bag. Let your bags reflect your personal style.

Wholesale Custom Tote Bags

Custom reusable tote bags bulk are made of a range of materials. However, most commonly manufacturers use cloth and canvas to design them. You may also buy non-woven PP bags that look like totes. Search for the latest bag designs and invest in the best model for your personal and corporate purposes. 

Order bulk tote bags for promotion

The legacy of tote bags is rich and it still rules the market. Business owners, brand promoters, and marketers can order these bags in bulk online for their promotional needs on various occasions. Choose an appropriate size of the bag, select the color, and order online to get the best deals. Most eco-bags suppliers in Australia take bulk orders at wholesale rates and offer personalization, customization or bag printing as a complementary service.

Explore the tote bags collection and order now to get the best deal.