Types Of Fabrics You Can Use For Trade Show Bags August 31, 2021 08:00

Designing the custom shopping bags is not very easy task especially if you need some kind of theme for the same. You have to think of numerous options that reflect your ideas and bring your imagination into reality. It also includes deciding on the types of fabric to be used and how to do something unique to have an edge over your competitors. If you have to design trade shows bags then you have innumerable options in the choice of fabric. Trade shows have their unique demand and requirement based on the nature of the event. So, while you are planning to get some bags for promotion in the trade shows, your approach would be different. Listed below are some of the options of fabric that can be used to make an impressive trade show bag. 

Trade Show Bags Wholesale

You should be aware that what is your requirement?

There are numerous things that should be considered when you have to design your trade show bag. Some of these things include the type of fabric to use, the color of fabric, ease of print, durability, and price. Here are few types of fabrics that can make a beautiful trade show bag

  1. RPET

You get RPET after recycling plastic material like bottles. The resultant fabric is eco-friendly in nature. Also, the resultant is quite durable and can be used to design a bag that can be used on regular basis. You can recycle this material whenever you wish to. Such bags when presented to the visitors in the show turn out to be highly durable and tough. They are suitable for carrying heavy stuffs inside. 

  1. Polypropylene

In the case of polypropylene, there are two options available.

  • Woven Polypropylene
  • Non woven Polypropylene

Woven polypropylene is considered the best option for trade show bags as the fabric is quite durable. You get woven polypropylene also from the recycled material of plastic. The plastic material is stretchable which can be turned into threads and woven all together to get the woven polypropylene fabric. This weaving gives the much-needed strength and the fabric becomes an ideal choice for custom trade show bags.  

Nonwoven Polypropylene fabric is very much similar to woven one. The difference lies in the fact that in this case, the resultant thread from the recycled plastic material is thin. These thin threads combine together and give the resultant fabric. It is lightweight and can be used as trade show bags to give such things which are not quite heavy. Another advantage of this fabric is that it is quite soft. 

  1. Sustainable Fabric

The fabrics jute, cotton, or bamboo fall under the category of sustainable fabric. You get these fabrics from plants. This implies that you can plant them, grow and then harvest them again and again, and keep getting the fabric. Since they are natural fabric, it is easy to recycle them. The fabric is similar to woven polypropylene and the only difference is that here natural fiber is being used to get the thread. They give a finished look and work best as trade show tote bags.

The sustainable cloth bags are quite in trend these days and are available in multiple sizes and colors. With padded handles they offer convenience of use. If you chose plain color bags, they give ample space and opportunity for logo printing which can be done through screen printing method. Trending fabrics also include canvas and denim. However, for trade show simple and light-weight cotton bags are mostly preferred or the jute bags. The common styles include cloth tote bags and the drawstring bags with back straps. 

  1. Paper bags

One of the most common trade show bags is paper bags. You can transfer newspaper or any waste paper into bags and also make a customized trade show bag. However, thick paper bags in in tote style are also preferred these days. Just get your business logo printed on them and distribute among the users. They are easily carried by the people to different staffs and all your visitors turn into your advertisers through this gift. 

Custom Trade Show Bags

Trade show bags as customized promotional bags

Trade show bags wholesale are the best promotional bags. This is because in trade shows dozens of people come. When customized trade show bags are given to these people, the brand gets much-needed exposure and promotion. So, it is important to inculcate these bags in your promotion strategy.  

Your can find a number of manufacturers and suppliers of trade show bags online in Australia. Check their website and their reviews before finalizing any one of them. All the details about the type, feature, and cost of the bags could be seen in the catalogue. You can pick any good design that falls in your budget and order in bulk to get good deals on your order.