Types Of Packaging Bags Made Of Different Materials March 4, 2022 08:00

The way you ship products can affect your business. A brand may lose its positive image when its products are not shipped properly. Most importantly, it has to focus on product packaging to start an interaction with potential buyers. Thus, how will you package your products to sell them to your customers? From PP non-woven bags to paper bags, there are several options for you. Which are the most commonly chosen packaging bags available for you?

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Courier Bags

These high quality bags are intended to reach your consignment to your chosen destination. They will keep your products safe, and you will find several options. For instance, plain white courier bags, black courier bags, and tamperproof bags are available in the market. Moreover, they have special features like peel and seal flap. There is also a bubbling lining to protect semi-fragile valuables.

High Density Polyethylene bags-
They are commonly chosen plastic bags with a semi-translucent design. These lightweight bags are resistant to water, vapour, and temperature fluctuation. One of the best facts is that they have high tensile strength. These FDA-approved bags are perfect for packing foods. That is why several restaurants and grocery stores like to use these bags to serve customers. 

Newspaper bags-

Papers are useful in everyday life for different purposes. Old newspapers can be turned into bags. Although they are not sturdier than other promotional printed tote bags, you can use them for your needs. For instance, these bags can hold your books, lightweight electronics, and toiletries.

Linear Low Density Polyethylene-
LLDPE bags come with a thinner gauge. However, LLDPE and LDPE bags have no difference in strength. You can save money with these affordably priced bags. The best fact is that you may use them for storing your food in refrigerators.

Plastic envelopes

These small plastic pouches designed to store your papers and valuables. Designed in a range of features and sizes, these plastic envelopes have a transparent design. You can decide on the plastic envelopes based on the type of parcels. You may also buy custom screen-printed envelopes to promote your brand. However, these small envelopes cannot bear a heavy load, and there is a risk of getting torn.

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Polypropylene bags-

Polypropylene bags are found in both non-woven and woven versions. However, as they are made from recycled plastics, they are eco-friendly options for consumers. Although PP bags do not have breathability, you can use them for storing candies and herbs. Your products can retain their shelf life when stored in PP bags. The best fact is that these bags have high strength and chemical resistance.
Found in a range of colors, woven bags and custom non-woven bags wholesale have become highly popular among retailers. As they are receptive to any printing method, you can customise them by displaying the brand name and other details. While some PP bags have a glossy laminated finish, others have a matte finish.

At a very low price, you can buy promotional printed non-woven bags Australia online. Thus, retailers with a tight budget can invest in non-woven bags. You may also add some artwork features and intricate details to the bags to attract your customers.

There is a minor difference between non-woven and woven PP bags. The variation is noticeable in the way they are designed. Some PP bags have tightly woven PP threads to make the final output more durable. On the contrary, PP plastic fibres of non-woven fibres remain bonded together. However, in both these cases, you will have a highly resilient fabric.

Woven PP bags are mostly white in color, and you can add graphics with lamination. But, colorful threads with patterns are also found in PP bags. So, you can customise the bag based on your brand’s theme.

Jute bags-

Jute is another commonly chosen fabrics for designing bags. Durable and strong jute fabrics are better than paper bags. Moreover, jute has highly absorbent and ventilating properties. That is why you can use jute for storing different foods.

Sturdy jute bags are available in a range of colors and styles. Moreover, retailers like to buy drawstring jute bags to store groceries. It is also easy to customise these jute bags with your business details.

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