Know About Eco-Friendly Bags And The Reasons To Buy Them February 1, 2023 08:00

Today, the world is showing more concern about environmental protection. This trend is clear from the popularity of eco-friendly bags in recent years. More and more consumers like to replace their plastic carriers with eco-friendly bags. Retailers also think of investing in these bags to attract potential customers. Let us talk more about these environmental-friendly bags made of various fabrics.

We are going to discuss the below topics in our blog.

  • Transition from disposable to reusable eco-friendly bags
  • What are the different types of eco bags? 
  • Latest trends in the world of eco-friendly bags
  • Why should you invest in personalised fabric bags for your business? 
  • Conclusion

From disposable to reusable eco-friendly bags

Once there was a trend of using flat paper bags. Inventive retailers used to design these bags for their customers. Margaret Knight innovated a machine in 1868 to fold, cut, and glue flat-bottomed paper bags. He also patented this machine and established an organisation, which designed better-quality paper bags.

After inventing these paper bags, retailers started stocking them to help customers carry their items. At that time, single-use plastic bags had gained popularity. Plastic and paper bags were used by many shoppers to hold their groceries and other items. 

During the early 2000s, consumers started rejecting plastic bags. It led to the emergence of reusable bags. Even these reusable eco-bags have become a fashion accessory. Several brands have appreciated these bags for eco-friendliness and sustainability.

What are the different types of eco bags? 

If you are looking for fabric bags wholesale for your business need or for your individual need, this is the article for you. Here we will be listing in detail the trending fabrics for bags with their pros and cons.

  • Cotton Bags

Cotton bags are among the most biodegradable options of bags for everyday use. Whether you want grocery bags, beach bags, or fabric drawstring bags wholesale, everything is possible with cotton. There are a million ways to make it stylish and chic for everyday use. These are perfect for summer weather and are pleasant to touch as well. For instance, DIY dying it using food colours for a boho feel or using stylish patches on it can be done to amplify the aesthetics of a simple cotton bag. 

  • Hemp Bags

Another trending fabric is Hemp. These are also eco-friendly and also grow with pesticides and fertilisers. Bag packs and tote bags made using hemp material are in fashion these days and provide an earthy feel to them. These come in light colours and are extremely convenient to customise according to one’s needs and budget. If you are a business owner, an advertiser, or a marketer looking for bags in bulk, you can approach various vendors providing custom-printed fabric bags with a business logo or brand name as per specific requirements.

  • Jute and Rattan Bags

Jute is a traditional fabric that is still in fashion. Various fashion models have been seen sporting chic jute or rattan bags on runways as well. Not only are they classic, but they also offer extreme functionality. Crescent-shaped rattan bags are top of the trend these days, and every fashionista is seen carrying them with pride in one event or the other. Other than the moon-shaped, oversized bags are also trending this year.

The application of jute bags is well-known for commercial purposes in the storage and transportation of manufactured goods, farm products and others. They are mostly simple in plain colours with a business logo printed on the side. However, individuals are also opting for jute bags these days for their daily shopping, and they are available in different colours like black, white, blue, green and others. With a little threadwork or designer printing, the look is enhanced and used by women and girls for different purposes. Library jute bags, college bags, sling bags etc, in attractive styles are also available.

  • Nylon and Polyester

These fabrics are sturdy and are in trend for their versatility. Many bag vendors who provide reusable bags custom have said that there is high customer demand for these bags when it comes to everyday use. Both these fabrics are water-resistant, lightweight, and compact, which means that they can be easily folded and carried along wherever you go. They are suitable for carrying things that have moisturiser or need a water-proof surface. Though the government is trying to reduce its use due to environmental hazards, a few commercial uses are still not addressed. They are also ordered in bulk with logo printing for brand visibility.

  • Embellished Bags

We have mentioned this as a different category because studded bags are a lot in trend these days to add that extra bling. Studs can be added to any fabric to enhance its style quotient. These embellishments can be added all over or to make a certain pattern, whichever suits the preference and style of the user.

Latest trends in the world of eco-friendly bags

From classic style handbags to stunning clutches, there are several options for you to match your unique style statement. Check the best trends in the world of bags.

  •       Bags with monogram- A timeless trend

Cotton bags with monograms have become one of the best customisation options. You may like to please your employees and customers with custom-designed reusable shopping bags in Australia. You can choose the initial letter of your brand name and print it on your bag. The monogram will never affect the aesthetics of your bag. Still, it will serve your purpose. The single letter will let users remind of your brand name. Thus, invest in monogrammed cotton bags for your marketing campaign. You can also order it personally in bulk as a return gift for your guests and visitors of any party. Your recipients would love to receive a gift with their initial printed or embroidered on it.

  •       Go green

You may have thought that Go Green is a notion indicating the use of eco-friendly bags. Surely, these words represent this concept. However, green as a colour can add a different touch to your custom fabric bags. Slime green and other shades of green are highly acceptable colours that match other tones. Stylish bags with red and green stripes also look unique. These are different patterns your fabric bag can be designed with. As per your preference, you can choose other natural colours as well because they go well with fabric bags.

  •       Slouchy bags for different occasions

You can call them cushion bags. As these are roomy bags, you can put lots of items into them. For both casual and professional looks, you can prefer these bags. The slouchy styles add a level of aesthetics to your bags. Although sleek bag designs have won over the heart of users, roomy fabric shopping bags have become popular. Especially these days, people prefer such bags with drawstrings as they are easy to carry and accommodate a lot of stuff kept safe inside. Usually, fabrics like cotton or mixed cotton are preferred for this, and you can also find other fabric options like denim, jute, or hessian to be used as drawstring bags. They can also be beautifully customised with stylish cords or beadwork.

  •       Bags with minimalism

Minimalism is one of the long-term trends in the world of bags. These minimalistic bags do not have high embellishments. Still, they look highly refined. You can use these bags for any purpose. Businesses and advertisers often go for such plain bags as a tool for their brand advertisement. They have turned out to be smart options for extending the name of a company or increasing its visibility among users and other people coming across the product.

  •       Everyday functional bags

These tote bags are large models designed to hold a number of things. They are made of both cotton and leather. The best fact is that you can find a lot of space to print your brand details. The functional bags will be highly valuable to users. Moreover, the large bags are available in both formal and casual looks. Look for ones with vibrant prints and bright hues. Almost every woman uses tote bags. You can make the smartest decision by investing in these perfectly designed tote bags. To buy cotton shopping bags in bulk, you can choose this design. Your customers can use them to carry groceries.

Why should you invest in personalised fabric bags for your business? 

Your investment in customised eco-bags will provide you with value in various ways.

  •       Make customers and clients feel special and happy

Who doesn’t love receiving gifts? And when the gift is thoughtful like a shopping bag the happiness increases twofold. Usually, businesses customise a shopping bag with their brand name or logo and present to their visitors, customers or other people. In some special cases, the bags are also personalised as per the recipients, like “to our loved customers”, “you are special”, “to the charming ladies”, “we love you kids” etc. 

Gifts like these also help in retaining your customers. Whenever they will use your gifted products, they will remember you for the same product and won’t go anywhere else. When they are happy, they will do word-of-mouth advertisements for you as well.

  •       A sort of long-lasting advertisement

The basic advertisements that you see last only for a short period of time. They are often very expensive yet fail to create a lasting impression of your brand. An advertisement on television or radio, or a newspaper ad can run only for a small period of time. Once a new brand books the slot for advertisement, the older ads lose space from the minds of the users or potential consumers. But the advertisement is done through promotional items like, for example, personalised Jute shopping bags that last for a longer period or say they will last till the person keeps using them. Since the bags are mostly made of jute, they also last for a longer period of time. Whenever they are used, even after a year, the brand gains the eyeball of the user and others coming across the bag. Once invested, you can get reaping the benefits of your investment for too long.

  •       Generation of new leads

Promotional shopping bags not only retain your old customers but also help in generating new leads. Like if you present a canvas personalised shopping bag to one of your customers, it gets exhibited to lot many people in the family, neighbour, and others in the market when the recipient carries that bag. People get curious about the business when they see a particular product with a logo on it. There are high chances that they also become interested in your products and services. Even if you have invested money in one bag, the results are multi-fold with the passive marketing it does for your brand.

  •       Advertisement among second-hand recipients

A new bag is used by the recipients for a longer period of time. It is a general conception that people will throw away shopping bags after they no longer need them. But as per the survey, a larger percentage of people donate the bags rather than throwing them away. As a result, the name of your business reaches to the eyes of several people whom you don’t even know. So the first-hand use of the bag creates your brand awareness among the people who are your immediate target. But when it is donated to the next segment of people, your brand reaches a new group of people, where the personalised shopping bag starts a fresh cycle of creating brand visibility and awareness.

  •       Increases brand recognition

The amount of exposure shopping bags bulk give to the brand is incomparable. People often remember the company's name when they see the logo and brand name. Whenever someone carries these customised shopping bags to the market, your brand will come into the eyes of many new people. 

  •       Increase in sale

Screen-printed shopping bags are also a great way to increase your sales. As per studies, sale is bound to increase when the promotion is done through any promotional product. It is because the exposure also increases. All the parameters of a successful marketing campaign, like recognition, recall, response, and reaction, are positive and multi-fold with the use of shopping bags bulk which is personalised. 


Eco-friendly bags have become the best choice for retailers and consumers. Businesses in different sectors have chosen these bags as customised gifts. These affordable gifts enable them to draw customers’ attention. So, buy eco-friendly bags from the most online store.