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Cotton bags are highly popular for their eco-friendliness, stylish design, and sturdiness. Cotton has stayed in the world for ages and used in bags as a preferred material. Apart from its common need among the population, several retailers and other businesses have also started investing in cotton bags for promotional campaigns. As cotton fabrics are easily printable, you can customise the bags in different ways. Let’s share more information about cotton bags.

This article, which talks everything about cotton bags would give you a deep dive into the facts about cotton bags from every aspect. Let’s get to know what all we will be discussing in this article.

  • Origin of Cotton Bags
  • Cotton bags for healthier planet
  • Define your style statement with cotton bags
  • Manufacturing of Cotton Bags
  • Styles of Cotton Bags
  • Cotton Bags in Business Promotion
  • Where to Buy Cotton Bags
  • Conclusion 

Origin Of Cotton Bags

Origin Of Cotton Bags


Since the Ancient Roman age, cotton has gained high popularity. Historians and scientists have found cotton shreds several years back. Some archaeologists in Pakistan and India discovered cotton cloth and cotton balls. In the 16th century, a group of adventurers from the American continent took a step to revolutionise the cotton industry. Eco-friendly cotton bags became popular among these adventure seekers.

At that time, the colonist produced a good amount of cotton. However, lack of mechanical knowledge was the biggest restriction for them. 

Samuel Slater, an English mill worker, moved to America to establish the first cotton mill. But, as cotton plants were harvested manually, it was a limitation. The productivity level was too low.

Today, consumers of different ages like to use cotton bags due to their trendy designs. It is also convenient to carry these bags anywhere. Promotional cotton bags have become the best give always for advertising brands. There are several cotton bag designers and vendors in different countries, including Australia. 

Australia imported the first cotton seed in 1788. By 1830, a few cotton bags were exported. During the latter part of the century, more dry land areas were used for cotton production in Queensland. 

The cotton mills worked at a slow pace at that time. Queensland Cotton Marketing Board was set up in 1926 to ensure a better situation. But, the industry started losing momentum in 1954 because of a lack of human resources and drought. The fluctuating cotton price in the world was another problem. 

Although the Keepit Dam was constructed, the cotton industry was not the focus. After building the dam, Nick Derera, Hungarian Cotton Research director, used his knowledge to produce different types of cotton. 

In 1962, Derera, Hadley, and Kahl cultivated a vast amount of cotton in Australia. 

Though there were ups and downs in the industry, cotton producers found significant yields of the crop in the country. Today, there are several Australian mills providing cotton products like bags. 

Cotton Bags: An Option For A Healthier Planet 

An Option For A Healthier Planet


The world is going green, and everyone is looking to do their bit in it. One way to make our planet a safer place is by eradicating the toxic plastic products like shopping bags and plastic containers and instead use reusable bags like cotton bags. Plastic is certainly leading to the deaths of animals and also harming human beings through their toxicity. As we know plastic is not biodegradable which often leads to crowding of landfills but mostly to cut the huge cost of recycling people burn plastic which produces toxic fumes and harms the workers. From the making to the dustbin plastic is proving harmful.  So, we need to educate ourselves about the various other ways we can make our day to day lives easier.

Most reusable bags like cotton bags or jute bags start at the farms. Cotton is harvested through machines or handpicked and sent to the factories to process it to materials that can be made into bags. Organic cotton is grown ethically, and the workers work safely. Reusable bags do not carry toxic chemicals. Unbleached cotton and jute are the best of the materials. The plant fibers of jute and cotton are 100% biodegradable and can be recycled and made into new products. They do not harm the planet and can be grown extensively throughout the world. The reusable cotton bags are sturdy and can be used several times. A usage of cotton bag or jute bag can be like 1000 plastic shopping bags. As the fibers of the bags are eco-friendly and washable, they can be used to carry food products and grocery and can be made germ-free.

Cotton Bags: Define Your Style Statement

Define Your Style Statement


Bags have always regarded as an important fashion accessory and its transition from a thing that was used to carry things along to an essential fashion accessory has come a long way.

Today, several types of bags are getting popularity to serve a different purpose. If someone is going out to shop, then they need a bag that would help them carry different stuff, for this, they need a bigger bag, then there are times when people need a stylish bag when they are heading to meet their friends. Events and causes change, but the need of a bag always remains there.

Another thing that changes the need of carrying a bag is the current fashion and the world of fashion never stay constant and keeps on evolving. Based on the currents fashion trend, cotton bags are getting a huge popularity. Not only these bags satisfy the need to keeping much stuff at one place, but there are many reasons that add to its popularity.

The very foremost reason for cotton bags gaining much importance in the current times is their long retaining capacity. Comparatively, to other material that is used to create bags like plastic and paper bags, cotton bags will survive the most. The reason is that the cotton bags are made out from the organic cotton, and it comes without any mixture of other substances. If you are looking to buy cotton bags bulk, then you can avail it from many online sites, but availing it from Australia would be the best choice for the fact they offer the best deal.

Another advantage of using a cotton bag apart from sticking to the latest trend is that cotton bags are now being used by many companies to advertise their brand amongst the common people. If you too own a company and want people to know about it through something they love the most, then cotton bags would be the best choice. All you need to do it to come up with a creative design that would fit in the size of the bag, and try to make it look stylish enough so that people would carry it. For this, you would need cotton bags bulk, and you can easily avail it from different sources. 

Manufacturing Of Cotton Bags In Australia

Manufacturing Of Cotton Bags In Australia

Cotton bags are made out of cotton fiber which is a thick and also a fast-growing crop that is to be found in almost every part of the world. Cotton bags are extremely eco-friendly as these are 100% biodegradable. These bags are becoming popular with time as people are taking up steps toward numerous environmental friendly solutions.

Cotton bags are available in a variety of types. But the course of their manufacturing is almost the same for all the types. Cotton bags are produced from cotton and therefore, harmless to the environment. Cotton sometimes is also mixed with other fabrics like jute so as to produce bags with more strength and reliability.

Initially, the cotton fabric or the blended substance is broken down into pieces of the required size and shape. A stretching machine further is put into use to stretch these fabric pieces so as to endow with elasticity and also the tensile strength on the basis of the bag that is to be produced. Once the required elasticity is achieved, those fabric pieces are then put together and are sewed together by using a proper sewing machine. Then after the final product is ready, it can be dyed accordingly to one’s requirement. Also when an image or logo is to be incorporated, be it for promotional activity or to make it attractive and trendy, the required image or logo can be stitched into the fabric or even be printed on it.

Styles Of Cotton Bags

Styles Of Cotton Bags

There is plenty of styles for cotton bag lovers. You can easily find one that matches your preference. 

Cotton Tote Bags

It is an open-topped bag integrated with 2 big handles. Large tote bags enable you to carry lots of things at a time. Sometimes, totes are referred to as the carry-all bags. You can find modern totes designed with different materials. But, the most popular ones are fabric bags. For instance, some companies like to buy printed promotional cotton bags for their needs. These cotton bags have sturdy designs and can hold the weight of your items.

In most cases, consumers use these bags for shopping groceries. However, nowadays, some totes are available with zippers to keep your things safe. It may not be easy to distinguish those bags from other bag models.

Still, the large size and unfastened designs are the most distinct features of totes. These eco-friendly totes have parallel handles attached to the sides of the bag.

Slouchy Cotton Bags

As these are roomy bags, you can put lots of items into them. For both casual and professional looks, you can prefer these cotton bags. The slouchy styles add a level of aesthetics to your bags. Although sleek bag designs have won over the heart of users, the roomy fabric shopping bags have become popular. Especially these days, people are preferring such bags with drawstring as they are easy to carry and accommodate a lot of stuffs kept safe inside. Usually, fabrics like cotton or mixed cotton are preferred for this, you can also find other fabric options like denim, jute, or hessian to be used as drawstring bags. They can also be beautifully customized with stylish cords or bead work.

Cotton Bags With Minimalism

Minimalism is one of the long-term trends in the world of bags. These minimalistic bags do not have high embellishments. Still, they look highly refined. You can use these bags for any purpose. Businesses and advertisers often go for such plain bags as a tool for their brand advertisement. They have turned out to be smart options for extending the name of a company or increase its visibility among users and other people coming across the product.

You can look for this trend while buying cotton bags with a logo. The tote bags with a minimalistic design can be the perfect choice for your needs. Users can match them with any outfit.

But, make sure that bags with sleek silhouettes should have sturdy handles.

Solid-Colored Cotton Bags

In most cases, men like to use plain bags without any prints. These bags can be the right choice for all men. From dark brown to light neutral shades, cotton bags are available in a range of designs.

Bags For Everyday Use

These cotton-made shopping bags are large models designed to hold a number of things. They are made of both cotton and leather. The best fact is that you can find much space to print your brand details. The functional bags will be highly valuable to users. Moreover, the large bags are available in both formal and casual looks. Look for ones with vibrant prints and bright hues. Almost every woman uses fabric bags. You can make the smartest decision by investing in these perfectly designed functional bags. To buy cotton shopping bags in bulk, you can choose this design. Your customers can also use them to carry groceries.

Beach Bags

The best quality cotton beach bags have special compartments to hold your drinking water bottles. These premium quality bags are best for travellers who like to travel to the beachside. The lightweight bags with a reliable design can hold your towels, lotions, and several other small kits. A beach bag is available at an affordable rate, and its longevity can provide you with the ultimate value. The fabric bags are reusable, and thus, you can use them for several purposes.

Cotton Drawstring Bags

Modern drawstring bags are available in different styles and patterns. Some of them have solid coloured fabrics giving you a space to print your brand names. Thus, you may buy them for promotional purposes.  Drawstring bags are best as corporate giveaways. You can invest in a large number of bags to find them at an affordable rate.

Like other bags, drawstring models can be used for promotional campaigns.

For instance, you welcome new members to your library with a custom-designed bag. You may also offer these bags to readers who have retained their membership for several years. Bags are the most effective marketing tools and convey your message to your potential customers. You can also spread the name of your library by offering free bags. Moreover, you will find a difference in the ROI.  

How Do Cotton Bags Help In Promoting Businesses?

Promoting Businesses


Customers or clients will always want to deal with companies who take care of them and think about the society as a whole. Instead of plastic promotional items, a company can use reusable bags like cotton or canvas to make them happy as well as gain a profit. A company thinking about nature is always thought to be an ethical organization. You can find cheap wholesale reusable bags online by searching cotton bags wholesale. You can easily print your company logo on it and choose bag designs according to your liking. A sturdy reusable bag will always be used by people and will help promote your business everywhere. You are provided with options like tote bags, bottle bags or shopping bags to choose from.

A customer may use the bags for shopping, for taking groceries or use it as a gym bag. An eco-friendly option will always attract family persons because it can be used by kids. You will always have a good impression by using eco-friendly materials which attract loyal clients and customers. Even workers will like you more for your choice to make our planet greener.

Where To Buy Wholesale Cotton Bags?

Cotton Bags

If you are looking to buy bulk cotton tote bags on discount or at attractive rates, the options are unlimited for you. In-store collection in malls and stores are already enticing, however, with online stores picking up for handicraft products and eco-friendly products, you can have a plenty of options. At Bags247, we also have a wide selection of cotton bags in small, medium, large and extra large sizes. Pouches are also available in different colors and designs. Just pick any of these styles and get them customized with your company logo for branding purpose. We allow you to have a preview of the product before any bulk order. We also assure you to give the best rates or wholesale rates on bulk order.


Cotton bags have gained a significant share in the current bag market. There are limitless choices for buyers. You can buy these bags for both personal purposes and corporate giveaways. Available in solid colours and printed designs, cotton bags have drawn the attention of several users. Consumers should be encouraged to use these cotton bags by replacing the plastic carriers.

If you want to have high-quality and highly attractive different types of cotton bags, then visit this website link bags247.com.au or contact us and book your preferred bag now.