Everything You Should Know About Wine Bags March 1, 2023 08:00

Wine bags with a highly elegant look are not only simply bags to hold wine bottles. They can be a perfect gift for wine lovers. Made of eco-friendly fabrics, wine bags have a customisable design. While some wine bags carry a single bottle, others have dividers to hold multiple bottles. You can comfortably carry the bottles anywhere using specially designed wine bags.

Table of content

  • Features Of Wine Bags
  • What Are Different Types Of Wine Bags?
  • Are Wine Bags Different From Other Bags?
  • Can You Freeze The Wine Bag?
  • Use The Wine Bag Anywhere
  • Buy Customisable Wine Bags Online

Features Of Wine Bags

High-quality wine bags come with a range of features

Double stitched handles

double stich bags

The double-stitching design is the most important feature of wine carriers. Bags with double stitches can carry a heavy load without risk of wear and tear. Thus, you can load these bags with a number of bottles. You have to check the construction quality while buying wine bags.

Bottom board

bottom board

The board added to the bottom of a wine bag plays a significant role. When you place the bag on the ground, it remains stable. Moreover, this feature helps with the even distribution of the weight.

Separate compartments

spacious compartments

If eco-friendly wine bags are used for carrying more than one bottle, they should have dividers to create compartments. Your bottles will not clash with each other, and so, there is no risk of damage.

Quality and safety

These are some other aspects of reusable wine bags. The best bags pass the toxin test to ensure they will not contaminate your drinks. 

What Are Different Types Of Wine Bags? 

There are various types of wine bags in the market.

Reusable and spacious wine totes

spacious wine tote

Simple, colourful totes with a spacious design can be the best option to accommodate a number of wine bottles. You can find them mostly in reusable fabrics, like canvas, calico, and jute. Quality fabrics make these bags highly durable, and there is no risk of wear and tear in spite of carrying weighty bottles. What’s more, you may choose these calico wine bags as your promotional gifts. Personalise these bags with your brand message and start a marketing campaign.

Cylindrical shaped wine carriers

cylindrical shape

These are cloth wine bags with beautiful printed designs. The cylindrical shape of the bag ensures proper arrangement of bottles inside it. Some bags also have double zippered systems to secure the wine bottles at the time of travelling to any place. Bigger models may carry more than one bottle to give better values to users. Moreover, they have an adjustable long strap for the convenience of users.

Travel wine tote bags

Travel wine

You may have found plain tote bags with a capacity of carrying one wine bottle. However, these travel wine totes are slightly bigger and interior dividers to keep your bottles organised. They are picnic-ready bags with potential of carrying multiple bottles without any risk. Your wine will stay safe inside these bags. Some travel wine totes have interior zippers and small pockets to add functionality to the bags.

Cotton canvas wine carriers with a drawstring

drawstring wine bags

As you are looking for eco-friendly wine carriers for your promotional campaign, these cotton bags are the right choice. The integrated drawstring helps in securing the wine bottles while you are on the move. As you pull the string, you can tighten the open to protect your bottles. We think that it is better to choose some neutral colours for your promotional purpose. Users can clearly view your message printed on the bag.

Insulated wine carriers

insulated wine bags

With adjustable shoulder straps and sturdy handles, these bags let you carry bottles in any way you like. Most of the female wine lovers like to carry these stylish bags to hold their glass bottles. The sleek bag with an interior padded divider maintains the flavour and temperature of your wine.

Jute wine bags with padded handles 

jute wine bags

These wine bags can hold single bottle very safely. The padded handles allow you to carry them with ease. The bags can be plain or printed. However, for corporate gifting needs, the front of the bags is printed with brand logo or name. They look beautiful and handy as well. In today’s world when people are readily opting for eco-friendly products, these bags come handy and in very affordable budget.

Single-use paper wine bags

paper wine bags

There are really superb option with elegance in look and ease of carrying. The paper bags are either plain or beautifully printed in patterns that are exquisite. As one of the most preferred option of gifting, such bags are in demand by different business types and individuals. During festivals, new year, wedding anniversary, reception parties and other similar occasions, printed paper wine bags are ordered in bulk. The wholesale suppliers, even provide the personalization or customization services for free.   

Now, you can make the right choice of wholesale wine bags and offer promotional gifts to your customers. The best bags keep your bottles safe from abrasion and dirt. The high quality, reusable bags never compromise style and hold a number of wine bottles.

Are Wine Bags Different From Other Bags?

In some wine bags, you can find ice gel packs inserted in between their inner and outer linings. The lower, upper, and sides of the bag have this design. It ensures optimal protection and cooling efficiency. Between the layers of nylon, there is an additional foam layer for better protection and insulation. The laminated nylon fabrics are safe for your food and drink. Insulation is the most common feature found in cloth wine bags wholesale. It helps in retaining the taste and temperature of the wine. It is preferred to use this bag if you have to travel long distance with your wine or if you are going out on picnic or outdoor location for fun.

However, for carrying wine conveniently, wine bags made of eco-friendly materials are also available. You can discover burlap bags, jute bags, clothe bags or cotton bags with durable straps to carry the heavy bottles. The size varies from a single bottle carrier to double bottle wine bags and even three or more bottles. The thick fabric protects the bottle from any kind of damage. Most of the times, wine sellers or other businesses order customized wine bottle bags in bulk for their customers. Gifting them to your employees is also a great idea. Even people who organize get togethers or parties order personalized wine bags as return gifts for their employees. Now you can use such bags to freeze your wines also.

Manufacturers also pay attention to the zipper closure. The premium closure is capable of withstanding the constant use of freezer. Moreover, the shoulder strap and the top carrying handle are ergonomic features of the wine bag.

Check the size of your wine bag to ensure that it can accommodate your bottles. An ordinary bag cannot hold the long-neck bottles.

Can you Freeze The Wine Bag?

freeze the wine bag

The best custom printed wine bags are freezable and they can keep your alcohol cool for 7 to 8 hours. They mostly have a rounded design to snugly fit your wine bottles during the transit. You can put the easy-to-use bags into your freezer overnight. In the morning, you can enjoy cool and fresh wine. 

There is no need to use ice blocks for your bags. The compact bags are easy to carry and do not consume much space in your freezer. Wine lovers like the instant chill effect. Within an hour, your freezer can chill the drinks. 

Use The Wine Bag Anywhere

Due to the insulation properties, wine bags are the best companions when you go somewhere for outings, picnics, restaurants, BBQs and sporting events. You can also prefer to use them while dropping down at your friend’s nearby house for a quick refreshment. Also, if you wish to present some good wine to anyone you love during any festive season, these bags make the perfect choice. With some personalized text, you can further enhance the look and value of these bags. The wine bags with gel-lined walls are easy to clean. You can use a damp cloth to keep your bags clean. 

Buy customizable wine bags online

At Bags247, you can buy bulk wine bags at wholesale rates. Available in different colors, sizes, and styles, wine bags can be chosen as corporate gifts. From single bottle accommodation to three or four bottle capacity, you can pick anyone of them as per your choice and needs. The bags can be found in attractive colors as well as plain natural colors so that you can get your business logo printed on them. For your personal parties or events to corporate events, these bags make one of the most useful items to be gifted to anyone. Select any of these bags, mention the personalization details, have a preview of the bag and then place the order for a free doorstep delivery. We also enjoy a very good review by our clients who trust us for years.