Freezing Your Favourite Wine With Wine Bags September 24, 2021 08:00

Cooking different types of cuisines at home is quite a trend among the households. People love to different styles of cooking and for that you need a lot of ingredients. Though they may be needed for very less quantity, but you need to have them all the time to prepare your favourite dish without rushing to the store. In all this process, have you chosen wine as one of the ingredients for your recipes? You may need hardly one to two spoons of wine for this purpose. After opening the bottle, how are you going to store the remaining wine in the bottle? Moreover, several wine enthusiasts like to buy bottles of beer, wine, and champagne at a time. They must look for a proper way to storage these wine bottles so that they remain fresh. Bars and restaurants buy wine bags bulk to deliver the drinks to consumers. However, both consumers and wine sellers must know about the right way of storing the drink.

Here, lets discuss about different ways of storing wines as people often struggle on how to store wines for longer time.

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Freezing the wine-

One of the common options for storing wine is freezing. Both white and red wine can be frozen. Thus, you can put the leftover wine into the freezer. The frozen wine will retain its quality for about 3 months. But, due to the alcoholic content, your wine may not get 100% frozen and solid. Its edges may be slightly soft. While using wine bags for the frozen wine, you have to ensure that they have a tight seal. The best reusable bags wholesale is available for freezing and storing wine. Some consumers also use the ice cube trays for freezing wine. Keeping the wine this way will ensure its availability at the time you need them.

Are wine bags different from other bags?

In some wine bags, you can find ice gel packs inserted in between their inner and outer linings. The lower, upper, and sides of the bag have this design. It ensures optimal protection and cooling efficiency. Between the layers of nylon, there is an additional foam layer for better protection and insulation. The laminated nylon fabrics are safe for your food and drink. Insulation is the most common feature found in cloth wine bags wholesale. It helps in retaining the taste and temperature of the wine. It is preferred to use this bag if you have to travel long distance with your wine or if you are going out on picnic or outdoor location for fun.

However, for carrying wine conveniently, wine bags made of eco-friendly materials are also available. You can discover burlap bags, jute bags, clothe bags or cotton bags with durable straps to carry the heavy bottles. The size varies from a single bottle carrier to double bottle wine bags and even three or more bottles. The thick fabric protects the bottle from any kind of damage. Most of the times, wine sellers or other businesses order customized wine bottle bags in bulk for their customers. Gifting them to your employees is also a great idea. Even people who organize get togethers or parties order personalized wine bags as return gifts for their employees. Now you can use such bags to freeze your wines also.

Manufacturers also pay attention to the zipper closure. The premium closure is capable of withstanding the constant use of freezer. Moreover, the shoulder strap and the top carrying handle are ergonomic features of the wine bag.

Check the size of your wine bag to ensure that it can accommodate your bottles. An ordinary bag cannot hold the long-neck bottles.

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Can you freeze the wine bag?

The best custom printed wine bags are freezable and they can keep your alcohol cool for 7 to 8 hours. They mostly have a rounded design to snugly fit your wine bottles during the transit. You can put the easy-to-use bags into your freezer overnight. In the morning, you can enjoy cool and fresh wine. 

There is no need to use ice blocks for your bags. The compact bags are easy to carry and do not consume much space in your freezer. Wine lovers like the instant chill effect. Within an hour, your freezer can chill the drinks. 

Use the wine bag anywhere-

Due to the insulation properties, wine bags are the best companions when you go somewhere for outings, picnics, restaurants, BBQs and sporting events. The wine bags with gel-lined walls are easy to clean. You can use a damp cloth to keep your bags clean. 

You can find such types of wine bottle bags in different sizes and designs in online stores and order them in bulk at highly attractive rates. Choose your preferred type of bag as per your need, check the features and cost and order for the best deals.