Everything That You Must Know About Tradeshow Bags In Australia December 21, 2022 08:00

 Several organizations host tradeshows to showcase their products. It gives them a chance of connecting with potential customers and investors. However, tradeshow attendees anticipate some free giveaways from the companies. You can choose tradeshow bags and personalise them with your business name. Made of canvas and other fabrics, these eco-friendly gifts would draw everyone’s attention.

Table of contents

Importance Of Hosting Tradeshows?
Different Materials Used For Designing Trade Show Bags
Why Should You Invest In Tradeshow Bags?
Tips For Better Designing Of Tradeshow Bags
Where To Buy tradeshow Bags In Australia?

Why Should you Host Tradeshows? 

There are various tools and techniques used to generate brand awareness and business marketers put a lot of effort in finding the best ways to reach out to their customers. Among all such activities, trade shows hold a prime important which helps in carving a place for you in the industry niche. Lots of companies host trade shows every year to introduce their services and products to potential customers. The major purpose of these companies is to increase brand awareness and promote the brand. What’s more, trade shows help in building a relationship with the customers and business partners at the same time. It gives a platform for both of them to connect with a business. That is why, you should bring the best possible outcomes from your trade show event. Offering giveaways to your visitors is one of such ways that help in building relationships.

Let us find the reasons for organizing trade shows

  • Trade shows help in branding with visual elements

The term, trade show, reminds us of big images, illustrations, bold colours, and easily readable messages. These visually attractive elements will gather the attention of your attendees. The larger displays play a major role in your branding campaign. Moreover, public-facing sides of trade show booths also display your brand name, message, and 3D graphics. These design elements are a part of your offline marketing campaign. You can show your brand personality with those elements in trade shows. Thus, a minimal investment in these visually stunning elements will give you a high value by promoting your brand. 

  • Build new relationships on this event

Trade shows can open up your window for many new opportunities. At one location, you display your business among many of your competitors. The visitors coming to your stall might be new or might be the regular customer of some other business. On this day, you can win many new customers as well by attracting them towards your stall through attractive visuals or other means. Use LCD display to showcase your business unique features. Have some flyers and brochures that be offered to the visitors. At the same time, offer useful gifts like drink bottles, a printed trade show bag, or any stationery item to your visitors. The trade show bags can be made of paper, jute, or cotton. 

  • Promotional giveaways to embody your brand

You need to think of both pre-show and at-show promotions to lift your brand identity. Ads and sponsorships are some of the common ways to promote your brand name. However, there is another interesting way of advertising your brand and business name. You may offer promotional gifts for your customers and other trade show attendees. For instance, you can invest in trade show bags wholesale and choose them as the best giveaways for your attendees.
Everyone loves free stuffs, and thus, your gifts can develop a positive impression among them. Better and more valuable giveaways will make your brand name remarkable to customers.

Different materials used for designing trade show bags 

There are numerous things that should be considered when you have to design your trade show bag. Some of these things include the type of fabric to use, the color of fabric, ease of print, durability, and price. Here are few types of fabrics that can make a beautiful trade show bag


  • RPET

You get RPET after recycling plastic material like bottles. The resultant fabric is eco-friendly in nature. Also, the resultant is quite durable and can be used to design a bag that can be used on regular basis. You can recycle this material whenever you wish to. Such bags when presented to the visitors in the show turn out to be highly durable and tough. They are suitable for carrying heavy stuffs inside. 

  • Polypropylene

In the case of polypropylene, there are two options available.

  • Woven Polypropylene
  • Non woven Polypropylene

Woven polypropylene is considered the best option for trade show bags as the fabric is quite durable. You get woven polypropylene also from the recycled material of plastic. The plastic material is stretchable which can be turned into threads and woven all together to get the woven polypropylene fabric. This weaving gives the much-needed strength and the fabric becomes an ideal choice for custom trade show bags

Nonwoven Polypropylene fabric is very much similar to woven one. The difference lies in the fact that in this case, the resultant thread from the recycled plastic material is thin. These thin threads combine together and give the resultant fabric. It is lightweight and can be used as trade show bags to give such things which are not quite heavy. Another advantage of this fabric is that it is quite soft. 

  • Sustainable Fabric

The fabrics jute, cotton, or bamboo fall under the category of sustainable fabric. You get these fabrics from plants. This implies that you can plant them, grow and then harvest them again and again, and keep getting the fabric. Since they are natural fabric, it is easy to recycle them. The fabric is similar to woven polypropylene and the only difference is that here natural fiber is being used to get the thread. They give a finished look and work best as trade show tote bags.

The sustainable cloth bags are quite in trend these days and are available in multiple sizes and colors. With padded handles they offer convenience of use. If you chose plain color bags, they give ample space and opportunity for logo printing which can be done through screen printing method. Trending fabrics also include canvas and denim. However, for trade show simple and light-weight cotton bags are mostly preferred or the jute bags. The common styles include cloth tote bags and the drawstring bags with back straps. 

  • Paper bags

One of the most common trade show bags is paper bags. You can transfer newspaper or any waste paper into bags and also make a customized trade show bag. However, thick paper bags in in tote style are also preferred these days. Just get your business logo printed on them and distribute among the users. They are easily carried by the people to different staffs and all your visitors turn into your advertisers through this gift. 

Why should you invest in tradeshow bags?

Find the reasons behind choosing bags for your participants.

  • Recipients will never throw away your bags

Bags are one of the essentials our everyday life, and we can never overlook their value for daily usage. Your recipients will never say NO to your promotional bags. Bags of both small and big sizes are useful for different purposes.

Thus, choose some printed logo bags with sturdy designs that last for several years. As your potential customers and business affiliates will use those bags for a long period, your logo will be visible to them. That is why your custom printed promotional bags will make your tradeshow successful. Although your show will last for a few hours, these bags will continue promoting your brand name.

With a little higher budget, you can put some other gifts into your bags. The combo gift will leave a strong positive impression in the participants.

  • Bags are available at the most reasonable rate

You may be a small business with a small budget. Still, you can retain your hope to make your tradeshow successful. You do not need a big investment to buy a bulk package of trade show printed bags. High quality bags with custom designs and vibrant colors are available at the most affordable rate. Asyou’re your budget, you can go with cotton bag, canvas bag or even paper bag. Thus, buy bags from a reliable retailer to make the best deal. The bulk deal also enables you to get discounts.

  • Available in a range of styles

When you search for some other promotional giveaways, you may not find several choices. There are very limited options for you. However, bag designers have presented you with loads of options.

From ordinary shopping bags to elegant totes, everything is available for you. Based on your budget, needs, preferences, you can invest in the right bags. For instance, backpacks may be slightly costlier than small tote bags. There are also drawstring bags with several usability features and eye-catchy designs. If you really wish to go with a cheap item then choose the paper bags which are durable as well as low cost and nature friendly. Now, check out the trendy bag designs as your promotional gifts. Moreover, bags give you much space to print your brand name and other details.

  • It becomes a central product of use in a trade show

Different businesses and might be your competitor may come with other types of products, but having a bag is the best option as it will already remain in the central of use. People will use your bag to store, keep and walk with gifts offered by other stalls. Even when they will be back home, what will remain visible will be your bag with other things inside. Not only the user but others coming across the person holding the bag would get to see your brand name printed on the bag. So, out of all other products, choosing a custom-printed trade show bag is the best idea. 

  • Bags are the eco-friendly gifts

Choose canvas, cloths, and other eco-friendly models while buying printed trade show bags. These bags do not harm users and the surrounding environment. To prove your environmental consciousness, you can buy these cloth bags as tradeshow giveaways. They will leave a good reputation on the mind of users. 

Tips for better designing of trade show bags

When you are sure that you are going with a bag as the freebie in the trade show, it becomes crucial to make the best out of this. There are a few features that you must consider while selecting your trade show bag. Below points can act as your checklist while ordering bulk bags for trade shows.

Choose an ecofriendly material: Fabrics like Jute or cotton are the most preferred one as they can be used again and again. The attendees would be using this bag and purpose would suffice.

Logo printing is important: While you plan the placement of the logo on the bag, consider the colour, size and location of your logo so that it remains attractively visible gaining the eyeballs. Printing some text is also a good idea.

Size matters: The size of your bag should be big enough to accommodate a bottle, pen, diary, and brochures. It will remain useful and people would easily get a glance of your company’s name on it.

Don’t miss the preview: Before ordering the bulk amount, have a look at the design or better get a few of them delivered for complete satisfaction. If it matches your expectation, then order in bulk. Always remember, the color as shown on the screen might be different than the actual on, so a preview of the product is very important.

Where to buy trade show bags in Australia? 

The best option is to go online and look for sale or discount on the bags. You will discover a lot of suppliers of promotional products and eco bags who offer their product at highly reasonable rates. Check a few of them, compare the product features and cost and place order in bulk to get good deal on your order. These suppliers offer customization service as well and you can get your promotional product custom-printed or embroidered as per your preference. Have a preview of the design first and then order in bulk much before your trade show event to get them delivered on time. Order NOW!


Tradeshows give you a good opportunity to spread your brand name and promote your products. However, without tradeshow gifts, your potential customers may not remember your brand name. Thus, you can choose bags as the best giveaways for your tradeshow attendees. You will need to invest a minimal amount in the bulk pack of custom-designed bags.