Different Ways To Use Reusable Grocery Bags in Style July 5, 2022 08:00

Grocery bags are the must-to-have items in every household. Though the stores, shops, and super markets offer the things along with bags, the ban on single use plastic bags had led way for reusable grocery bags. While you can use these grocery bags many times for the same purpose, you can also use them for doing other things. 

Have you also bought reusable grocery bags bulk cheap? Surely, these bags are useful while buying groceries from local stores. However, there are several other ways to reuse eco-friendly fabric bags. Modern consumers have started replacing their plastic bags with fabric bags. However, what will you do when these bags become old? There is no need to throw away reusable bags. Use them in a fun and productive way. 

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Before we get to know other usage of these bags, let’s understand more about the grocery bags at the first place.

History and popularity of recyclable grocery bags

Since the early 2000s, retailers and other vendors had started buying bulk reusable grocery bags. Consumers also discarded their plastic shopping bags. That is why you can find a rise in the use of eco-friendly, reusable bags. In due course, these bags have become a part of the fashion accessory.

Before the 1800s, there was no shopping bag in the market. Consumers used baskets to carry items that they had purchased from the local stores. In some cases, merchants used to deliver the items to the shopper’s destination. In the mid of the 19th century, a Pennsylvanian schoolteacher, Francis Wolle, invented the special machine to design an envelope-style, lightweight paper bag.

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Now, let’s find out how we can use these bags in other ways. 

Other ways of using grocery shopping bags 

The availability of shopping bags in different fabrics has made it suitable to be used for other purposes also.  

Store other food inside your freezer

While storing different groceries and perishable items, you need separate bags. As you have a bulk amount of reusable bags, you can make the best use of them. For instance, use one bag to store your onions, while another bag is perfect for holding your apples. It will also be easy to access the right item for your needs.

Use the grocery bags as gloves

Cooking food is a messy activity. You need to handle poultry, beef, and fish. These items can make your hands feel sticky. That is why you can put your hands into the bag and hold the items. However, make sure that you have cleaned these bags, as they will get dirty.

Cover your dough-

Are you making pizzas and bread at your home? Then, preparing the dough is the most common step. You need to wrap the dough to let it rise in your bowl. You can choose thin cotton bags for this purpose. Although some consumers choose plastic bags, it is safe to use fabric ones. 

Store your loose travel kits-

You have chosen a big trolley bag to carry your clothes while traveling to a different place. But, you do not like to put all items into this trolley. This is where the small grocery bags can come to your help. You may easily access the essentials without opening zippers.

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For instance, when you are on vacation, you carry an additional pair of shoes with you. So, you can put these shoes inside the bags to prevent your clothes from getting dirty.

Pack your lunches-

You may have put your food into tiffin carriers. However, you can now use the grocery bag as your lunch bag. A spacious bag can hold more than one tiffin box. But, as you use them for carrying food, it is essential to maintain proper hygiene.

Pillow covers and stuffing for pet beds –

You have bought a number of attractive printed bags wholesale. You can design a DIY pillow using cloth bags. It will result in unique-looking pillows. Moreover, you may cut these old bags into pieces and use them as stuffing for dog beds and cushions. Your pet will feel comfortable while sleeping on these pillows.

Use bags as padding while transporting fragile items-

On some occasions, you need to ship delicate stuff to your relatives and friends. You may also like to sell your old glass items using online platforms. However, these breakable items need padding for packaging safely. Your cheap reusable grocery bags can become the best alternative. You can keep your things safe during transit.

Create pencil bags-

Use your creativity to turn a plain grocery bag into a decorative pencil holder. It is the best way to upcycle your bag. Place the unique pencil holder on your table. You need some basic tools to convert a colourful bag into a penholder. It will be easy to access your writing kits at any time.

Make a jumping rope for your kids-

Some children like to play with a jumping rope. Create a sturdy DIY rope with your old grocery bags. Cut these bags into long strips and tie them together. You need to make a braided design with the strips. Homemade jumping rope will last longer, and you can make the best use of the bags.

Store your non-seasonal garments-

When you find your wardrobe loaded with several items, you can store your clothes in a bag. It is especially good for non-seasonal clothes that are not used throughout the year.

Hold containers and water bottles during your travel-

Custom grocery bags can be used for storing these drinking bottles. A single bag can hold more than one bottle. By having a separate bag, you can prevent other items from water damage.

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