History Of The Origin Of Grocery Shopping Bags May 24, 2022 08:00

There is one thing common for all shoppers. They like to carry bags that can hold their groceries and other items. It has led to the emergence of reusable grocery bags designed as totes. Nowadays, you can find grocery bags of different colours, styles, and sizes. Manufacturers try to gain consumers’ attention by designing bags with attractive designs. For instance, you can find grocery bags with logo of a brand, as they are used for promotional purposes. But, do you know the history of these grocery shopping totes? It would be interesting to know how these bags originated. 

Grocery Bags With Logo

A brief about reusable bags

These are heavy-duty bags that you can use several times. Due to the special manufacturing process and durable fabrics, these bags can endure the weight of a number of items. The major design features include dual handles and a big compartment. However, some bags are available with a special design. For instance, they may have small pockets to hold keys and mobile. The best shopping bags have a reinforced bottom to ensure a highly sturdy design. 

 A transition from shopping baskets to bags-

Before the 1800s, there was no shopping bag in the market. Consumers used baskets to carry items that they had purchased from the local stores. In some cases, merchants used to deliver the items to the shopper’s destination. In the mid of the 19th century, a Pennsylvanian schoolteacher, Francis Wolle, invented the special machine to design an envelope-style, lightweight paper bag.

In 1871, Margaret Knight innovated another machine capable of producing highly spacious bags with a flat bottom. But, these bags could not stand vertically on their own. In 1883, the patented design of the brown paper bags was introduced. These bags had pleated sides to create a style. You can notice this bag design in the present market.

Walter H. Deubner was the first to create paper tote bags in 1912 in Minnesota. He identified the fact that customers like to buy items that they can carry comfortably in their bags. That is why he thought of introducing a reinforced design for the paper bag. These bags had handles and cords to ensure an ergonomic design. They were low-cost bags, and there were millions of sales of these shopping bags within a year. So, there was a trend of using paper bags at that time.

During the 1960s, a Swedish organisation patented the T-shirt style plastic bag. Over time, plastics replaced the paper bags because it is more affordable to design them. Retailers also started buying a bulk pack of plastic carriers to serve customers.

But, these disposable bags pollute the environment, and thus, they have become a reason for concern. Today, there is a wide range of use of promotional eco bags. These shopping bags are highly biodegradable and compostable to benefit customers and the environment. Manufacturers use recyclable fabrics to design these bags.

Bulk Reusable Grocery Bags

A surge in popularity of recyclable grocery bags-

Since the early 2000s, retailers and other vendors had started buying bulk reusable grocery bags. Consumers also discarded their plastic shopping bags. That is why you can find a rise in the use of eco-friendly, reusable bags. In due course, these bags have become a part of the fashion accessory.

Plastics are harmful to our planet, and so, reusable bags have become the safest alternatives to these plastics. Retailers try to show their environmental consciousness by encouraging shoppers to use these fabric bags. Some stores also offer discounts to customers who bring their own reusable shopping bags. Moreover, they buy bulk grocery bags and customise them to promote their business. Fabric bags are customisable in different ways.

So, it is a brief history of reusable grocery bags used by several customers. Although they are intended for shoppers, you can use them for multiple purposes. As you have taken the initiative to create a green environment, you can invest in these grocery bags. It reflects your authenticity and enables you to reach your marketing goals.

It does not cost much to buy a bulk pack of these reusable bags. Thus, you can look for a reliable online store to place your order for personalised grocery shopping bags.

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