How To Make Sure About The Quality Of Real Eco-Friendly Bags? August 25, 2020 08:00

Lots of businesses invest in promotional gifts to spread their brand names. Cool promotional items can easily attract the attention of recipients. Surely, there are several options that you can choose as your promotional gifts. However, the smartest step for every business is to choose something eco-friendly these days. Eco-friendly promotional bags are one of the most valuable items that you can offer to your customers, employees, and business partners.

You may find eco-friendly bags of different styles, sizes, and fabrics. In fact, owing to the high demand of eco-bags as a nature-friendly approach, the markets are flooded with ecobags these days. People readily opt for them and buy them online or from physical stores. Even small businesses like farmer markets, super markets, shop keepers, fruit markets etc buy them in bulk to sell their products in. But, the difference in quality is one of the major factors that need your attention. You need to buy premium quality, promotional bags that make your brand memorable to every. Especially, in view of the overwhelming markets claiming to seel eco-friendly bags, you need to have the skill to differentiate between the real bags and the blended or low-quality bags. Thus, how do you ensure the authentic eco-friendly products with amazing quality? Let’s get to know this.

Eco Friendly Promotional Bags

Check out the durability of your eco-friendly bags-

Based on the use of fabrics, you can find difference in the durability of your bags. In terms of sturdiness, canvas is the best bag materials made from some biodegradable cotton fibers. However, jute bags are also the right choice when you are looking for highly resilient eco-friendly bags Australia. They are also sturdy for outdoor rough usage. What’s more, you can find these jute bags at an affordable rate.

Find out how the bag is washable-

The best eco-friendly bags, made of cotton and hemp, are machine-washable. You can use cold water to cleanse customised eco-bags. Besides, these bags retain their original color in spite of washing them several times. It is one of the notable factors to test out the quality of your bags.

For jute bags, it is better to avoid using machines to make them long-lasting. Moreover, non-woven polypropylene bags are safe with a manual washing process. Users can clean them with any soapy solution.

Quality eco-friendly bags are non-combustible-

While buying eco-friendly tote bags wholesale, you need to identify flammability of materials. Eco-friendly fabric, jute is highly fire-resistant as it has a special inherent structure. Moreover, modern canvas is also not easy to ignite. If some other fabric is blended in the material to enhance its look or make it smoother, then there is a possibility of catching fire easily. Otherwise, the real ecobags withstand high temperature easily. Thus, the best promotional bags have to be non-combustible.

Eco-friendly bags are compostable and biodegradable-

Most of us use the terms, compostable and biodegradable, while buying eco-friendly products. However, there are difference in these two terms. Almost anything in this earth is biodegradable. But, the question is-

How much time do an item takes to undergo transformation? Cloth bags take some decades to be decomposed fully. Conversely, plastics take more than 100 years for the decomposition cycle. Microplastics are non-biodegradable materials. The term, compostable, refers to something, which breaks down into some organic materials.But to make the bags waterproof, sometimes plastic material is added in the bags. Most of the eco-bags also come with internal plastic lining. While sometimes, it is important to have them inside, the quality of the eco-bags gets compromised.

Thus, you need to make sure that your eco-friendly bag fabrics are both compostable and biodegradable.

Eco Friendly Tote Bags Wholesale

Why buy authentic eco-friendly bags?

It is always better to go with green products that do not harm our nature. For businesses, if you offer real products to your customers, you are sure to get the attention. Moreover, people are also nature conscious these days and wish to use the authentic products only. You might find all the bags look similar, but the regular user of eco-bags would be able to differentiate easily. So take your time, enquire properly and get to know all the features before you place any bulk order for eco-friendly bags Australia.

Also, when you customize these real eco-bags with your brand name or logo, it only enhances your reputation. So, get ready with the real products only.

Now, are you ready to customise wholesale shopping bags with logo of your brand? We have helped you to identify the best quality promotional bags made of eco-friendly materials. These bespoke products with a high creativity can be the most valuable gifts for recipients. You can buy tote bags and other models that are useful for regular needs. Sleek and clean look of these promotional shopping bags can make lasting impression among your customers.