Polypropylene is a thermoplastic produced from propylene. It is a very tough, rigid thermoplastic and thus it gives the advantage to use it either in the form of plastic or in the form of fibres. 

These thermoplastics are also used in various other areas like consumer goods, industrial or furniture market. We can see quite a lot of usage of these in fibres and fabrics because they are absolutely firm and very much moisture resistant. 

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Now that you know what is propylene, it is easier to understand what are polypropylene bags and how can you use these bags as a part of your life?

Polypropylene bags are bags made from the polypropylene substance. These are highly resistant bags used for storing consumer goods or for packaging. They are widely used by businesses selling products in various shapes and sizes to offer their products to the customers in a convenient manner. The tensile strength of these bags are quite good to accommodate a lot of stuffs inside while offering water resistance. This is the reason, such bags are used to carry any type of substance or products. Business owners selling apparels, toys, groceries, vegetables or any other product of daily use buy polypropylene bags in bulk and get them customized with their business logo for promotions as well. 


These bags are divided into two categories namely: - 

  1. Woven bags – As the name suggests, Plastic threads are woven together in these types of bags providing them excellent strength, resistance and durability to withstand high temperature and moisture. These bags are used in agricultural packaging.
  2. Non-woven bags – These bags, on the other hand, are bound together with the help of heat and pressure. These are the soft bags you use while shopping like tote bags. These bags are gaining excess popularity today and brands are continuously looking out for such non-woven bag wholesale deals. 


Every brand today demands an effective way to carry out business. A sound business is proof of lifelong commitment to a particular set of customers and thus, having such an impression enhances the business image to many folds.

Therefore, the following are the reasons why you should consider using propylene bags for your business/ brand: - 

  1. Reusable – A few types of propylene bags are biodegradable and reusable in nature thus, this adds an extra advantage to its sale. Since every business thrives on using more reusable products as a part of an ethical society, these bags make the best fit. 
  1. Durable – These bags are highly durable and can stand against high temperatures. Thus, if your agricultural business is looking for sacks to store grains or other produce, polypropylene bags are the right choice. They also allow convenient way to transport the produce to distant places offering a lot of convenience to the  users. 
  1. Light in weight – Nobody likes to carry big and heavy bags around. Polypropylene bags can be considered in such cases as these bags are lightweight and easy to carry around. Customers or users carry them conveniently to the market for shopping. They are also available in various sizes like small, medium or big which can be chosen for varying types of daily needs. 
  1. Packaging – There is no denied fact that these bags are gaining recognition all over the market today because of the excellent packaging it offers. The non-woven bag supplier market is on an increasing scale today because polypropylene bags are free from chemical reactions and can store food items without any damage. 
  1. Brand promotion-A product of high utility is always the best choice to promote any brand as it will be used by many people for too long giving the desired exposure to your name. Smart marketers or business promoters choose such low-budget products with high impact for successful marketing campaigns. Large size customized bags are suitable to be presented to the loyal customers during festivities or any special occasion. 

Now that you know what propylene bags are and why are they ideal for businesses, I hope you will also ace up your branding skills and level up your business by using these propylene bags. These woven and non-woven propylene bags in Australia have gained a lot of recognition lately and is spreading to other parts of the world as well. 

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