Why There Is A Rising Craze For Stylish, Reusable Enviro Bags? April 2, 2021 08:00

Use less resource- Produce less waste- It is now the most acceptable norm in the environmentally conscious world. In every business people do and all other personal affairs, you can gradually notice this mantra finding its place in the lives of people. Likewise, you can also find the proof of this environmental consciousness in the use of bags. Not only common people more aware about their choices, but even the manufacturers and businesses are conscious about what they are offering to the consumers. That is why both consumers and corporate owners have started using and promoting reusable, enviro bags Australia. It’s not only about the product rather it’s about the reputation of a company which offers such products to the common people for use.

But, how do these bags which benefit the environment also benefit the consumers? Apart from the eco-friendly angle associated with the use of these bags, there are many other factors which can influence the decision of a buyer. Let’s have a look at some of these reasons.

eco shopping bags australia

Saves cost in the long run-

You may find some grocery stores using free plastic carriers to pack products of their consumers. These are low-priced bags and are cheaper than eco-friendly fabric bags. However, these bags do not last long and with every single product, the seller has to offer a bag. The overall cost of offering these bags turn out to be higher than offering the reusable bag once in a while. The fabric bags, though cost a little higher, encourage customers to use them again and again and reduces the overall cost in the long run.

Garbage and recycling costs-

While using paper bags, the recycling cost is high. Moreover, plastic bags go to landfills and need processing every year. The government analyzes these costs and encourages the use of bags which are safe for environment and allow easy decomposition like the cotton bags or the jute bags. 

Avoid the use of petroleum-

Do you know that the amount of petroleum needed to design 7 plastic carriers is equal to the amount necessary to drive your car for 1km? So, manufacturing of these environment pollutants is equally expensive and harmful to the nature as its regular use and disposal. To reduce the amount of waste, reusable, fabric bags are perfect options which are manufactured in an eco-friendly way.

Save marine lives-

Plastic bags cause the destruction of several marine animals. Sea turtles, water birds and creatures are in danger. They mistakenly consume plastic bags as foods. Plastic bags getting tangled up can result in their death. The NGOs and organization concerned with marine life had been raising the issue for too long and the government is supporting by promoting the use of fabric bags. It is another reason behind the use of eco shopping bags Australia.

Plastics are not easy to recycle-

Due to the high potential costs, plastics may not be recycled. They manufacturing and recycling requires a lot of non-renewable resources which turn out to be expensive. As we throw them away, they pollute the environment again.

enviro bags australia

Prevent oil-related conflicts-

We have already said plastics increase the use of petroleum oil. By limiting the use of plastics, you can make your country less dependent on foreign nations. You can save your country from political conflicts caused by the increased use of plastics. Encourage shoppers to use eco-friendly promotional bags. Get your logo imprinted on the bags and offer to your customers of various occasions and reduce their dependency on plastic bags.

Avoid the contamination with germs-

Do you know how many users have touched your plastic bags? Most of us do not wash our plastic bags, as we like to throw away the old and damaged ones. It is not safe to carry foods in plastic carriers. Thus, reusable bags that are easy to clean are the best options. You can use a damp cloth to wipe down the bag. Moreover, you may choose some detergents to cleanse cloth bags after every use.

No leakage issue-

You may need to carry ice cream and bottles of juices in your bags. Plastic bags do not have leak-proof designs. Liquid substances can come out of them and make your car seat wet. 

To avoid this problem, you can choose custom eco-friendly bags with reusable fabrics. Modern manufacturers design their bags in a way that prevent leaks.

Useful for multiple purposes-

The fabric bags are useful for different storage purposes. You may store your papers, old clothes, and other small kits. Choose these bags to stay organized and avoid mess in your room. While the bags are not in use, you can easily fold them and place them in a stack.

There are many reasons why we should opt for eco shopping bags. Businesses can contribute to this cause by getting custom eco-friendly bags from some established supplier of eco-bags in Australia.

Choose your preferred design of eco-bags and order in bulk at wholesale price.