Why Calico Bags Are The Best Product Packaging Solutions December 11, 2020 08:00

Calico is one of the versatile and eco-friendly fabrics used in our everyday purposes. Nowadays, bag manufacturers use this fabric to design their products for a lot of applications. From stylish totes to gunny sacks, all types of calico bags are available for you. Their availability in different shapes and designs make them suitable for individual as well commercial usage. Although you prefer using attractive and printed bags, calico bag designs can be the perfect choice for you. They are also available in plenty of designs, sizes, and makes to fit the varying needs of all types of customers.

Despite having high versatility and durability, these calico bags had once started losing their fervour due to the use of plastic bags. However, in the recent years, we have become highly eco-conscious, and thus, calico shopping bags have regained their values.

You may find some businesses offering customized calico bags to their customers. However, another interesting way of increasing the use of these bags is to pack products with calico fabrics.

Calico Shopping Bags

Why should retailers use calico bags for their product packaging purposes?

Calico bags are reusable anytime and anywhere-

You can buy black calico bags or bags of other colors for packaging your products. Available in a range of sizes, these bags are best for your needs. The length of these bags can vary between 30 and 50 cm, and we think that they can easily accommodate your products.

You can print your brand name while using calico bags for product packaging. When it is a plastic bag, what do your customers do with it? They will take out your product and throw away the plastic carrier. However, they will never discard of the durable calico bags of your company. As they will use your bags regularly, you may promote your brand name easily.

Calico bags are easily customizable-

As you are using calico totes for product packaging, you have to customise them with your company name. Designers can easily print calico fabrics, and you can place a bulk calico bags’ order. The properly personalised bags will convey message to users. These bags are usually available in natural colors which give enough scope for logo printing in any color. However, you can choose any color like blue, green, white, yellow etc also as per your choice and get them customized with any text, image or logo. Thus, it is one of the innovative ways of packaging your products and spreading your brand identity.

Affordable choice for all businesses-

The cost for manufacturing plastic bags is lower than that of the calico bags. Still, you will have more values in the future by investing in these bags. As calico is a reusable fabric, your customers will use the bags for several years. Moreover, your bulk order of these bags is comparatively lower than what you think. Even including the cost of logo printing, you will get a highly affordable cost on bulk orders. You should search for wholesale suppliers of calico bags to get the best deals.

Calico is an eco-friendly choice-

It is the most important reason for choosing calico bags for packaging your products. As a brand owner, you can show your environmental consciousness, by using this eco-friendly fabric. Some consumers avoid companies using harmful packaging products. Thus, to retain your customers, you can purchase customised calico bags and increase your sales. From the perspective of environmental issues and company status, calico and other eco-friendly materials are the best packaging items.

Small Calico Drawstring Bags

Calico bags can be reused and recycled

The big warehouses using calico fabric for packaging their products often use the same bag for packing new products as it remains strong and intact for reuse. Only the upper stitch of the bagis unwind to take out the products and refilling is done in the same bag. Hence it causes less wastage. Not only this, when the fabric gets older, they are sent for recycling to be used again. This also reduces environmental wastage.

Calico bags are available in different styles. For instance, you may buy small calico drawstring bags and use them as custom gifts from your company. Find out more ways of using the eco bags.

Where to buy calico bags?

There are many suppliers of calico bags online offering a plethora of products. You can and on any website to check their catalogue with the details of product and pricing. However, you must compare the fabric quality, order size and the respective cost to make the best decision. To have complete peace of mind and get good returns on your money, you must go with a trusted supplier of calico bags Australia to rest assured of timely delivery and reliable service.

Checkout some of the best designs of calico bags in various sizes and place bulk order for a doorstep delivery.