Why Appropriate Logo Design Is Important For Your Brand Image? July 13, 2021 08:00

A logo speaks volumes about your brand and this is the reason that companies spend huge amounts of money on their creativity and designing. It leaves the first impression on your audience and a majority of times it is a lasting one. People remember the brands by their logos. For instance, apple’s iconic half-eaten logo, five entangled circles of Audi, a mermaid in Starbucks’ logo, or multi-colored font of Google, all logos have left a distinct image in our minds. A lot of attention should be paid to the color scheme, font style, font size, or image that is chosen for the logo and should be in alignment with the business.

Businesses and companies spend huge amount of money on their logo designing. Here are a few more reasons why you should be serious about having an expressive logo.

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Grabs Attention

The first step in building an image is getting the attention of the target audience. The attention span of the audience is short-lived and, in this case, the logo plays a vital role. A brief look at your brand’s logo can speak a lot about your brand and can even attract customers. For example, you manufacture wholesale canvas drawstring bags, and you print your logo on the bags for distribution to your customers at an event, this can help in attracting a new audience by looking at your logo.

Basis of your Brand Identity

Branding is successful when it connects with the emotions of the customers. A logo tells the story of your company and should connect to the heart of the customers. Color schemes, tones, font style, and sizes all determine the story behind your brand. Consider a situation, that a company that produces eco-friendly bags Australia, and distributes its bags on a trade show with its logo printed on it and it is related to environmentally friendly, it can speak volumes about your brand.

Distinguishes from Competitors

It is the company’s logo that makes it different from the rest of similar businesses. There are various car manufacturers, but the logo of Mercedes is different from Audi and distinguishes them from one another and their other competitors. It can speak about your brand values and stories. For instance, a company can spread its brand awareness with canvas bags printed with logo wholesale in a trade show or a corporate event. A decision like this can create an edge over competitors and the logo can spread awareness about your brand principles.

Builds Brand Loyalty

Consistent viewing of the logo can help in building brand loyalty among customers. As the brand grows, the logo becomes familiar to the customers and helps in building trust among customers. This helps in future when brand is well established and the customer starts trusting your brand. Whenever they see your logo, they know they can trust your company. 

Not only having a good logo important, but every time you use it for various branding purposes, you must ensure that it is being used with full respect. Also, while you choose to go with branding through products, make sure that the logo is getting printed well so that it reflects your brand image successfully.

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Tips when you get products printed with your logo

  • Choose the right color of the product that gives a good background to your logo colors. It means that a contrast color product should be used for your branding campaign. when you are getting canvas bags printed with your logo, select a color of the bag that makes your logo more visible.
  • Choose good quality printing or other methods of customization that makes your logo stand for longer duration of time. Poor prints, low quality acrylic color, low quality embroidery, or other methods will lead to the fading away of your logo spoiling your reputation and efforts.
  • Choose the right size of your logo that remains visible and goes well with the product type. If you are selecting a small canvas pouch for promotion, the definitely, the logo size will be small. But if you are going with a large size wholesale canvas drawstring bag, then a small size of the logo will not suffice the purpose. So, select the appropriate size of the logo that remains visibly attractive when in use. The providers of the promotional ecobags can also give you suggestion on the choice of size of the log and its background color.

A logo is vital for any business and companies should pay special attention when designing a brand logo. If you are looking for brand promotion and spreading brand awareness at a corporate event, then there are various manufacturers of printed canvas bags Australia, who can help you with the same.

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