What To Do With Your Old Grocery Bags April 10, 2020 08:00

Groceries have long been a staple set of items in the everyday lives of people. They represent an enabler in this regard, one that should withstand the wear and tear associated with regular trips to grocery establishments. Earlier the bags used were of single use and were easily discarded in the dustbin which were later thrown in large garbage areas. Such practices not only harmed the soil and water but proved to be devastating for our overall nature. Looking at the grave situation of mother nature, cheap reusable grocery bags made with eco-friendly material came into usage. Woven from a variety of fabrics such as cotton, jute, hessian, artificial fibers, and rough cloths, the grocery bag tends to fray with the passage of time. They do not pose harm to the nature even after being discarded. But since they are reusable, they also don’t need to be thrown out after single use. When they get old or torn out, people find ways to discard them or reuse. There should be proper ways of discarding them as well so that they do not get wasted or caused large scale accumulation in garbage areas. Therefore, users of such bags must establish reasons to preserve worn bags, or dispose the products responsibly in favor of new carriage products.

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We will explore re-purposing options that allow users to save such bags from the landfill in the paragraphs below.

Recycling into Rugs, Cases, Floor Covers

Creative users of grocery bags could re-purpose cheap reusable grocery bags into rough, hand-made rugs, washcloths, pillow cases, and floor covers. However, every decision in this regard must include a hot water & detergent wash of the bags. This action helps rid used bags of stains, odors, smells, signs of spillage, germs, and bacteria. Subsequently, the bags must be dried in direct sunlight before users start the re-purposing process. A number of bags can be stacked and stitched together to attain the desired shape and form. People are capable of making them in their homes looking at the DIY videos uploaded on the internet. Others who find it difficult to show some creativity can look for buyers of such bags as they can recycle the product easily.

Make Coasters for Coffee Tables

Regular users of grocery bags wholesale can devise fashionable and durable coasters from old grocery bags. This is achieved when users pack segments of fabric from grocery bags with flat squares of wood or other light materials. A bit of expert stitching can complete the exercise, thereby endowing the household coffee table with interesting conversation pieces. A collection of such pieces helps spotlight artistic talent and the creative prowess of the members of modern households.

Coin Purses, Covers for Flower Pots

When viewed from a certain perspective, grocery bags represent a steady flow of cash into the local grocery store. However, this changes when worn grocery bags and wholesale tote bags Australia find a new life in the form of home-made coin purses. These pouches, when cut from colorful sections of old grocery bags, help households conserve economic value in the form of 'small change'. Similarly, large bags can find a new life in the form of interesting cloth envelopes fashioned to cover flower pots of various sizes.

Pencil Bags, Magazine Holders, Lamp Shades

These represent a variety of after-life uses of promotional reusable grocery bags in modern societies. Given a certain level of material integrity, the old grocery bag can be shaped into any of the items mentioned above. However, the cleaning process for each bag must be thorough; this helps preserve the fabric and bestows an interesting second career on each bag. Multiple bags can contribute to the fashioning of the named items, and the only limiting factors include the imagination and skill sets of the user.

Playthings for Pets

Bunched up grocery bags can undergo a creative transformation into rough balls of fabric destined for exciting playtimes for household pets. This choice of action saves worn bags from the trash can. These playthings can make for a wonderful indoors play session or games between humans and pets in the lawn. Home owners can rest assured expensive furniture remains intact even as pets direct their animal aggression onto the remarkable soft playthings. 

Many of the business owners, sellers or manufacturers offer their products in promotional reusable grocery bags. You might accumulate more than one such bag which you don’t need. When old, you can use these bags for any of your craft work at home or you can also enquire in your circle as who needs them. You might find a few of your friends or relatives interested in making crafts or things out of old cotton bags.


Lookout for second hand buyers online

Apart from the general suggestions on reusing your old grocery bags for some other purpose, you can specifically present them to buyers specializing in recycling old fabrics. They use the cheap cotton bags, jute bags, canvas bags, woven or non-woven bags for lot many other things. The textile industry or furnishing industry makes use of old fabrics to recycle them and use for new productions. A few manufactures also work towards renewing the products and use them to offer to the poor people either free of cost or at some nominal cost. You can yourself also clean the old bags, make a few required stitches and give to others in need. This is the best thing you can do with your old grocery bags. In other case, find the online buyers of old bags. They might come down to pick up the parcel at your doorstep. It’s a part of their business.

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