What Makes Jute The "Golden Fiber"? July 31, 2020 08:00

Jute is a highly useful natural resource in Asian countries, like Bangladesh, India, and China. However, it has gained its position in the global market, as lots of manufacturers use jute to design rustic looking bags, gunny bags, curtains, and several other items. The Australian markets are also flooded with plain and designer jute bags for various purposes making its one of most preferred products across the country. Lots of retailers buy jute bags wholesale Australia to sell them to consumers, business owners, farmer markets, shop keepers and others.

Shades of jute fibres and its golden color

Earthy neutral or olive green color is the original shade of jute items. However, while buying jute bags, you may find them in a variety of shades. Due to the silky, golden shine, jute is known to us as the golden fibre. On top of that, other useful properties of the bags and its unique features make it a golden fibre.

Jute Shopping Bags

Cultivation of jute and properties of its fibres-

Jute is derived from some native Indian plants, like Corchorus capsularis and Corchorus olitorius. The best fact is that farmers can grow those plants throughout a year. Jute fibres remain concentrated mainly near central, woody section of a stalk. They contain a high level of lignin and cellulose.

For the commercial purposes, manufacturers mostly use two types of jutes. One of them is white jute, while the other is the brown jute that is softer, silkier, and stronger. When other textile fibres contain cellulose, these jute fibres are a combination of cellulose and lignin.

Cellulose is one of the major elements of plant fibres, whereas lignin refers wood fibre. That is why jute is partly wood and partly textile fibre. Moreover, jute fibres have high strength, versatility, and durability. They are also available at a cheaper price rate.

Let us now see how these properties of jute are valuable to us.

  • Due to the high tensile strength and better breathability, jute fabrics are best for bulk packaging agricultural commodities. Moreover, they are useful to make the premium quality yarn.
  • For versatility, jute fibres have become the best raw materials in different sectors, including construction, non-textile industry, and packaging. 

Jute fibres are eco-friendly-

Nowadays, some of us use plastic bags for carrying groceries and other items. These cheap bags do not last long and can cause environmental pollutions. Conversely, leather bags, in spite of being durable, are costly. Thus, jute shopping bags are the right choice for consumers. Although these eco-friendly bags are durable, they are available at a lower price. Thus, almost anyone can invest in these high quality bags for a range of purposes. For instance, while ordering wholesale promotional bags, you may prefer jute as the best material.

Multiple usage of the golden fibre

Jute finds application across multiple things. Earlier, the use was limited to commercial bags for carrying industrial and farming products. But now, with the ban on plastic bags and emerging trend of promotional jute bags, this fibre is getting used for the production of a plethora of products. When we think of the uses of jute, we most talk about recyclable jute bags. However, jute fibres are also useful for manufacturing rugs, chair coverings, curtains, and hessian cloth. Jute butt (the ends of jute plants) are best for making low-priced clothes. In the present years, furniture, bedding, paper and pulp industries have started using jute in combination with other fibres. They use a special technology to use these fibres.

Rapid emerging market of jute shopping bags

Shopping bags are made of different types of fabrics ranging from clothes to nylon. These days, when you need something eco-friendly to go with, the use of jute has come to the rescue. The manufacturers are getting highly creative with the use of jute and are bringing new designs of bags that are liked by people across the world. From small kids’ bags to large shopping bags, you can find them all in different sizes and designs.

Jute Bags Wholesale Australia

These bags are apt to be carried for your everyday shopping needs in the grocery store, vegetable market, personal shopping etc. The bags with padded handle allow easy carrying of the bag with heavy objects inside. Many people like to have simple and plain bags while many others like to have designer and fancy bags. You can find a number of bags with prints, designs, artwork as well. Many bags come with wooden handles also. 

Overall, we can say that jute fibres have a significant value in different manufacturing industries. The inherent properties of these fibres have made jute a highly acceptable raw material.

Buy jute bags wholesale Australia in your choice of size and design for various industrial, commercial, business, or personal needs at the best rates. You can find a number of designs of bags in various colors to choose the one you like. Rest assured of the quality and the best cost for your bulk order.