What Makes Custom Printed Calico Bags as One of The Best Corporate Gift? March 15, 2019 17:30

When we talk about bags there are so many different varieties taking from the tote bag to duffle, to backpack to rucksack and what not. Among them there is one more type called Calico bags – may or may not be known to many by its name. Calico bags, though very common in use, are not so popular by the name due to the reason that Calico is actually a fabric and we are more in a habit to call by the name of the bag rather than its fabric. So, this article intends to draw your attention to these eco-friendly calico bags and convince you to use them as your next marketing tool.

What is Calico?

Calico is basically a cloth made out of unbleached and half processed cotton that is cheaper than cotton. This is one of the most versatile fabrics in current times and can be soft, sheer, coarse, and strong. Due to this reason, it is extensively used in the manufacturing of an array of products including bags. This material is a little less fine than muslin but also less coarse than denim or thick canvas and so is very cheap due to its un-dyed and unfinished appearance.


Why Calico bags are a good promotional gift?

A promotional gift should be such that it is durable as well as useful for the recipient. Also, it should be lighter on your marketing budget. These Calico bags serve both purposes. Your Customers will love them because:

  • Calico Shopping Bags are one of the practical items that everyone uses in day to day lives.
  • These are highly durable and sturdy
  • Since it is an unfinished fabric, it is quite fuss-free to maintain and can be easily washed at home manually or in a washing machine

Reasons that make it an ideal choice for your promotion are:

  • Calico bags are very eco-friendly and much better than those plastic bags in all respect.
  • You can customize the prints and ornate designs on these bags according to your wish
  • Add the company’s logo, product details and message that you want to convey to your customers
  • Since these are highly durable, your prints last forever and on the other hand due to its mobility feature, your brand gets identified by a large number of potential customers
  • The Calico Bags Bulk order will cost you peanuts and can easily fit your marketing budget.

To get the Calico Bags Australia is one of the best places to source them from as there are a large number of suppliers that provide the finest quality at the best prices.

Hence, this clears out everything as to why calico bags are one of the best promotional gifts to be given. Make the right decision right away - order these bags in bulk and let the calico bags take care of your business’s promotion!