What Is Muslin And How Is It Good For Bags? December 25, 2020 08:00

There are a wide variety of fabrics being used for making bags these days. From synthetic fabric to natural and eco-friendly ones, there are huge varieties available in the market these days in a wide range of designs, shapes, and sizes. They are used for variety of purposes for personal use or commercial use. Out of all these fabrics available for making bags, Muslin is one of the natural fabrics.

It is one of the woven cotton fabrics originated in Dhaka. There is a need for hot and humid climate to weave these cotton fibres. In the past, European countries used them as the lightweight cotton materials. However, now, we can find the use of muslin in different countries of the world for designing custom bags and other products.

Let us share some other important information about muslin.

Weavers can spin the cotton yarn until it is fine and make muslin. In this process, humidity plays an important role. When the yarn becomes fine, it is hand-woven muslin. You may pass 6 yards through a ring. To weave fine muslin of 5.5 metres, you need to have 60,000 metres.

Cotton Muslin Bags

Muslin is available in different types, sizes, and colors, and the most common ones are-

  • Black muslin
  • Bleached white muslin
  • Medium and heavy natural muslin
  • Photo-grey muslin
  • Poly muslin

You can find muslin used for a variety of purposes. Nowadays, this fabric has become a popular choice for designing bags. Muslin bags Australia have become the best eco-friendly options to save the environment. The cotton fabric bags are easily customisable for your purpose. Thus, you can buy a bulk package of these bags for your needs.

Why do we use muslin for designing our bags?

Muslin is lightweight in nature-

You may have heard that muslin is useful for home decors, as one of the lightweight fabrics. Due to this special quality, bag manufacturers choose this fabric to design their products. You can easily carry muslin totes and other bags for different needs.

Semi-transparent fabrics-

You know that muslin is of different types and grades. You can find semi-transparent muslin used for small bags. You can view what is there inside the bag without opening it. Though it looks transparent and thin, it is highly durable and suitable for a number of use. Though these days, muslins are also blended with other fabrics to change its texture. On top of that, embroidery, printing, and other art work brings a dense look to the fabric. However plain muslin bags also look too descent. 

Easy to wash-

Muslin is a machine washable fabric, and thus, you can clean your muslin bags after everyday use. However, make sure that you use some mild laundry detergent to clean these bags. It is safe to rely on the natural air-drying process to take care of these cotton muslin bags. They are also good for handwashing. However avoid strong detergents as it may wean off the shine of the bag. The light-weight nature of the bag makes it easy to wash and carry. 

Muslin is a strong fabric-

Sturdiness is one of the major features to identify the best bags. To replace plastic bags with some better and more durable choice, muslin is the perfect option for you. Moreover, muslin is more affordable while compared to some other fabrics. Thus, when you buy muslin bags wholesale, you can invest a minimal amount and get good quality return on your investment. It is also suitable for carrying some heavy stuffs due to its strong nature. 

Muslin Bags Australia

Easy to print and customize-

The fabric of muslin is such that it allows you to customize it easily. It can be printed in designs and patterns using different colors in easy ways. Even screen printing and embroidery can be done easily on muslin cloth. This is one of the reasons, these bags are used for gifting also. They can be given the shape of small drawstring pouches and given to guests and attendees as a return gift. For business promotion needs, they are printed with your business logo and circulated among the visitors or customers as a free giveaway. Big and small businesses buy bulk muslin bags at wholesale rates to give to their people and use them as a branding product. 

Nowadays, you can buy muslin bags in a range of styles. For instance, there are drawstring bags, totes, and other small bags. We originally used these them as storage bags and food processing bags. However, today, muslin has become the best choice for party favour bags. It is easy to customise these muslin bags for your promotional campaign. Thus, buy these budget-friendly bags for your needs. The eco-friendly nature of this cotton fabric has made muslin an ideal option. Buy personalised muslin bags for your customers and employees.