Use Bags In Multiple Ways In Your Tradeshow June 3, 2022 08:00

Tradeshows and conferences are the biggest events arranged by different companies. Properly arranged events can bring success, and you can find several business opportunities. The major purpose of hosting an event is to promote your brand name and develop brand recognition. Moreover, you can connect with potential customers and stakeholders at the event. Still, how do you win their hearts at the corporate events? You may have thought of distributing business cards and marketing collateral among your attendees. However, bags can also be chosen as one of the best promotional collaterals for your business. Invest in trade show bags wholesale and create a win-win situation in the event.

Trade Show Bags Wholesale

Order your bags ahead of time-

You have invited several customers, vendors, and employees to your tradeshow. So, it is better to make arrangements beforehand. Most importantly, as the bags are corporate gifts, you need to choose the customisation service. While placing the order for trade show bags cheap, you can send personalisation details to designers.  It does not cost much to buy these custom-designed bags. But, it is important to focus on your-

  • Brand colour
  • Logo
  • Company name
  • Tagline representing your business and the event
  • Services and products advertised

In case of smaller bags, you may not find space to include every branding element. Still, a standard tote has a good amount of space to personalise the bag. It is safe to place the order at least 6 to 7 weeks before the date of your trade show. You will get the bags delivered before the deadline. An order for a bulk amount of bags will save you costs.

Match your promotional bags with tradeshow booths-

You may have decided on a theme for your corporate event. Booths at your tradeshow venue will surely reflect this theme. In fact, the design of every element in your show should have consistency. Your tablecloths, canopies, posters, bags, and other giveaway items need to match your theme. For instance, the message displayed on your pamphlets and business cards should also be present on your bag fabric. That is why you have to be careful about the colours and other visual elements added to the bag for customisation.

Hand out the bags to your loyal and potential customers-

Most commonly, companies invest in the bags for this purpose. Bags of any style are useful for everyday needs, and so your recipients will love this approach. Bags will be the most thoughtful gifts for them.

Use custom-designed bags for decorations-

Bags are not always used as giveaways for your customers and other event attendees. You can try to be creative to make the best use of the bags as decorative items. Sturdy embroidery stitches, deep dyes, and bright imagery make your bags highly attractive. But, how will you beautify the venue with these bags? There are several options for you. For instance, you can hang these bags from the hooks of your canopy. You may also spread the laminated bag along your table. Printed trade show bags or solid-coloured laminated bags can be a perfect choice. 

Printed Trade Show Bags

Fill your bags with other giveaways-

The cost of bags has not gone beyond your budget. You find some more money saved for your marketing campaign. In this situation, you can place an order for other promotional gifts like pens and sticky notes. So, buy your wholesale bags Australia and decide on the items with which you think of filling your bags.

However, you can purchase these items based on your affordability. Recipients will feel more thankful to you for these combo gift packages. You can offer these items when they enter the venue to keep the visitors engaged.

So, bags can be the best items for your tradeshow and other types of corporate events. However, make sure that you have purchased eco-friendly bags for your target customers. Encourage them to use these recyclable bags throughout the years. When they visit your store to buy some products, they will carry those fabric bags with them. You will achieve success in spreading the environmental consciousness among your potential shoppers.

Visit a reliable online store to buy your fabric bags for your marketing campaign.

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