Types Of Non-Woven Bags: A Great Addition To Your Bag Collection January 17, 2020 08:00

Non-woven bags, as an item of carriage, represent a clear alternative to plastic bags. The latter pose a serious threat to the natural environment of the earth. Therefore, a growing number of customers are opting to use non-woven bags, made from spun bond non-woven polypropylene cloth. These bags look and feel like cloth bags, are 100% recyclable, and are completely bio-degradable. In fact, non-woven bags offer consumers a safe alternative to the use of plastic bags and other bags fashioned from harmful plastic.

Apart from the eco-friendly nature of the non-woven bags, their availability in various shapes, designs, and sizes make them a must-to-have item for you. Here are a few types of non-woven bags.

Non Woven Shopping Bags Suppliers 

  • Standard non-woven bag with handles: This is the most common types of non-woven bags used for keeping different types of materials and usually used in stores. They are perfect to carry apparels, kids stuffs and other not-so-heavy items. 
  • Non-woven bags with wooden handles: The fabric of these types of bags is a little thicker and carry heavy materials like vegetables and groceries. The wooden handle gives support to the finger and makes it easier to carry things. This also gives a decent look to the bag. 
  • Box-shaped bag: These bags have a broad base which allows to keep boxes, books, or wide-based items conveniently inside the bag. They occupy with space well and are easier to keep on floor and place anywhere else. The supporting handles make them easier to carry. These are also foldable non-woven bags which are easy to pack and carry. 
  • Small non-woven bags: The small size of these bags makes them good and suitable to be used anywhere indoor or outdoor. They are most commonly used in carrying smaller quantities of food items which were otherwise sold in plastic bags. 
  • Non-woven gift pouches: This is the designer application of non-woven material which is widely used for packing small gift items and goodies. They look extremely nice and attractive with thread work, glass work, or bead work. The base material should be thick enough to allow designing of the bags. They are chosen items for birthday parties, Christmas gifts, candy packing, etc. 

The availability of non-woven bags in different types makes them suitable for varying applications. Let’s get to know how they are used in various segments of industries. 

Versatile uses of Non-woven bags

Non-woven bags are favored by a variety of business operators such as grocers, department stores, gifts shops, off licenses, promotional companies, etc. These operators are deploying such bags as a means to expand their customer base, create an eco-friendly image in the market, and raise the level of public awareness in modern times. Some businesses source non-woven bags bulk as a means to stock such promotional products for the benefit of customers.

Clear benefits of using Non-woven bags

Modern technology has helped create non-woven bags; these competitively priced lightweight carriage products that retain their structural strength despite repeated usage. Users of such bags can also invest in printed non-woven bags to expand their collection of such items. Additional attributes of these products include their ability to withstand washing, the liquid-repellant nature of the constituent material, and permeability to air. Therefore, non-woven bags represent a perfect gift for the modern consumer.

Variety of colors, designs

Non-woven bags can be an interesting addition to the bag collections of modern consumers. They can source brightly colored bags from non-woven shopping bags suppliers in pursuit of aesthetic inclinations. Mass manufacturers of such bags are working to widen the product range by bringing to market exclusive selections of such bags equipped with sturdy carriage loops, and printed with graphics, logos, and slogans. Therefore, the visual variety of non-woven bags makes this category of products a blockbuster creation in modern markets.

A distinctive Fashion Statement

Non-woven bags offer many uses beyond sheer utility. The users of foldable non-woven bags can opt to carry such products as part of a style ensemble that distinguishes them from other citizens. Colors, graphics, business logos, and ease-of-use allow these bags to rise above the mundane. Such products can also be stitched together to form a wide, colorful mosaic that could adorn a wall inside modern homes. In doing so, these bags enable fashionistas to devise a novel statement of modern style.

Non Woven Bags Bulk

The Law of Large Numbers

The manufacturing processes of non-woven bags do not stress the natural environment; therefore, businesses can commission the creation of such bags in large numbers and customize them with commercial signage and business logos. They can also educate consumers on the many benefits of using non-woven bags, thereby expanding the market for such products. Such actions help to create momentum in commercial markets, thereby ushering in an era of responsible use of natural resources. In time, non-woven bags could completely replace plastic bags, thereby reducing stress on the earth's natural environment. 

Promotional uses of non-woven bags 

Non-woven bags of any size or type makes the best item to be used as a promotional product. They are easily customizable and their look makes the brand name or logo look quite prominent. The bags are available in bulk, are light-weight, and also low cost. Any business owner can have such bags easily as they are suitable for any business type. They can be custom printed with a design, logo, or company name and can be offered to the customers. Most commonly, they are used to pack the merchandise bought by the shoppers after the billing process and handed over to the customers. Any one carrying a custom printed non-woven bag would garner the attention of all around and will give exposure to a brand.

These bags are available in attractive and bright colors like red, blue, yellow, etc. While getting your logo printed on the bags, make sure you choose the right color which makes your company logo look visible and attractive. Both the background color and the logo color, if similar, can ruin all your effort of making your name visible on the bag. So, take care of the customization part to get value for your money and meet your purpose.

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