Tote Shopping Bags April 12, 2018 18:39

Save the environment by using Tote Bags

Now a day people have become more civilized and environmentally conscious. Constant efforts are being made to aware people of the different ways to save the environment. One of the prevalent examples of such effort is found in the bag manufacturing industry. To save the environment from the harmful effects of using thin polythene plastic bags, often found while shopping, packing or carrying goods, an alternative to such bags have been introduced in the market. With the introduction of tote bags, people can avoid using plastic bags. A tote shopping bag is a large or medium sized bag which is usually made of environment-friendly materials like jute, fibers and fabrics. A tote shopping bag can also be used for carrying groceries and small items needed for daily use. Since a it is made of reusable materials, therefore, it is also economical and affordable.

History of tote bags

The term ‘tote’ means ‘to carry,’ which has already been inferred from its function in present time. The word ‘tote’ can be traced back to 17th Century though at that time there was no concept of using tote bags for shopping. However, in 1944 when L.L. Bean released ‘The Boat Bag,’ tote bags started to gain popularity. With the passage of time, people came up with new and innovative ideas to use tote bags for various uses.

Where can we buy tote bags?

Tote bags have gained a lot of popularity over a short span of time. Tote shopping bags can be bought from local shops or markets like any other bags within the affordable price range. It is also available on online shopping sites.

Modern-day utility

In the modern time, tote bags are not only used for shopping but also can be used as a traveling bag. The sturdy nature of the bag with its large size makes it more durable and hardy. Though cheap plastic bags are easily disposable and very common among the shoppers because of its convenience yet a tote bag is a more opted option because of its various features and uses. A big tote shopping bag can carry a lot of things which a thin polyethene plastic may not be able to carry. It is designed in such a way that there are several pockets and compartments to keep the different items separately. A tote shopping bag can also be reused as a gym bag, beach bag, laptop bag, overnight bag, etc. it can also be used as a gift. Its practicality makes its different from other shopping bags.

A tote bag’s versatility makes it more of a necessity than just only a fashion. It is not only durable, sturdy and re-useable but also handy, affordable and nature-friendly. Tote bag has become a favorite among youngsters. People are taking efforts to discard plastic bags and opt for tote bags. Therefore, it can be concluded that a tote bag is a perfect choice to fulfill three purposes at the same time- it is environment-friendly, economical and easy to use and carry.