Top Things To Keep In Mind While Printing Your Bags For Daily Use July 30, 2021 08:00

Customized printing has been a timeless way of promoting a brand and this is proudly done by every company. Companies that deal in promotional bags wholesale, pay extra attention to the color scheme, printing style, size of the printable design, etc. to increase the impact on their audience. Even the enthusiast individuals who love having stylish statements, go for printing of the bags for their daily use. Women, like to get customized bags for special events. Even for fun parties and events, people specially order personalized bags with different designs, texts, or prints to create a sense of uniqueness.

While printed bags enjoy a lot of popularity, there are minute details to be kept in mind while getting them customized or buying from a manufacturer or supplier. An understanding of these aspects will help you make better decision and get better return on your investment. In this article, we will be listing vital points to keep in mind when planning to get everyday bags printed for yourself, your customers, or your visitors. We will be listing various printing methods.

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Understand various Printing Methods

  • Screen Printing: Mesh is utilized to transfer ink onto the tote bag in this approach. Impermeable block stencils are used to keep the ink from going where it isn't wanted. This is what gives your image its shape. It is one of the very popular methods of printing used these days, not only for bags but also for other products.
  • Spot Color Printing: If your corporate logo or design for your branded tote bag is a single color, spot printing is the way to go. A spot color, like those in the Pant one Matching System, is made without the use of screens and dots.
  • Transfer Printing: This process allows you to have nearly any image or design, no matter how complex, printed on bespoke tote bags for your business in a variety of colours. First, the design is printed on heat transfer paper. After that, it's placed on the tote bag and pressed against the cloth with a heat press. The press is lifted when a set amount of time has passed, and the bag is allowed to cool to obtain a beautiful printed design.

Factors to Keep in Mind

Do not get carried away by different and cost-effective methods of printing. The choice of printing bags should depend on lot of other factors that would bring better results. So, here are a few of these factors you must consider.

Type of Fabric

Various fabrics require a different type of printing style and this should be kept in mind when producing cloth shopping bags bulk. For instance, spot colour or transfer printing is ideal for printed cotton or canvas bags, however, the majority of spot color printing is used in the case of printing jute bags.

Size of the bag

Various sizes of the custom printed bags with logo wholesale Australia require a separate style of printing and designing as well. Apart from this, the size of the design should be appropriate for the size of the bag chosen. Sizing is a crucial element that should be considered when deciding to print everyday bags. A small size bag with complicated messy design would only spoil the look of the bag. Especially, for promotional bags with logo, consider the size of the bag and the logo to get visibly better outputs.

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Color Scheme and Designing

The brand logo should stand out when printed on the bag and should elevate the aesthetics quotient of the bags. Do not target those who plan to buy cheap printed promotional bags wholesale Australia, rather create standout designs that speak for your work. While you place bulk order with any supplier specializing in custom bags, you would receive many ideas from them also. Their experts would help you with the selection of the background color as well as with the logo size etc.

Long Run Visibility

This is the point that most companies tend to ignore or forget when printing daily-use bags. Everyday bags are exposed to sunlight, occasional washing, and wear and tear which results in fading or chipping of the printed design. The printing should be done that lasts several years despite daily use. 

We hope the article helped you in taking the right decisions before you proceed to print everyday bags. These points will prevent you from making some typical blunders and you would love the bag you get printed for yourself or your employees or customers.

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