Top 6 Consumer Products Causing Environmental Concerns For Australia December 7, 2021 08:00

Have you noticed the trend of buying woven cloth bags in Australia? It indicates that modern consumers in this country have become highly conscious about the environment. As the rate of environmental pollution is on the rise, it is important to take steps to prevent harmful effects. But, consumers unknowingly use some products that are not safe for the environment.

The Australian government has taken many steps to preserve its environment and save it from further damage. Apart from the usual industrial pollutants, deforestation, and traffic smoke, there are other things that gradually degrades the nature. The products of daily use or the consumer products are one of those items which slowly pollutes the environment without showing any immediate impact. Here, we are discussing about such things that must be used less or not at all.  

Find a list of the major consumer products causing harm to the environment.

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Plastic bags-

In most cases, shoppers use plastic carriers while buying groceries. These flimsy bags also cause a detrimental effect on the environment.  They are not bio-degradable and stay in the environment for a very long period of time. They not only degrade the quality of the soil but also stop the absorption of water by the soil. Even animals sometimes consume these bags and get affected. That is why, it’s use of a day-to-day basis should be stopped. You can replace your old plastic bags and buy the best products from non-woven shopping bags suppliers.

Eco-friendly bags are made of different fabrics, including jute, canvas, and cotton. Available in a range of colours, these fabric bags have become the ultimate choice for several consumers. Moreover, these bags are versatile, and you can use them for multiple purposes.

Some product manufacturers also buy non-woven bags direct Australia for packaging needs. Equipped with rope handles, these bags can carry different items.

Plastic bottles-

It is really unhealthy to drink water from plastic bottles. Moreover, when you dispose of the plastic bottles, it results in the wastes. The discarded plastic bottles can pollute the water and the overall environment. That is why you can replace these plastic bottles with eco-friendly stainless-steel bottles. These eco-friendly bottles will not contaminate your drinks and your health will be safe. The insulated stainless-steel bottles also retain the temperature of your drinks. You may also purchase copper bottles which are safe for your health. If you have to use plastic bottles, then use BPA-free high quality reusable bottles that can be refilled and used for many times. You don’t need to discard these bottles daily. Also, when they get old, you can send them for recycling instead of dumping here and there.

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Plastic straws-

These straws are non-biodegradable and cause harm to the environment. Bacteria and different decomposers cannot cause the natural breakdown of the materials. In most cases, straws end up in the waterways and oceans. Wind transports these lightweight items from trash holders to different sites. Thus, disposable plastic straws break into tiny particles and release chemicals into the air, soil, and water.

You can replace these plastic straws with the stainless-steel ones. You can use these durable straws multiple times. Moreover, the stainless-steel models will not cause adverse effects on your environment. Several countries have already banned plastic straws, and thus, Australians may also follow the trend of using eco-friendly straws for their needs.

Laundry detergents-

Some laundry detergents have phosphates, heavy metals, and harmful chemicals in their compositions. While they come in contact with waterways, the harmful additives will be fatal to fish and marine creatures. They also degrade the water quality. Several companies have taken steps to manufacture eco-friendly detergents. They avoid using artificial fragrances for these detergents. So, go to the retail store, buy green detergents, and put them into your non-woven bags Brisbane. With this approach, you can save the environment.

Disposable chopsticks-

Like plastic straws, chopsticks made of wood are not environmentally sustainable. Although they do not pollute the air, they cause havoc to the green environment.


One of the major concerns these days are the e-wastes including the mobile devices, the accessories, laptops, computer parts, and phones. They must be discarded properly to protect the environment. There are specified places where you can send your products when they are no more suitable to be used. In any case, these should not be thrown in open dump yards as they could really be dangerous for animals and others. They are not at all consumed by the soil and remain as hard pollutants in the soil.

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