Tips To Remember While Choosing Custom Non Woven Bags As Promotional Gift April 23, 2019 13:36

Considering Custom Non-woven bags as promotional gifts in your upcoming corporate event? You have already made a great selection then! But before you order for these bags here are a few points that you need to consider so that they are able to impart the desired impact as a promotional tool:

  1. Plan out your marketing budget first

Before you select any promotional item you must consider your marketing budget. When you choose to give away the printed non woven bags, then include the cost of ordering, shipping, customization, and printing and keep some margin for any unknown expense too. Before doing the costing you can contact some suppliers that provide these bags to know and negotiate prices. But one thing to understand here at this point is that investing in bags is really worth as these bags are highly transportable which means they give a lot of exposure to your business.


  1. Cautiously select the size

The non-woven bags come in all sizes but when you are considering as a corporate gift, then you must choose a size that allows you to print the required details about your business. Ideal sizes are medium and large as they offer a good surface area for printing. If you select small size pouches then you may be able to print only the name of your company and contact details. However, medium or large sized Non-woven tote bags can give you a larger surface area to include your company’s name, company’s logo, product details, contact details, etc.

  1. Maintain high-quality standards

Just like other things, there is a variation in the quality of non-woven bags as well. But considering that you will be giving these Printed Non-Woven Bags as corporate gifts, you must never compromise with the quality. So much so your customers will be happy to receive such a useful gift, more will they appreciate if they are able to use it for a longer time. Also, it will help to develop a faith in your customers about you and your products and they will also share happily about your business with their acquaintances. Hence, ensure sourcing your bags from renowned suppliers and manufacturers only.

  1. Design the bags as per the latest trend

Though these bags are very useful at the same time a thoughtful design will add to the aesthetics. What catches eyes stays in mind and so design that is eye-catching and latest in fashion will do wonders to your promotion.

So, these are a few important tips that will help you in selecting the best. Go for Printed Non-Woven Bags bearing the above points in mind to make them do the best of what they are intended to do.