Tips To Enhance Cooling With Your Cooler Bags July 14, 2020 08:00

Cooler bags are very common to find among Australians households. Not only for personal usage, but for commercial deliveries also, we find a widespread use of the cooler bags in almost all part of the country. For common usage, people usually need them for camping, picnic, transportation of medical supplies, shopping, and travelling in a camp raven for a long-distance trip or tour. The huge demand of Australia shopping bags in the form of cooler bags or thermal bags has led to its manufacturing in different shapes, sizes, and designs.

Types of cooler bags

A few of the popular or commonly used types include, bags of 6 pack, backpack, wine bottle cooler bags, promotional branded cooler bags, Australia, collapsible bag, and custom-designed cooler bags.

Cooler Bags

For food delivery large logo bags with foil or ice are found. You can even explore unlimited collection of small or medium sized stylish cooler bags in soft make, just optimal for your short summer outing. Other categories include waterproof cooler bags, plastic bags, eco-friendly cooler bags made with cotton or denim fabric and much more. The market is full of extensive types of such bags which offer ease of use to the people. These cooler bags are made of various types of long-lasting fabric, gel packs, non-woven material, PET film, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyurethane, and Styrofoam.

All these types of cooler bags provide insulation to keep your stuffs cool or at the same temperature as you kept inside it. However, here are a few tips that can help you keep your things cooler inside the bag adding to the feature of the cooler bags.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

The promotional branded cooler bags Australia is made-up of fabrics; Polyethylene and Styrofoam. They range from 320 D to 420 D polyester. The different layers of the bag have polyester fabrics insulated with an aluminum frame or foil. Bags with similar make are commonly used in food delivery boxes. It is advisable to avoid direct sunlight to such bags. That is mostly such cooler bags are placed inside another fabric bag that helps in avoiding the direct exposure to sun. It helps to keep the food items and beverages cool and frozen. It is advisable to carry cooler bags in a thermal-insulated container. The food deliveryman carrying a backpack cooler bag must take them in a thermal-insulated cover. This is to protect then inside bag from direct sunlight. In this way, the cold temperature of the stuffs is maintained and the customer get their food ready to eat or drink and enjoy the cool chilling taste.

Use Salty Ice

Enabling bags to retention or maintain the cold temperature in a cooler bag matters a lot for all the promotional cooler bags manufacturers. This is the first thing they consider while designing a bag. No matter what bag you buy, personally can use some tips to keep your things cool inside the bag. One of these tips is to use the sea water or salty water for making ice and using it inside the bag. If you are nearby seashore, you can easily use seawater to make ice. The salt-water melting point is lower than the normal water. If you are away from the seaside, you can put salt in water and make salty ice cubes. Thus, your cooler bag will have ice retention hours 2-times higher than the said hours of that promotional cooler bag. Yet, putting salty ice is most suitable for cooler bags made of Polyethylene and Polypropylene materials.  These materials are water proof and won’t get spoiled even if the ice melts.

Promotional Cooler Bags

Fill Ice Cubes without any Gaps

Australia shopping bags of cooler types are used to carry cold items. Using ice cubes can really enhance the cooling retention and duration of the bag. However, how you are using the ice also matters. It is advisable to fill the ice cubes without leaving any space in-between them. This is because; the air is a lousy conductor of heat. If air gaps exist between the ice cubes then they might cause the melting of the ice. When you fill the cooler bag with tight ice or ice blocks in-between the materials, the cooling condition would last longer inside a cooler bag. You must also drain the water and refill with ice after some time.

Burry Under Mud

Well, this trick is really innovative and are professed by the pros who really can’t compromise with the coldness of the stuffs. Mostly done by picnic goers and enthusiasts, it involves burying of the waterproof cooler bags in the sand near a seashore. Cooler bags for camping are the best to bury under the mud or sand. It helps in making the cool condition inside the bag last for longer. If you are on a day long trip and need to things to stay cool even till the evening, just do it. It is advisable to dig half-meter while on the beach and bury the bag inside. This will maintain the cool condition longer than its promised time. Yet, you can also pour some water inside the pit and make the pit wet before placing your camping cooler bag. The burying under the mud will protect your cooler bag from direct sunlight and day temperature. 

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