Tips To Carry Heavy Shopping Bags Comfortably October 9, 2020 08:00

A highly functional bag with sturdy handles is always our companion when we go to a store for shopping something. We like to buy all the grocery items and other essentials at a time. Surely, it is convenient for us to take some big reusable shopping bags and put the items into them. This way we store stuffs for quite some long time to avoid rush to shops and stores again and again. However, another problem can turn up with this approach. How will you carry a heavy bag and reach your home from the store? The hands start aching and it puts a lot of pressure on the shoulders too. Though the wheeled shopping carts in the store allows you to pick and drop the stuffs comfortably, it becomes a problem to walk down to the parking or especially when you are shopping at a nearby local market.

Reusable Shopping Bags

Most shoppers have complained that they feel pains in their hands and shoulder. Weighty bags may hurt your hands and can cause aching. But, with the right technique of carrying these bags will save your muscles from pain. Not only during shopping, we must know the skills to safe and easy carriage for times when we are out at places when we need to carry heavy bags without any support. Let us provide you with some useful tips in this respect.

Replace plastic bags with eco-friendly bags having special handles-

While carrying grocery bags, you may feel intense pain, as their weight concentrates over a small portion of your hands. In case of plastic bags, you can find their handles becoming narrow when stretched. Simultaneously, the contact zone with your hands is much small. It results in the increase of pressure and concentration of the weight on one small part. With reusable and eco-friendly bag handles, you may keep away from this problem and alleviate the stress. You can buy calico bags wholesale to get them at a lower price. These bags come with plain wooden handles as well as padded handles that does not hang down sharply. You can shift the bag easily with these broad handles.

Choose bags with wider straps-

Lots of shoppers use tote bags to purchase different products. Spacious totes can hold a number of items. However, while choosing totes, you need to make sure that the width of their straps is at least 1 inch. When you have placed promotional calico bags, like totes, you have to check out the strap designs. Thin straps can leave marks on your finger.

Carry 15% of your body weight-

Your body has a limited load-carrying capacity. If the load weight is beyond this limit, you will not feel comfortable. An individual weighing about 145 pounds can carry a bag of 21 pounds. Heavier bags may affect the posture and result in spinal issues.

Choose bags with two straps- 

While carrying a fully loaded sling bag or handbag for shopping purposes, your shoulders may feel pain. To minimise your stress, you can replace one-strap bags with two-strap models. The presence of two straps helps with the proper distribution of weight. Another trick for you is to switch sides of your shoulders periodically.

Promotional Calico Bags

Place heavier items on the bottom-

When you are putting objects into a bag, you need a proper arrangement. The heavier ones must be on the bottom of other items. Researchers have found that this setup may reduce at least some pain of your body parts. It will also help you accommodate more things comfortably without the fear of stuffs falling out of the bag.

Carry more than one bag and make frequent trips-

Instead of carrying one big bag, shoppers can take small tote bags to go to the shop and buy a few items frequently. It is one of the best ways to stay comfortable during your everyday shopping activities. It will also give you the most needed break from your work and a stroll outside your home.

Choose backpacks for non-grocery shopping

Backpacks with waist strap and hanging drawstring bags are suitable for shopping, if you are not visiting any vegetable or grocery shop. However, for any kind of dry items, you can use such bags as they can be comfortably hanged across the shoulders. The weight gets distributed between two shoulders and you find it easy to carry them and walk around.

Whether you are carrying jute totes or calico drawstring bags Australia, our tips will be useful. Businesses who wish to promote their brand through different types of eco-bags must give importance to bags which are easy to carry. You may place an order for shopping bags online and customise them with your brand name. These custom-printed bags can be the best promotional gifts for your customers.