Things To Consider While Getting Bags Printed In Bulk August 28, 2020 08:00

Have you thought of offering bags as promotional gifts to your customers? Bags are the most useful things for our everyday needs. This is the reason business owners and advertisers choose this item as a product to promote their brand. But only choosing a bag will not suffice the purpose. A lot more goes in making a simple bag work as a promotional bag that really builds rapport with the users and give the required return on investment. A highly functional and aesthetic bag can easily please the recipient. That is why, to spread your brand message effectively, you must customize those bags properly. So, while you choose cheap tote bags Australia, you need to print them properly and focus on some factors that are really crucial for using a bag as a promotional product.

So, here are a few things you must keep in mind before getting the bulk bags printing done.

Non Woven Bag Printing

Type and colors of bags suitable for printing-

One of the best facts about customised bags is that they clearly reveal your brand information. Surely, you need to take advantage of this factor while personalising bags. It is best to choose the bag color, which matches your brand theme. You need to print logo or graphics on the bag, and thus, the bag color will be the background of this logo.

Moreover, bag fabrics and styles are most important factors for custom printing. It is better to choose a bag design that has at least some space to embed your logo and brand name. You can buy custom non-woven bags made of reusable fabrics. It is easy to print those bags and customise the look with your brand logo.

Canvas, polyester, jute and cotton are some common materials chosen for custom bags. You may also make non-woven bags direct deals to start your promotional campaign. Most of those bags are biodegradable and reusable. They can give the ultimate value to recipients. 

Number of ink colors needed for printing bags-

You need to make out how many ink colors you have to apply to the bag. Your choice may also affect the printing technique. When it is about 1 to 2 colors, you can order post-printing solutions for less than 2500 custom bags. However, while choosing 10 colors, you have to rely on the inline printing method.

Printing methods best for your bags-

Screen printing method is an affordable option for business owners. However, within this printing technique, you need to stick to one color. As you are printing bags in bulk, you must ensure that no bag has missed your brand logo.

Some of us choose embroidery works, as it helps in applying a variety of colors. You can avoid this method, as it affects your bag materials. We think that the transfer printing method is the safest and best way of customizing a bag. 

Aesthetic features to keep in mind-

The choice of wrong printing solution can damage aesthetics of your bags. Thus, you have to be careful of this fact while personalising a bag for promotional purpose. For instance, when it is a backpack, you can choose the top front side of the bag to print your logo, company name and phone number. If you are getting a simple shopping bag or grocery bag printed, the make sure to cover the front flat side of the bag, it will occupy bigger space and will make your logo visible from distance.

Choice of text and design-

It really matters a lot. Apart from your brand logo, other things that matter in cheap tote bags Australia or other bags printed is the recipient of the bag, the occasion on which it is presented, and the business you are presenting before your audience. For example, if you are presenting the bags to kids, the choice of text should be appropriate. If you presenting it to the youth, some motivational text or funky and funny text will get eyeballs. Likewise, the occasion of the promotion also matters. During festivities, greetings of the day or the occasion needs to be printed on the bag. New year is another occasion to be get your bags printed appropriately and distribute among the people. In all these occasions, you must choose the right design and text to make the most out of the occasion. 

These factors are highly important for woven and non-woven bag printing solutions. No matter which type of bag fabric you choose, follow the above mentioned suggestions which are mostly common to all bag types and get your bags printed well. You can also buy a bulk package of quality bags and order custom printing service from the supplier themselves. Without affecting the design of a bag, you can personalise it at the best rates by negotiation with the bag supplier Australia.