Things To Consider Before Reusing Old Or Second-Hand Bags January 8, 2021 08:00

Nowadays, bag manufacturers use eco-friendly materials to design their bags. However, why do we prefer buying eco bags for our everyday needs? Is it only to save the environment from pollution? Another reason for giving more importance to these bags is that they are reusable. People also look for products that can be used and since everyone is getting environment conscious, these reusable bags are in high demand these days. By making optimal use of these bags, we can keep them safe and ready for use again and again. That is why, we do not throw away our old bags made of eco-friendly fabrics, as we can reuse them in some ways. However, it is important to consider some factors to use the branded reusable bags for any purpose. So look for the below things before you decide touse any old bag to get the best return from them.

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Stitching and seams-

As you are going to use old, reusable bags, you have to check the seams and stitching conditions. Uneven stitching, mismatching designs, and puckered seams indicate that the bag is not reliable for your use. The seams have to be straight with consistency in the pattern. Especially, if you plan to carry heavy items in them, then make sure that the stitches are intact and in good condition. Another advice is to get a second round of stitching done to ensure double safety and use them with more confidence.

Check the quality of your bags-

Polypropylene bags are reusable for more than 40 times, while cotton bags can be reused for more than 100 times. However, does the quality degrade every time we reuse the bag? When you think of reusing your old bags, you have to check every part of the bag. For instance, you must check the fastener, zippers, and straps of your bags. While these straps and zippers are not durable, the bag may not secure your things. Before using your old reusable bags, you need to have a close look to these parts. If the fabric is  torn out, then it is advised to discard the bag for recycling. Reusing them will  not be a good idea, as they will not only look ugly but will also not be safe for your use.

Another important thing to the bag user is lining. Lining is one of the design details, and you have to focus on it while using your cheap reusable shopping bags. Linings ensure a neat interior finish, and thus, you must check it thoroughly to use the eco bags confidently. Good internal lining also means that the outer fabric might also be in a good condition to use.

Colour of your bags-

As you reuse old fabric bags, you may need to check the colour and other aesthetics of the bag. The bags used for several years can lose its original colour. However, in most cases, eco-bags with reusable fabrics do not lose their colours. You can reuse your old bags with their original colour. The bags with natural color are the best  as they always look fresh even after one wash.

When you buy reusable bags wholesale for your employees, you can prefer brown, black, grey, and other neutral colours. These colours reflect professionalism and can match the look of any outfit.

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Functionalities of the bags-

Have you used an eco-friendly bag to carry groceries? However, now, you think of reusing it to store your baby’s diaper and other small stuff. Thus, you need to make sure that the reusable bag has small compartments to store your baby’s stuff. So, before reusing any bag or before buying any second hand bag, you must ensure whether it will fit to your needs. These days, multipurpose bags are also available. A bag with zipper and side pouches is good enough to carry groceries as well as for regular shopping of other stuffs.

Print and design of the bag-

Reusable bags mostly come with promotional business logo on the fabric. However, other such bulk bags also come with different kinds of prints and designs. As per your need, you can select any one of them. Like, buy a plain bag for library, a printed one for storing kids stuffs, a normal patterned bag for grocery shopping etc. Since the bag is expected to be reused, check the freshness of the colors and designs.

Wholesale bags Australia are available at a very low rate. You can choose the reusable bags for your purpose. The best fact is that you may customise those bags with your brand name and business details. When you offer these custom bags to your customers, they will use them for different needs. Thus, you can spread your brand name for several years. Buy the reusable bags and reuse them in your everyday life.