The World of Wine Bags: Its Origin and Everything You Should Know September 15, 2022 20:00

Carrying a couple of wine bottles from one place to another is not easy. Without proper care, these bottles may get broken, and wine can lose its taste. That is why it is good to invest in high-quality wine bags, which accommodate these bottles safely. Made of eco-friendly fabrics, these wine bags have become highly popular in recent years. Wineries and wine sellers buy these bags for promotional purposes. However, wine lovers also purchase them to carry wine and other drinks.

This article briefly discusses everything about wine bags. Let's share some interesting information related to environment-friendly wine bags.

  • Origin and evolution of wine bags
  • Manufacturing of wine bags
  • Types of wine bags
  • Benefits of fabric wine bags?
  • Usage of wine bags
  • Wine bags for promotional campaigns
  • Occasions to use wine bags as a gift
  • Where to buy wine bags
  • Conclusion 

Origin And Evolution Of Wine Bags

Origin and evolution of wine bags

The concept of carrying wine bottles in a bag was not prevalent several years ago. The wine packaging process has undergone an evolution. Interestingly, the way to consume wine and alcoholic drinks have changed over time. Today, several consumers like to drink wine on the go. Thus, there is an advancement in the way of packaging wine. 

Originally, glass bottles were popular for packaging wine, as they could portray brand quality. But, in Egypt and Mesopotamia, early winemakers used to store alcoholic drinks in clay flasks. Before 1600BC, there was no manufacturing of the first glass vessels in Mesopotamia. In due course, the glass production process became cheaper and easier.

Glass became a preferable material, as it does not affect the flavor. The best fact is that consumers can identify the content of the bottle. Due to the introduction of the glass blowing technique, manufacturers found it easy to design better quality wine bottles. However, there was one disadvantage with glass wine bottles. They are much weighty, and thus, manufacturers need to bear high protection costs and transportation costs. Furthermore, due to the eco-consumerism trends, glass has started losing its popularity because it leaves a high carbon footprint.

To find an eco-friendly solution, there was the introduction of paper bottles.

In 2014, Winemaker Truett-Hurst released a molded-pulp wine bottle 2014 to attract eco-conscious wine consumers who love on-the-go consumption of drinks. Thus, this bottle was 100% recyclable, and a reputable brand PaperBoy created the bottle.

Thomas Angove, an Australian winemaker, also invented boxed wine. This packaging is still prevalent in the present society.

However, as modern consumers like to carry wine bottles during their trips, they need a better solution. Bag manufacturers have understood that these wine lovers need a specially designed bag for holding the bottles. They have also used insulation technology for some wine bags to retain the temperature of alcoholic drinks.

What Is Used In Making Wine Bags? 

Manufacturers have used the raw materials in bulk wine bags which are biodegradable and which can reduce easily so that nature wise these being the best thing to reduce today's pollution everywhere so we have chosen the renewable sources for producing these bags and these will be an asset even for the business purpose and the business promotion.

The materials used for the product are lightweight. Still, they have added durability to the product which can be jute, cotton, canvas, nonwoven, paper, and many others. It means users will be getting the best among all with the stuff used for the daily needs as well as we are making our surroundings clean by the same so this will be the most required feature for producing the wine bags. 

Types Of Wine Bags

For gifting purposes, you can find many types of bags available in the market. A few of them are listed below which you can consider as per the occasion and the type of people you are presenting to. 
Types Of Wine Bags

Jute Wine Bags With Wooden Handles

Wine bags crafted from Jute can help promote a new business enterprise, also known as a start-up. The operators of the new business can emboss their company name or an image of their primary product on the wine bags. This helps to initiate a public relations exercise with various segments of the market, thereby helping to broadcast the brand name in the public domain. The slim profile of the jute wine bag lends the product to many uses, thereby winning a public image for the sponsor start-up.

Hand-Made Paper Wine Bags

The operators of a distillery or wine-making business can opt to present visitors with simple wine bags crafted from hand-made paper. A sample bottle of wine placed inside the bag completes the gift and helps win the goodwill of visitors and members of the public. In this context, the act of gifting is a commercial device to attract new customers and remind visitors of the fine scents and tastes they savored in the distillery.

Wine Bags With Colorful Ribbon And Velvet Body

They are perfect for an anniversary gift. The ribbon looks great and the velvet body makes it look elegant. They can accommodate the bottle with good protection while giving it an elegant look. 

Why To Use Fabric Wine Bags? 

You know that we are having too many options in today's world for using bags. But if we will be keeping a thought about nature, we should be switching to more and more natural items for the usage and also we need to use these bags as these are made lightweights. So, the usability of the bags will be high. Bags are made from recycled materials and thus, they will not be causing any harm to nature. We will be having clean soil as we discard the use of plastic bags, which cause health issues. We suggest you switch to the eco-friendly trend with the use of bulk wine bags.

We are using these reusable wine wholesale bags for switching the public from the old traditional plastic bags which are responsible for polluting our surroundings. These bags are also cost-effective as we are using biodegradable materials for production. Their cost also will be low which will be an asset for production. Another thing to be noted is that these bags do not contain using any toxic material. The basic motto behind using these bags is to reduce pollution and switch to the go green theme.

Usage Of Wine Bags 

These reusable wine wholesale bags may be used in different ways. We can also customize these bags according to the requirement of the user. They are used for multiple purposes along with biodegradable materials. We can also make this the latest trend by designing according to modern use. These bags can be of various colors, sizes, and shapes according to the manufacturing trend of today's fashion. We can also make the business promotions more successful by making the promotion by these bags.

The most important thing about these bags is they are eco-friendly bags. Their cost-effectiveness makes them the best in the market. That is why you can use these bags as per need. Implement the saving nature policy and use these bags.

Use Wine Bags For Promotional Campaigns

We need to use promotional wine bags because these bags are the future trend. They will be making nature as good as it was before. They are made of materials, which not only have durability but also ensure higher quality. They are better than traditional plastic bags. There is another advantage from the cost perspective as the cost for making the product for these will be low as compared to the plastic bags.

By the customization of the promotional wine bags, we mean that we can design the bags as per our requirements and which can be of various shapes. Sizes, patterns, and many more and also these bags will be having various qualities of bags depending on their type for carrying the specified weight so they will be customized on that basis to get better durability these can be used for many occasions like for shopping, daily usage. Party usage and many more different uses so with the help of the customization we will be able to design the bag as per our needs.

Also, these bags can be used for business promotions as we are using the marketing strategies to make our business grow, so all this is possible even with the wine bags which will be making it more exciting with the cost efficiency as compared to normal plastic bags as well as with the nature saving properties so we suggest you to switch to the promotional wine bags for the better experiences which will be beneficial for the business as well as for the nature. 

Occasions On Which You Can Present Wine Bags As A Gift

Wine bags are a typical gift item and might not suit all occasions. So, here are a few selective occasions when you can consider presenting them as a gift. 

Anniversary Gift Extraordinaire

Sets of printed wine bags loaded with bottles of fine wines (such as champagne) can distinguish a wedding anniversary celebration. Each wine bag can showcase a gorgeous color such as peach, rose, and silky-shiny black. When affixed with bow ties, each bag presents a fine instance of a wonderful gift that lifts the spirits of the celebrations. Hosts and guests can partake of the wine and admire the fine presence offered by these wine bags.

Social Events

The smooth texture of wine bags and promotional wine bags makes them ideal for gifting during social events. A small collection of such bags can add interesting variety to a large hamper of gifts bearing wine bottles, glasses, packets of crackers, and selections of fine cheese. Each bag can sport a variety of designs and colors, thereby adding to the visual variety encased in the gift hamper. Hosts of the social event can elect to load wine bottles into the bags and display the article to admiring guests and visitors.

Wine Bags As Return Gifts

Wine Bags As Return Gifts

These are ideal as return gifts for guests who have completed a commercial cruise vacation on the high seas, for instance. Organizers of the cruise line can consider gifting reusable shopping bags wholesale Australia as part of their public relations exercise. The cork print imagery emblazoned on these bags makes for an interesting visual, while the bottle of wine should help win the hearts and minds of well-heeled vacationers. Likewise, they can also be gifted to the esteemed guests of a five-star hotel, the regular visitors of a club, or a community party program.

Community Events And Festivals

Organizers of literary events, festivals, or book reading sessions can package special gifts in wine bags wholesale Australia. These bags present an environment-friendly alternative to plastic bags and therefore, help raise the level of public awareness of the earth's natural environment. Shades of shimmering gold or the royal vibes of a solid purple can distinguish the wine bags, effectively turning them into conversation pieces for those attending such events and festivals.

Corporate Events 

There are many special days in any organization that they celebrate. A few of them include the foundation day of a company, the annual day, sports day, family day, festive celebrations, etc. On all these occasions, presenting your employees with a promotional wine bag can do wonders. This gift would not only make your people happy but will also do the most needed promotion of your brand in a subtle way. you just need to get the bags customized beautifully with your logo and brand name. not only the users but others around the bag will also get a look at your brand name and would know about your brand.

Where To Buy Wine Bags?

Buying wine bottles in its original packaging is quite common. However, people who love carrying wine bottles to outdoor locations or wish to offer these bottles as a gift, prefer to buy attractive wine bags. They not only enhance the look of the packaging but also ensure that your fragile bottles are safe inside. So, you can discover a lot of single-use and reusable wine bags in different materials like paper, jute, or cotton. At Bags247, you can explore the wide variety of wine bags in different colors as well as in natural or plain colors. They can easily be customized wine bags with your business logo if you are buying them in bulk for promotions or giveaways on any of your occasions. We also have one, double, triple, or multiple bottles accommodating bags that are suitable for your outdoor celebrations. Check out all our collections and place an order now for free doorstep delivery across Australia to locations like Sydney, Melbourne, Gold coast, Perth, and others.


Wine bags are the best packaging items that ensure the safe covering of costly drinks. Although the bottles secure the wine, fabric bags provide better protection. While moving these wine bottles to a distant place, you can use them. Made of jute, canvas, and other fabrics, these bags are easily customisable which makes them perfect for promotional needs as well. Thus, you may also choose them as promotional gifts for your clients and employees.

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