The Flooding Market Of Eco-Friendly Bags July 7, 2020 23:17

Australia’s zero waste policy and concern over environmental damages have made a full stop to plastic bags. Since 2009, the shopping bags Australia of plastic-type are banned. The retailers are fined with AU $ 5000 and the suppliers with AU $ 20,000. This is a huge fine, which hampers the profits of plastic bag manufacturers and retails too. The retail stores may give these bags to shoppers as a free shopping bag or a paid one. The next best alternative for plastic bags is to use environment-friendly bags. Yet, the retailers can buy eco-friendly shopping bags that are offered in ample variety so that every type of customer can buy anything of their choice.

Earlier obvious branding was done by printing the plastic bags, but due to single-use the printed bags were thrown in the trash. Now, the ban on plastic bags have given other opportunity to the brand marketer and advertisers through the use of reusable eco bags which can be reused again and again giving longer visibility to a brand.

If you are considering enviro shopping bags for your brand promotion, then you must have the idea of how many varieties are available in the market and which one is good for you. So, here we are listing a few types of eco-bags that are flooding the market these days for commercial, business, and branding purposes.

Next Best Alternatives for Plastic Bags in Australia

Hessian Bags

Hessian is a 100% compostable material, which is certified in Australia. Hence, hessian bags like shopping totes, shopper bags, compact tote bags, pet bags, and market bags are the best to buy by retailer stores. Here, they can make promotional shopping bags. Here, these bags will carry your shop name and full contact details. In this way, your customer can see when the shop is open and close too. However, it is your advertisement and you cannot charge for the bags from your shoppers. Hessian is a reusable material. You can use them as long it lasts. You can buy in bulk and print your shopping bags for customers at an affordable price.

Paper Bags 

Re-usable paper bags are the best for shop owners to buy in bulk quantities at an affordable price. They are available in plain colors and printed type. You can print your shop’s name and full address on the paper bags. You can order from a paper bag manufacture in Australia. Later, you can give them to a digital printer and print them as per your shop’s brand and campaign needs. It is the best back to give lightweight products from your shop to customers to carry. Re-usable paper bags are biodegradable type. Hence, it is approved and certified in Australia. 

Cotton Bags

If you are looking for enviro shopping bags, the cotton bags are the best to buy. You can buy them as small, medium, and large tote bags. The shopping retails can buy in plain colors or of their brand colors. You can buy in bulk quantities of plain cotton bags and print them with your shop name and address. There are digital printers, who do it at an affordable cost for bulk printing. The cotton bags are washable and reusable. Thus, they are environmental-friendly shopping bags. Moreover, it has more life than any other alternatives among plastic bags.

Green Bags

Green bags are made of Polypropylene. You can find most of the printed bags with logos are of this type of bag. They are much affordable to buy in bulk quantities and print them in custom ways too. Either, the shop owners can use them as plain bags and in printed bags with their brand logo. Polypropylene is a recyclable substance in Australia.


How to get the best deal on eco-friendly bags

Any purchase done should be deeply thought so that you get the best return on your investment. In the case of reusable shopping bags also, especially if you are buying it for promotional needs, you must consider a few things. First of all, the retailers must check the respective state body’s rules in Australia before deciding to buy biodegradable and compostable bags. This will be the best practice to avoid fine on non-degradable substances in your shop.

Secondly, check all the available sites who are selling such bags to get a better idea of the design availability, their varying features, and the cost. Once you are sure of the type and size of the bag to be bought, compare its cost at various sites. You must also try to grab the deal on bulk order if you are buying it for presenting your customers during any festive occasion. For personal buying, you can choose to buy more number of bags for the entire family and relatives to save some money.

At last, never forget to talk about the customization cost which should be included in your bulk order. Try to convince the enviro bag supplier to offer the printing or customization service included in the cost of bags. It will help you save a lot of money.