Here Are Some ECO-Friendly Promotional Gifting Ideas For 2021 January 1, 2021 08:00

New Year is a call to change, begin and have a new start. In the world of business promotion, one who thinks advance and pre-plans with innovative approach stays ahead .So, do you like to greet your employees and customers in this New Year with a new approach? You might have thought of offering some special gifts to attract them. However, nothing can be better than choosing some eco-friendly gifts for your target recipients. It is best to start your year with a “Go Green” notion. With an amazing gifting idea, you can prove that you care for your employees and customers. Moreover, you can show your concern to save the environment. From hessian bags and non-woven bags to notebooks, you have a range of options while buying gifts.

It’s the right time to pick the best personalized items for New Year gifts or upcoming promotional campaigns. What comes up in our mind when we think of eco-friendly gift ideas? It is nothing but eco-friendly bags.

hessian bags

Eco bags let you get thanks from every recipient-

Who doesn’t use a bag in his or her everyday life? Thus, you can choose some cotton bags and other eco bags as the best custom gifts for your employees, customers, and business, partners.

Maybe, your potential customers have a habit of using plastic carriers for their regular needs. However, you can take a step to encourage them to increase the use of eco-friendly reusable items.

There are various types of eco-bags you can choose for business promotional in 2021. Explore all the types and choose one that makes a difference.

#1. Buy bulk grocery bags made of cotton-

Your customers go to grocery stores carrying a vegetable bag. Thus, you can offer eco-friendly cotton bags that can hold grocery items easily. The cotton totes do not look dull and simple, as they are available in a variety of colours. You can simply customise these bags and start your green marketing campaign. In 2021, you will grab the best opportunity to attract customers.

The easily washable cotton bags may have a blend of polyester. With sturdy handles and flawless designs, those bags have high functional values.

#2. Jute bags with fashionable designs-

Hessian and jute bags are not only eco-friendly but also attractive. With printed designs, jute bags are one of the best eco gifts that you can offer your customers. You may also find drawstring jute bags with a spacious design.

The biodegradable, renewable resource, jute is now a popular choice among bag designers. As it is highly resistant to wear and tear, jute bags can last long. Your customers will use your corporate jute bags to store fresh fruits, vegetables, dry foods, and seeds. Buy custom jute bags for your customers and give them the best storage solutions. With minimal investment in your affordable jute bags, you will get value from your effort.

#3. Eco-friendly backpacks with ergonomic designs-

Are you going to choose gifts for some eco-conscious persons? Then, these eco-friendly backpacks can be the most amazing gifts you can offer. Your personalised corporate gifts will become useful in everyday life. Backpacks have spacious models, and as they are made of eco fabrics, they are soft and easily foldable. Moreover, you may carry your library books and other items in these durable backpacks. With enforced bottom and highly resilient straps, these backpacks have a capacity of accommodating lots of items.

Cotton Bags

#4. Non-woven bags looking like the cotton ones- 

Are you looking for eco-friendly bags resembling the look of cotton bags? Then, non-woven polypropylene fabric bags can be the right bags. The soft, air-permeable, and smooth bags have some unprocessed web look. With thermal treatment, these fibres are bound together.

Customise these non-woven bags and choose them as your New Year corporate gifts. These water-resistant, reusable, breathable, and hypoallergenic bags can last long. Shoppers like to choose these non-woven models as the market bag. This durable bag can be will leave an impression in the shoppers’ mind.

Your promotional bags can be the most memorable gifts for your customers and employees. You can imprint the brand name, contact details, and a special message as well. As we have become increasingly conscious of the environmental effects, we need to use eco-friendly bags. These reusable fabric bags can save our Earth and its green environment.

Of course, you may find lots of eco-friendly fabrics, used for bag designs. However, the best qualities of these fabrics are-

  • Easily cleanable
  • Durable
  • Highly customisable

The last one is important when you are buying bags for a promotional campaign. Now, start your New Year campaign with these eco bags.

Find a variety of eco-bags online and place order for doorstep delivery. Get best rates on wholesale orders and run your campaigns that bring tangible results.