Stereotypes Around Canvas Bags We Must Shun March 17, 2020 08:00

While searching for wholesale shopping bags suppliers, bear in mind you have ideas also to break the stereotypes.

When we hear the word, canvas bags what comes to our mind is buying groceries or going shopping. But when we think about the good it can generate or style it can create, we get stuck into stereotypes just because we stop thinking.

After the millennials began to rule the world with the traits like being achievement-oriented, team focussed, or attention-craving we tend to offer products that go beyond its basic utility.

We tend to think plain canvas tote bags are meant for shopping. On the contrary, if we think in terms of hygiene, we can use canvas bags as laundry bags that will enhance the wellness concept to combat corona threat.

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Linen Care

Imagine a scenario where you are washing your linen in your washing machine as a precaution against Covid-19. We are so used to outsourcing our basic jobs like washing clothes to professional launderers.

When we give it to an outside professional agency there is also a chance of the virus being passed on to us. Some may argue there is no chance for that. But one thing you need to remember. If you have a fear of coronavirus, then there is an equal chance of ‘what you fear can happen to you’.

But we can lean on statistics like more than 90% or 99.99% chance we can avoid if we do self-washing and use clean printed canvas tote bags that will keep the dried clothes neat.

One may be wondering how hygiene is embedded in canvas bags. The answer for this is canvas bags can be wiped with Dettol or potassium permanganate mixed water and make it germ-free.

We need to think about what happens next. When hygiene is ensured you feel confident and develop a least cared attitude about coronavirus. Yes, everything is in their mind. If your mind is strong or having good will-power, then there is a chance of avoiding diseases. In this process, we promote wellness and as a result of wellness, we create wealth. Here what we need to learn is to avoid the stereotype of a canvas bag as a goods carrier.

We see the role of canvas bags in creating wellness. If this is the case then there is a need for more canvas bags, especially for the hospitality or healthcare sectors.

For example, if the government promotes canvas bags for the above two sectors, then they can promote universal wellness for the citizens at large. As we have to travel to various cities and need a place to check in to stay, the question of hygiene comes before us. And we need clean linen for our rooms in the hotel and we also need cleanliness in the dresses we gave to the laundry department for washing.

Hospitals should have extended the utmost care while dealing with linen. If the patients are doubtful, they can bring their linen. On the other hand, if they are ok with hospital linen, then there should be a mechanism to ensure total hygiene. For that, disinfectant, as well as hygienic bags, are required.

Showcasing Achievement

The millennial generation is confident, ambitious and achievement-oriented.  They can ooze confidence with their credentials be it awards or trophies. Yes, to carry them in hand is difficult. You need to have a clean and bright bag. That will help you showcase your achievement when you go around with them.

Imagine a scenario where you are going for an interview, you can display the physical trophies which you got as sports achievement or any other competition before the relevant audience. You can also show a picture of your trophies but if you have a physical one with you, you need to carry it in a bag.

Bags have several uses like showcasing achievement. You are assertive and achievement-oriented and you need to showcase your value with the help of small accessories like canvas bags. Due to this organisation should provide hygienic bags to their employees. Better buy promotional canvas tote bags wholesale that will give them style value also. Find a good store that has presence Australia wide for your promotional plans.

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Wine Sensibilities

Millennials are assertive people. They are hard nuts to crack and require something ego boosters. Unless and until you give them anything like a canvas wine bag, they cannot be satisfied. First of all, there is pressure on work. Then the risks like changing technologies. There is a lot of tension and for many, the only way to get rid of tension is by having a bottle of wine.

Yes, the point of the matter here is there is always a passion for results. For results, there should be teamwork. Those who work in solos cannot understand the importance of that. Some may think they don’t want to be disturbed by others or they have enough knowledge to avoid dependencies. But there is always a chance of going one step forward and two steps backwards. Yet, there is also a chance becoming successful on some occasions. But there is always a risk.

On the other hand, if one is a team player then the responsibility is collective and one comes to the rescue of others for collective gains. The bottom line here is they win or lose together and, in both situations, they should be ready for wine and a wine bag to carry the choicest ones also. Your wine sensibility says you need to be prepared for success or failure.


If you are looking for amazing results get crazy as you may not be punchy with stereotypes. You have to go beyond that. It can be wellness creation through promoting hygiene or it is achieved through teamwork. If we had a fixed idea about bags like shopping purpose, we are limiting our scope. Therefore, let us go beyond its basic utility. We can create success with a humble product like canvas bags. Go for it.

Last year this idea may not have come to your mind. This year 2020, try out giving value to your staff or clientele. Often, we need to come out of the shackles of stereotypes.